Lv67 Loop Quest Rough Guide

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Lv67 Loop Quest Rough Guide

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Lv67 Loop Quest: 探險家羅納 Luona the Explorer - Rough Guide

You must be at least Level 67 to do this quest.

The starting NPC, 羅納 is located near the Dark Shadow Wolf spawn point in Mount Babel. If Dark Shadow Wolf is up, and you are not capable of killing it, don't try this quest, as most of the tasks will take place near the npc.

- This quest is mostly explained in really simple terms, as it was written after completing all the quests, not during it, and I didn't really have time to read more than the basics, much less translate in detail on the really short time limit quests. If lack of coordinates is a problem, I can try to add them later.
- For quests that require trapping mobs, you should always lower the mob's hp first to improve success rates. I am not sure it's possible to trap a full hp mob for this. However, even at low hp you may still fail a few times, so make sure you can survive the attempt.
- When handing in quests to the npc, I strongly recommend you return to him on foot, unless the next quest is not timed (5th and 10th quests). I almost failed the first fishing quest because I flew back to him instead of walking to him.

1. Trap 5 Wolf Cubs using the quest item. Lower their hp first before attempting. (15 min 50 sec)
2. Trap 1 Grizzly Bear using the quest item (technically I think you are after the bear's fur). Lower its hp first before attempting. (15 min)
3. Retrieve an item from South of Rabbit Village, near the South landing pad. After flying down there and landing, use the 1 in the journal to locate it and use the quest item to obtain it (it's next to the house). I recommend you do not fly directly to the npc to hand this in, fly to the guild castle and return the npc on foot from there. (8 min 20 sec)
4. Fish in the river using the quest item, 5 times. Use the 1 in the journal to go to the location. (2 min 30 sec)
5. Go to Mirror Academy and 'Persuade' 10 Wild Sprites to go back to the NPC with you. Or in other words, trap 10 Wild Sprites using the quest item. (No Time Limit)
6. Talk to an npc outside the guild castle, near the landing pad, and return to the questgiver. I recommend you fly to the npc you need to reach, but walk on foot on your way back to hand in. (3 min 30 sec)
7. Obtain 10 lumber from chopping a nearby tree. Use the 1 in the journal to go to the location. (2 min 30 sec)
8. Kill Female Wolves to obtain 5 Wolf Blood. You can just kill them, no trapping is involved this time. (13 min)
9. Visit an npc in the farming area (close to the farming tool vendor) to get an item (I think it was some kind of cooked fish?), then return to the npc to hand it in. It is safe to fly back to the questgiver to hand in this time. (5 min 20 sec)
10. Trap 10 Male Wolves using the quest item. (No time limit)

Each Quest gives:
45000 XP
1 Purple Rabbit Dice Chest

After the 5th and 10th quests:
60000 XP
20 Devil Dusts

After completing the 10th Quest:
Title: 冒險犯難鐵漢 (Max MP +9%)

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