Mythyc's Pandora's Box Hanging Guide

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron).
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Mythyc's Pandora's Box Hanging Guide

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Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: Mythyc
Mythyc wrote:I made this so people will finally stop asking questions on this matter...yay! Rather, people can refer to a single thread instead of searching for the right information on a multitude of threads !

Pandora's Box Hanging

Table of Contents

1. What is it ?

2. How do I get it ?

3. How do I use it ?

4. What are the restrictions to using it ?

What is a Pandora's Box Hanging ?

The Pandora's Box Hanging is basically the equivalent of the trapping mirror, except a monster captured through the Pandora's Box Hanging will live forever. You can summon it as many times as you like, change maps, anything, and it will always remain with you.

The monster trapped inside the box is not more powerful than mirror trapped monsters, contrary to popular beleif. The only difference between a box monster and a mirror mosnter is that the box monster will be shown it its "full sized" form, while the mirror monster will appear in it's reduced form.

You can use a Pandora's Box Hanging and a mirror trapped monster simultaneously (along with a pet as well). However, there are particular restrictions you should be aware of, which will be covered in a later chapter.

A Pandora's Box Hanging can also be "upgraded" to contain more monsters. At this point, the only known way to upgrade your Pandora's Box is to complete CH.5 of the mirror quests, which will increase the amount of monsters it can hold from 1 to 2.

How do I get a Pandora's Box Hanging ?

To get the Pandora's Box Hanging, you must finish the first Chapter of the mirror quests for either side.

Thus, the hero side must complete and defeat Tigerman, while the peace side must complete and defeat the Crossbone Swordsman.

(Thanks to honglwu for that, I wasn't sure myself)

How Do I use a Pandora's Box Hanging ?

First and formost, you must head over to a drugstore to buy Soultrapper Scrolls. These scrolls cost 1000g each, so use them judiciously.

The second step is to find a monster near (or preferably lower than) your level. Afterwards, do like you would for a normal trapping mirror:

-Damage the monster until it is near death. The closer to death the monster is, the higher your chances of succeeding.
*Note - Make sure the monster isn't can't capture a dead monster*

-Thereafter, open your inventory and double click on your Soultrapper scroll (s). Your character will run up to the monster and attempt to capture it. Make sure the monster you want captured is selected, or else this will do absolutely nothing.

-Hopefully, if all goes well, you will have a Pandora's Box monster.

Note that if the attempt fails, you will lose your 1000g soultrapper scroll, and in return for your failure you will recieve a random drop.

However, note that if you attempt to capture a boss, special or quest monster, you will simply get a "warning" on your system logs, and the soultrapper scroll will remain with you, untouched. You cannot capture these sort of monsters.

Note that if ever you want to get rid of your Pandora's Box monster, you can simply open it up when your not in a quest plot, and decide to banish it (you will get a message asking if you agree/decline to banish your monster when you click on it).

What are the Restrictions to using a Pandora's Box Hanging ?

Unlike it's trapping mirror counterpart, the Pandora's Box Hanging has many restrictions.

Pandora's Box Monsters can only be used in quest plots and special event maps. Yes, sorry if I burst anyone's bubble, but you cannot use Pandora's Box Monsters to do that daily grinding of yours. They can only be summoned during quest plots, such as defeating quest bosses in mirror quests or defeating the giant rats for the level 40 job quests, or special instances, such as Madam Melachite guild mission, Tigerman or even the guild cottage !

Mirrors may not disappear, but Soultrapper scrolls do. Yes, so unlike a mirror trapped monster, you can't just spam soultrapper scrolls indefinitely until it eventually works, unless you intend to spend a fortune on a single monster.

Just like it's mirror counterpart, Pandora's Box Hanging cannot capture boss, special or quest monsters. They also cannot capture humanoid beings, just like mirrors. That's right, so don't even think about it. There is currently no way to capture these sort of mobs. Note that there may be cashshop items in the distant future to obtain these monsters.

Do not attempt to summon a high-leveled Pandora's Box Monster with a lower level sub. Do you like the word "massacre" ? If you do, than go ahead and try it out. If you don't than I strongly recommend you not try this at home ! Unlike mirrors, Pandora's Box Hanging does not prevent you from summoning very high-leveled monsters ! Thus, if you made the mistake of summong a level 50 monster with a level 10 sub...well than, live (or die, in this case) with it !

Pandora's Box Monsters will rebel against you if you are more than 2 levels lower than them and attempt to summon them. And by rebel I mean "slaughter their master". Get it ?

You cannot capture a monster more than 2 levels higher than you with Pandora's Box. And if they are even 1 or 2 levels higher than you, the task becomes increasingly hard. You're best odds to not waste any precious soultrapper scrolls are to capture monsters of equal or lower level than you. Remember to damage them until they have virtually no HP left to give you favourable odds. Some people report being able to capture monsters up to 5 levels higher then them, although I have yet to confirm this.

When a pandora's box monster dies in a plot, or when you die in a plot (while having your monster summoned), you will lose your pandora's box monster forever. I've tested the dying pandora's monster part, and that's what happens. So don't let it die unless you want to see it vanish into the pit of epiphany. As for the "you dying" part, I still need definite confirmation.

And that is it. I will add more stuff if needed (assuming I forgot an important point).

Feel free to comment/give feedback on this guide. :)

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