White Day Event (ended)

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White Day Event (ended)

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Starting NPC: 艾連 Eversun City x230 y199 (next to the Lover's Registrar)

Task: Make Heart Shaped Cookies

Collect 10 Sugar and 1 餅乾的材料 (Bag of Cookie Materials), then speak to the NPC to make 1 心型的餅乾 (Heart Shaped Cookie). Quest can be repeated once per day per character.

糖 Sugar: The normal Sugar dropped by mobs such as Globs.
餅乾的材料 Bag of Cookie Materials: Dropped by mobs in the world at a low rate, looks like a brown bag of pet snacks. They don't stack.

心型的餅乾 x1 (Restores 120 MP)
白色情人節 Achievement

Note: Although you may find Heart Shaped Cookies in stalls that restore full mp, those are no longer given by this quest and are leftovers from 2 or 3 years ago.

Original Guide Source (TLO1988), translated and updated to the current version of the quest by me.

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