sydd's Martial Artist Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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sydd's Martial Artist Guide

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Original Author: sydd
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
sydd wrote:Martial Artist guide

Martial Artist is one of the most flexible jobs in the game. You can be great at solo, you can be the tank in the party, and its one of the strongest classes in pvp. But MAs have low mp, so you cant use magic subclasses on them well. And they deal low AOE damage compared to classes like fencer or wizard or shaman.
Ill try to write from the good builds i know, there could be of course other stat/skill combinations that work well.

1. Stats

+2,4 attack

+1,85 attack
+0,33 defense
+0.07 mag def
+7 hp (added hp depends on your current phy, youll get more bonus with higher phy)

+0.5 magic attack (seems to be the same for all classes)
+0,25 magic defense (seems to be the same for all classes)
+1,5 MP

+1 attack
+1,4 evasion
+0,25 magic evasion (seems to be the same for all classes)
-0.33% skill cooldown (seems to be the same for all classes)

+1,5 accuracy
+0,2 magic attack (seems to be the same for all classes)
+0.25 magic accuracy (seems to be the same for all classes)
+? crit attack rate

+1 def

most info taken from domowiki+my experiences

MAs have the highest hp from all classes in DOMO. The 2 working builds ive heard of are based either on agi or on phy.

1.5 Builds
AOE Tank build:
-2 phy/1 agi or 2dura/1agi: With right subskills you can be a good tank as a merc. (you dont need dex if there is a muse in the party)

PVP build:
-get dex to 30-40
put the rest of you points into:
-AGI :good evasion, but low damage and low hp
-PHY :high hp, good damage, no evasion
-STR :best damage, no evasion, low hp (i dont recomment this)

Solo build:
-get DEX to 20-30
the rest should be 2phy/1 agi or 2str/1agi. Agility in solo is really important.

I made a little test about the added hp bonus from phy: At lvl 52, with 100 PHY i had 5250 hp without any buffs. At the same level with 100 AGI (no points added to PHY) i have 4300 HP.

2. Skills:
aah the best part :)
All skills cost 2 skillpoints.(except equip weapon skills, they cost 15 skillpoint, like with all other job.)
Same type of buffs does not stack (for example you cant have 2 different physical defese buffs on you like fortifying force and frog def buff), except muse songs and merc formations, which stack with everything.
Lots of MA skills are meant for pvp.

Glove Vs Staff
I see this question a lot in forums.
I choose staff as my main weapon simply because it looks cooler.
-add bonus to hp (on early levels fixed amount later %)
-add bonus to critical attack chance(double damage with normal atack)
-adds bonus to evasion
-adds bonus to normal accuracy
both do approx the same damage. Since gloves add bonus to hp they fit well to a phy based build. And staff goes well with eva based build.

Glove skills:

Tier 1 :

Penetrating blow:
- This skill damages the enemy twice, one of the hits ignores armor.
- i rarely use it vs monters, but its a good skill for pvp.
- fast cast time, high mp cost later

Flying fist:
- ranged attack, low damage and low recast time. I found this skill useless.
- fast cast time.

- reduces attack and has a chance to disarm the enemy (you can only disarm players)
- this is a pvp skill too, you can win a fight with it, if the enemy is unprepared. (dont except to win vs experienced players tho)
- fast cast time.

Seismic Shudder:
- AOE skill, low damage, 10 sec recast time. Generates lots of agro, useful for tanking.
- You should get this if you wanna tank in AOE parties. At high levels eats a lot of mp.
- fast cast time.

- fully stuns the enemy for X sec. Useful versus monsters, with the righ build a good skill for pvp. damages the enemy for a low amount too.
- medium cast time (approx 1 sec)
- stun time, cooldown increases with level (cooldown will always be 2x longer than stun time)

Tier 2:
all skills requie tier 1 counterparts at lvl 5.

Far-Flung Fist:
- Deals a fixed damage to the enemy regardless of defense.
- lvl 1: 2000 damage
- lvl 2: 2250 damage
- lvl 3: 2500 damage....
- low mp cost.
- this is the 1-hit skill for at lvl 30-40 in pvp. Has 0,1 sec cast time, ranged, and has good accuracy. People say usually that its unbalanced. Thats not true, cause later (lvl 40+) players will have much higher hp and there will be many skills which do more damage.

Smash and grab:
- Disarms the enemy with x% succes rate, succes % increases with higher levels. 55% at lvl 1, +5% each level
- At lvl 10 itll have 100% succes rate. This is a pvp only skill too.

