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Armor Modeling

Guidelines for Modeling for this Site

Last Updated September 2017. Completely rewritten to be better organized and clearer.

Option A: Modeling (Preferred)

1. Armor Model Requirements:

Armor models are not currently needed.

2. Costume Model Requirements:

  • You need to own/have access to Body costumes that are currently missing from the galleries on this site: Female Missing List / Male Missing List
  • You need to be a race/gender that pics are needed for (or be able to race trans to it).
  • If the costume is a set, you should have the full set.

3. At the Shoot:

  • Stand still against the wall unless instructed otherwise.
  • Remove all unrelated costume pieces (wings, masks, headgears..), as well as weapons and buffs.
  • Feel free to chat or bring a friend to watch.

4. Misc Notes:

If you have a full set of a costume while the screenshots on this site only have a partial set, I can replace the shot with your more complete one (although this is lower priority compared with adding new things).

Option B: Submitting Screenshots

Image Submission Guidelines:

Image submissions will only be accepted if they are done in the same way, size and quality as I have done. Otherwise, I'd rather take the screenshots myself to ensure optimal graphics settings, lighting, comparable sizing to what is already on the site, and an easily wipeable background.

Some advice for taking clear character screenshots ingame in general:

  • Use cartoon shading(+outline)
  • Face towards the light source.
  • Use an indoor location which will not have day/night changes, Emperor Gang Hideout is best. Guild Cottage and Arena are also fine, but harder to rip.

Regarding Emperor Gang Hideout: This map is very effective for screenshotting, as it has good lighting 24/7 and undetailed walls and floor, which make for clear, properly lit and easy to rip ss when taken with cartoon shading + outline on).

Contact information:

If you are interested in helping, contact me through one of these methods and we can try to work out the details:

  • Try to whisper/mail me in game on Suba Domo (IGN: Lanniang), or IC Domo (IGN: MiaoCuihua). Lanniang on Suba Domo is preferred, as this character is always online (at the Collington Mailbox).
  • A PM on either the Suba Forums (Miradora) or my own Forums (Leirosa)

I look forward to any help I am able to get.