Valentine's Day / Lantern Festival Events (ended)

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Valentine's Day / Lantern Festival Events (ended)

Post by Leirosa »

There are a few events currently active for Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival, including the following:

Valentine's Day: Making Chocolates

The neccessary NPC for this quest is 董揚 (Eversun City x232 y199, near the lover registrar).

In order to do anything with him however, you first need a supply of 可可亞果實, without which he will simply bemoan how unfortunate it is that you don't have some of these and tells you where to get them. These may be obtained (at a painfully low rate) by killing Withered Wisewoods in Giantwood Forest or Toasted Wisewoods in East Sea Plains. Supposedly they may also be obtained from chopping wood in Eversun South, but I have not verified this and am not sure of the accuracy.

Once you have some 可可亞果實, you can speak to him to make chocolates. You have three options:

可可亞果實 x1 will produce 1x 烤焦巧克力 Burned Chocolates.
可可亞果實 x5 will produce 1x 普通巧克力 Normal Chocolates.
可可亞果實 x20 will produce 1x 愛戀巧克力 Love Chocolates.

烤焦巧克力 Burned Chocolates: You will fall to the ground after eating these, like being snowballed or eating a bad halloween candy. (Tradeable)
普通巧克力 Normal Chocolates: Recover 500HP after eating. (Tradeable)
愛戀巧克力 Love Chocolates: Recover Full HP after eating. (Tradeable)

Making each kind of chocolate will also give an achievement the first time you produce one. This quest is repeatable.

Valentine's Day: Proof of Love

This quest starts at 情人節仙女 (Eversun City x210 y186, near the wedding NPC).

What you must do with this quest is return 50 stolen Heart-Shaped Cakes to her. You must seek out mobs that are wearing heart headdresses, which have a chance to drop heart-shaped cakes when killed.

The following types of mobs may be found wearing heart headdresses:
Various types of Pupus, various types of Globs, Zombies and Demonic Zombies, various types of Rats, and possibly others.

After you return with the cakes, she will give you a Rose. This Rose is to be used while in a team with your lover and within range of each other. This character must be a character you have 'Lover' status with, any level of lover relationship will work (same sex couples are also fine). When you use it, it will ask you to confirm the character and their lover status in a menu, similar to that of getting married or upgrading lover status, and the other player will also be asked if they are willing to accept your token of love. After you confirm, the person you chose will receive a 60 Day Temporary Lover's Ring (In Chinese, it's called an engagement ring..), which adds +50% to Standing HP and MP Regeneration and adds +1 to Luck in Love.

However, you should take care with this quest, as it is not repeatable, and you may not shower your affections on multiple people. You also will not receive the ring YOURSELF by doing this quest. If you are planning to do it so that two characters may both get rings, I suggest that you get the Rose on both of them before using the Rose on either character. If one character gives out a ring to the other character which hasn't yet obtained a rose, the character who received the ring may not be able to start he quest or get a rose herself. The character I gave the ring to was unable to take the quest herself upon receiving the ring, despite not having done or even started the quest herself.

So, I suggest both of you get the Rose first before exchanging rings, which has now been confirmed to work. If you have messed up somehow though, there is still an alternative, which is to have a third character which hasn't done the quest and doesn't have a ring do the quest, and have them use their rose to give you a ring. This works somehow, despite being a weird love triangle.

If this is all confusing, I will give some examples.

1. Character A and Character B both did the quest but haven't used the rose yet. Character A and B may both be able to use the rose on each other to each get a ring. Both character A and B have rings now.(confirmed working)

2. Character A did the quest and used the rose to give the ring to Character B. Character B hasn't done the quest. Character B is now unable to start the quest because he/she already has a ring. Character C does the quest and gives a ring to Character A. Both character A and B have rings now. (This is what happened to me while testing the quest, because I was unaware of the problem)

Reward (given to your lover after using the Rose):
60 Day Temporary Lover's Ring (+50% to Standing HP and MP Regeneration and adds +1 to Luck in Love) (Not Tradeable)

This quest does not give an achievement.

Lantern Festival: Make Tangyuan

This quest starts at 元宵婆婆 (Eversun City x199 y184). After listening to her long story about the origins of the Lantern festival, you will get a menu with two options. The first option is to make Tangyuan, a traditional Lantern Festival food.

In order to make Tangyuan, you need a few ingredients (Not Tradeable):
糯米粉 Rice Flour x10 (obtained by killing mobs during the event, any mob seems fine)
紅糖 Brown Sugar x10 (obtained by killing mobs during the event, any mob seems fine)
冰涼的泉水 Cold Spring Water x10 (obtained from Water Seller in x106 y135 in Grassgreen Square, at 1k each*)

*Supposedly the Cold Spring Water can be obtained at the Level 1 Fishing area in Eversun North, but I was unable to obtain any after using a full tool and trying many different locations. The Lantern Festival Granny tells you to buy it in Grassgreen.

10000 XP
1-Day Temporary Bowl of Soup on Your Head (Boiling Tangyuan Head Ornament), NT, Counts down after equip. Pic
1, 3 or 5 Delicious Tangyuan (+15% P.Atk and M.Atk for 10 minutes, does not stack with other P.Atk buffs) (Tradeable)

This quest will give the achievement [歡樂慶元宵] upon first completion and is repeatable.

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