Fortifying force:
- Self-buff adds defense. +5 def and + duration at each lvl up, +30 def at lvl 1.
- + def is useful in every situation :)
- Does not stack with def buffs like frog forcefield and fighting foresight.

Tranquil Tortoise:
- Self-buff increases HP recovery. Does not stack with regeneration.
- The description is a bit misleading if its on it regens your hp if you fight or walk around too.

- same as knockout, but needs gloves, fully stuns the enemy.

Staff skills:

Tier 1:

Coiled Serpent staff:
- low mp cost, medium damage, fast recast time, fast cast time. The basic MA staff skill
- A multi-hit combo, does 1 big damage and 3 small hits

Swizzle Stick:
- high mp cost, about 2,5x the damage as coiled and low hit rate. One of the highest damaging phisical skills in the game. (if it hits..).
- long (about 1,5 sec) cast time.

Cloushaker staff:
- medium mp cost, about 1,5x damage than coiled staff, has a good range. Propably the most useful skill from the 1st staff skilltree.

- increases HP+MP recovery when sitting. good skill too i use it alot.

- lowers the enemies attack and reduces the chance that the enemy can reflect skills.
- useful for pvp. (reflect skills are malicious mirror from shaman and echo guard from musician, this negates the effect of them. Altough this skill can be reflected too.)

Tier 2:
all skills requie tier 1 lvl 5 counterparts.

Staff dance:
- AOE skill good damage, low MP cost, high (40 sec) recast time. If you plan to party as staff MA get this skill. Has approx 2x the damage as thief AOEs at the same level.

Dragon guard:
- AOE skill. I DONT recomment getting it it deals high damage to one target and low (100-200x4)to others nearby. A really bad AOE.

Staff whip:
- approx the same damage as coiled staff, and it stops the enemy from using skils for 5 sec. Really good in pvp.
- 0,5 sec cast time

Channel energy:
- adds +% to hp. A must-get skill for pvp. Does not stack with prolong life. +5% hp added each level

Break weapon:
- o.O The only MA skill that i never tried, if you have it write your experiences. Seems to be pretty useless for me.

3. Leveling:
MAs are really good in solo. XP in good AOE parties is better than soloing, but a good AOE party is hard to find.
After lvl 35 i dont recommend to solo at all, xp gets really slow and monsters hit hard.

lvl 10-15
-Eversun Town hall, kill globs and zombies and rats(lvl 12-14 monsters).
-Well dungeon in eversun(lvl 8-12 monsters).
-Swan Lake Basin, kill pupu and whipping grasses(lvl 10-14).
lvl 15-20
-Copperhorn mountain: lizards (lvl 14-19)
-Placid Plain butterflies(lvl 18 ), hedgehogs(lvl 20).
-Inn basement pupu pres corpse(lvl 17)
At lvl 17-18 you can try Canute Canal in evesun south too(lvl 18-22 monsters).
(i preferred butterflies in Placid)
lvl 20-25
-Placid Plain bow-wows(lvl 23), bamboos(lvl 24),the brown pupus (lvl 24,i forgot name)
-At lvl 22-24 you can try Phoenix tower in Swan lake basin too(lvl 22-27 monsters).
lvl 25-30
-Giantwood forest, holy kuku eggs(lvl 27), foxes(lvl 26), monkeys(lvl 29). Or at lvl 27-30 you can go to Neptune to kill Globs(lvl 29).
lvl 30-35
-Grassgreen square, do the quest for the rabbits.
lvl 35-40
-Blakaota, mystery mouse(lvl 38 ), lizards(lvl 37)
lvl 40-45
-East Sea Plain (lvl 39-45 monsters)
lvl 45+
-Town-god temple dungeon in east sea plains (lvl 46-50 monsters),
-foggy forest/blakatoa peak (45-50 monsters)

AOE parties are the best for xp, but you need to prepare first. Every AOE party needs a muse, a doc, a tank, a puller or 2, the rest are there to deal damage (usually wizards, fencers, later shamans).
As an MA you can either pull (collect monsters for the party) or tank. You can try to muse too if you got high level musician sub with equip musical instrument. I dont recomment healing since MAs got low MP.
Pulling is easy, to make your work more effective buy a beginners bow in everun from the beginners equipper NPC. (and get arrows :) )
Tanking is harder, but youll find party much more easier, since mercs are usually the most sought class.
To tank you need to get some mercenary skills:
(its worth it, if you get these you wont have a problem finding a party)
-equip heavy armor
-equip spear
-formations (circle atleast)
-mock monsters to draw more hate on you.
Your mercenary level needs to be max 5-10 levels under your MAs level to be able to draw hate. Get Seismic shudder for this build that skill generates hate too.

