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Site Vision

Ever since I first found out about Domo back in 2006, I have been very fond of many of the armor designs ingame (especially for the race/gender I play, Female Sylph). In fact, the designs are largely what made me interested in the game in the first place. I got a lot of enjoyment out of seeing and wearing new designs as I leveled up (well, except the ugly ones..), and still do. One thing that had always been in the back of my mind was that I wanted to someday, somehow make some sort of gallery of the different armors, even if only to have for myself.

After starting to play on Sapphire (on Aeria's version), it wasn't long before I discovered the The Incomplete Armor Compilation Thread, which was a really good thread that I contributed to a bit. The sets it was missing spurred me on to actually see those which I could realistically acquire in game, and to submit images for them. But as time went by, I grew more ambitious and realized I could do more, and make higher quality images with better lighting than most of the screenshots in that thread. Not to mention the slow pace of updating in that thread..

And so, this site was born. Originally I only intended to have armor images, but since the same methods also work for costumes, I decided to include them as well. At this time the site only covers Female Sylphs and I'd like to focus on as much completion as possible for this. However, if the site is well received, and if I can get willing models for the other races/genders, perhaps I may expand it to cover them as well in the future (edit: and indeed it now has!).


Originally, I first played Domo on the Taiwan test server, using an English interface patch, and there joined an English guild that existed there at the time named Solstice. Over a period of a few weeks I had great fun playing with them, and was able to learn most of the basics of the game, but sadly it was not to be. Shortly after, following a series of events involving a new patch being released, the test server was wiped. I had only had a small taste of what Domo was like, and didn't want to give up on it yet, so I decided to play one of the Pay to Play servers (after finding a way to pay for it).

Although I was able to play on the pay server for a considerably longer time, there was a major problem- I was never able to find anyone on there who could speak English. It was because of this that playing ultimately became boring and lonely- although I had been invited into a guild, and got a lot of autoloot parties because of it, it was extremely difficult for me to communicate with the members in any way. And so, I ended up having to quit out of frustration despite still being interested in the game.

Some years later, the Free to Play version of Domo finally came out in English, and I checked it out, but it didn't make me happy- I found it was extremely crowded, and a lot of the changes grated on my nerves at the time (I especially have a burning personal dislike of transliterated npcs, which still burns strong). It wasn't until after the Sapphire server had been out for some months that I started playing Domo seriously, and I was there up until Aeria Domo's end. After Aeria's Domo closed, I moved to IC Domo as a further continuation, and I am still there. Subagames's new English Domo will soon begin, and I will be there as well as IC.


The design of this site is very strongly based off of my other site, Lotus Goddess Archives, which is a fan site for the now defunct Fung Wan Online/Storm Riders Online. Credits for this design can be found here.

Multi-level sidebar is a slightly modified version of Ruthsarian Menus, including the expand icon.

Lightbox script used in image galleries is baguetteBox.js, Copyright 2017 feimosi.

The Domo 'Wing' Logo was obtained from the Domo Fansite Kit (5.8mb), which was released by Aeria Domo (I have archived it here as the original source is no longer available). The Font used for headings is Mead Bold, which is the closest font I have to the Domo-style lettering (I also use it ingame as my 'FONT18').