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Welcome to Lotus Goddess Mirror's Domo Guide Archives

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This forum is an attempt at replacing the TWDomo Forum, which recently had its domain expire after months of decay, and without an alternative url to reach it or any word from the admin, the classic Aeria Domo Forum content which had been backed up there is no longer accessible. I fortunately had the foresight to back up much of the contents of that forum and have reposted what I had available here. Hopefully these classic guides written by players of days past will continue to be useful to those who are still actively playing Domo on the Chinese servers.

If desired this forum may also be used as a community forum for those still actively playing, but I am not expecting much, especially given the failure of the twdomo forum to build up any kind of user base at a time when the english player base was much larger than it is now. This forum is mainly here to house those guides and for some other convenience uses. The guide forums should be visible to unregistered users as well.

I had originally intended to put these posts elsewhere on an existing forum, but due to some critical incompatibilities with certain bbcode differences between forums, it was simpler to just make a new phpbb forum.

If anybody has any suggestions on ways to make this forum more useful, please let me know. I do have some additional backed up guides on my hard drive, but as they are saved webpages rather than saved bbcode, it would take a bit of work to restore them for this forum (manually adding bbcode formatting mostly).

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