Father's Day Event (ended) (repost)

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Father's Day Event (ended) (repost)

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Quest Starter: Shoemaker Wang 王鞋匠 (Darkdale x320 y245)

1. Talk to Shoemaker Wang 王鞋匠 (Darkdale x320 y245). His dad is really frugal and never uses good quality things; not only does he not wear leather shoes, he doesn't even wear cloth shoes; he wears straw sandals. So, he wants to make a pair of shoes for his dad to show his care, and needs you to help him gather materials.

2. Gather 2 Tanned Hide (牛皮), 10 Red Silk Thread and 2 Phoenix Feathers (鳳凰羽毛).

Notes: Tanned Hide is a Level 6 Herding Mat. Phoenix Feathers are sold by the Materials Merchant (next to the onyx buyer) in Collington.

3. Return to him with the materials and he will make the shoes. He wants you to take them to his dad for him.

4. Find and speak with Shoemaker Wang's Dad 王老爹 (Darkdale, x152 y145). He is overjoyed by his son's work and thanks you for your help.

50,000 XP
阿爸的傳說戒指 (10 Day NT, counts down When equipped)
And an Achievement


阿爸的傳說戒指 is a ring slot item which gives +15% Physical Def and +15% Magic Def.

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