leveling places in AOE parties:
lvl 10-16:
solo :P
lvl 16-22
Inn basement Caskmasters
lvl 20-25
Phoenix Tower, male bird of paradise
lvl 25-33
Neptune temple, Globs and Man-Eating Zombies
lvl 33-35
Grizzly Garrison in Copperhorn mountain
lvl 34-42
Pandoras Grotto in Blakatoa
lvl 38-49
Foggy Forest in Blakatoa
lvl 45-5x
Town-God Temple in East Sea Plain

4. Subskills
for pvp:
This is a too complicated question, tons of good subskills exist, there isnt any perfect combination.
A hint to the arena: You should find a way to run faster, else you cant finish your opponent. Healing is really important too, altought in a team battle MA should be the attack not the support person.

for party:
Tank build:
1st sub: lvl 30+ mercenary with spear skills. You should have circle formation, mock monsters and equip heavy armor.
2nd sub: thief for evasion. High evasion helps a lot in tanking, get premonition and fighting foresight.

AOE build: (i havent tried this version)
1st sub: fencer AOEs. simply get fencer as high as you can (atleast lvl 30)and grab all fencer aoes + get equip sword to be able to use them. Wearing fencer weapons on martial artist gives you 30% penalty on the damage, so if you have skill points left get sword mastery to lvl 6.
2nd sub: some mana regen skill since fencer attacks cost a lot mp. (i recommend doctor for inner magic)

for solo:

"cheap" version: (you dont high level subclasses)
1st sub: get Swordsman to lvl 17 to have lash out(+4 att speed!) and burning rage(+attack).
2nd sub: get doc for healing and regen (youll have both at lvl 13)
or get thief for bonus evasion and mana regen
I recommend thief or youll have constant mana problems.

high level version: (youll need 30+ level subclasses)

1 get doc to lvl 33 or more to have inner magic (really good mp regen skill) and regeneration+first aid
With a 33+ doc sub youll run out much much later from mp and hp.

2 get some offensive subclass:
Swordsman lvl 34(or more) for lash out, burning rage and all-out assault.
With all-out assault and lash out you will do 3-4x more damage than before.
Hunter lvl 29 or more: Aim (lvl 29 skill)raises your attack speed starting with 3 and +1 each level. (so lvl 1 +3 att speed, lvl 2 +4 att speed,..)
so Aim lvl 3 is better than lash out, but you need to get hunter to lvl 39 to have it. Plus hunter has some nice additional skills like one that raises all your stats by a certain percent.

3 get some equip armor skill. Well.. clothing is the worst type of armor in the game in my opnion. Get either equip heavy armor (lvl 30 mercenary skill) or equip light armor (lvl 30 swordsman skill)

Good solo skills are: Far-Flung fist, knockout, jawbreaker, tranquil tortoise (if you dont have doc sub), fortifying force, coiled staff, cloudshaker staff, meditation.

5. Lifequests

Level 20
Talk to Sheldon in Collington (X:416,Y:390)
You need to defeat him in an 1v1 battle. It does not matter wheter you give him money or not he will fight you.
Rewards: 1 martial artist spring, studded boxing gloves recipe, Bamboo Staff recipe, 200 fame

Level 30
Get 3 sugars before you begin the quest, you can buy them from the marshal near ironmonger in Eversun.
Talk to the 2 kids in Darkdale, they want proof that you know Shirley Bree.
Go to Webb near the drugstore and give him the 3 sugars. He will give you the roasted chestnut you need. Give this to the children, theyll tell that shirley is in copperhorn.
She will be at the crossroads near the lake in the center of the map.
Youll need to defeat here 4 enemies and youre done.
Rewards: martial artist spring, fame

Level 40
This is the same for all classes. Talk to Martial artist careeers advisor in Swan Lake Basin. Then go to Collington and talk to O'Shea near emperor sword academy.
The coordinates for the rats:
1. Copperhorn: X:271, Y:363
2. Placid Plains: X:360, Y:401
3. Swan Lake Basin: X:317, Y:291
4. Blakatoa: X:347, Y:573
5. Grassgreen Square: X:233, Y:421
After you defeated the last one go back to Collington to end the quest.
Rewards: Pebbledashers recipe, Martial Artist spring

Edit: added some more info taken from knightlee. Thanks :)
+added lifequests
thats it, hope you find my first guide useful. I might add more about subskills.
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