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Effects of Varied Cup Sizes on Native Populations, -A to G

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:58 pm
by Leirosa
A Fascinating Exploration of the effect of Breast Sizes on monsters, banditry and criminals
Study Conducted by: Ling Lanniang of Collington, Taoist and Geomantic Master
Race Studied: Sylph Female

Study 1

Our first study subject was a certain wine monster known as 'Weird Caskmaster', encountered in the Inn Basement catacombs beneath Eversun City. We found it had a particularly odd reaction when a female with -A-cup size approached it. This also happened to be this researcher's original (and current) breast size.

Weird Caskmaster: Wow! Everyone come and have a look! That girl named Lanniang is really flat-chested! I guess she has -A cups, haha!
Lanniang (thinking): You're asking for a bash!
Weird Caskmaster (on death): It's alright to be flat-chested, but it's bad for your health to drown your sorrows with alcohol.

Encounter with Weird Caskmaster

Study 2

Our second study subject was the artist known as 'Weird Pearly Frog', which made its home in Canute Canal(1). It seemed to derive great pleasure from laughing at A-cup sized females.

Weird Pearly Frog: Wow! Everyone come and have a look! That girl called Lanniang is a legendary ironing board!
Lanniang (thinking): You're asking for a bash!
Weird Pearly Frog (on death): Ha ha ha! So flat! I'm dying of laughter!

Encounter with Weird Pearly Frog

Study 3

Our third study subject was a rather foxy fellow known as 'Funny Fox Cub', hanging out near a roadside pavilion in Giantwood Forest. It had an unusual insistence upon the use of bra padding when confronted by a female with B-cup size.

Funny Fox Cub: Hey girl! Hey Lanniang, come here for a bit! I think your figure isn't full enough! Better wear some padding underneath your clothes!
Lanniang (thinking): You're asking for a bash!
Funny Fox Cub (on death): Oh, girl, you'd look better with a bit of padding!

Encounter with Funny Fox Cub

Study 4

Our fourth study subject was a peculiar old tree known as the 'Weird Withered Wisewood', which lived a bit further down the road from the third subject. Despite seemingly having some understanding of politeness, it made some very innapropriate requests with an alarming urgency when it saw a Female with C-cup Size.

Weird Withered Wisewood: Hey girl! Lanniang! Excuse me, what are C-cups?! Could you let me have a look?
Lanniang (thinking): You're asking for a kicking!
Weird Withered Wisewood (on death): Let me see what a C-cup looks like.

Encounter with Weird Withered Wisewood

Study 5

Our fifth study subject was a third-rate chef of a bandit garrison local to Copperhorn Mountain, called 'Weird Bandit' by his friends. He had a very distinct preference for females with D-cup sized breasts. He wasn't this researcher's type.

Weird Bandit: Brothers, look quickly! That girl Lanniang has a really good figure. Ms. Lanniang, can I be your friend?
Lanniang (thinking): How dare you hit on me!
Weird Bandit (on death): This is my favorite size.

Encounter with Weird Bandit

Study 6

Our sixth study subject was an inmate of Pandora's Grotto who had a look in his eye so deranged, that he could only be known as the 'Weird Fugitive'. He had a disturbing predilection towards eloping (while still on the lam from the law) with any random female with E-cup sized breasts that happened to pass by. This researcher satisfied his need for hot things by blasting him with a searing-hot scorching scroll.

Weird Fugitive: What a hot figure! Ms. Lanniang, would you like to run away with me? Don't be shy, come on. We'll be the next Bonnie and Clyde!
Lanniang (thinking): Who would want to run away with you?
Weird Fugitive (on death): You're so hot! Run away with me!

Encounter with Weird Fugitive

Study 7

Our seventh study subject was a half-eaten and nosy fish spirit known as 'Strange Doyen Ghost'. It seemed to be unable, or perhaps unwilling to wrap its' mind around the concept of F-cup sized breasts and passed away while still in a state of disbelief.

Strange Doyen Ghost: Hey look, look! That girl Lanniang looks strange! What is that on her chest? They're so big!
Lanniang (thinking): How rude!
Strange Doyen Ghost (on death): Oh my god! What's that? I have never seen anything like it!

Encounter with Strange Doyen Ghost

Study 8

Our eighth and final study subject was the 'Mundane Minotaur', a nasty bull with a love of spraying people with expired milk. It was found to have tunnel vision for G-cup sized breasts, the same size his wife had.

Mundane Minotaur: Hey, my wife, when did you change your name to Lanniang? Stop pretending, I just have to look at your 'front' to know it's you. Come home with me, please!
Lanniang (thinking): Who's your wife!?
Mundane Minotaur (on death): Oh darling, don't.

Encounter with Mundane Minotaur


The results of our study would seem to indicate that the monsters, bandity and criminals of the world (and perhaps the 'Mirror Kings' of Softstar) have a distinctive preference towards the cup sizes of C, D and E. Smaller sizes are ridiculed for flatness by the creatures of this world, and larger sizes are greeted with disbelief and direct comparison to female cow breasts.

The study also indicated conclusively that a female may obtain 'Cup Size Titles' without replacing titles they already had possession of. In fact they could obtain all of them, given proper circumstances. This researcher's visual results for the largest and smallest sizes can be found here.

With the conclusion of this study, the author has returned to her original size of -A cup.


Re: Effects of Varied Cup Sizes on Native Populations, -A to

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:59 pm
by Leirosa
A Delightful Exploration of the effect of Breast Sizes on Sylph Female Sleeve Length
Study Conducted by: Ling Lanniang of Collington, Taoist and Geomantic Master
Subject: Sylph Female Sleeves

This study examines the curious and highly intriguing nature of the direct relationship between Female Sylph Breast Size and Female Sylph Sleeve Length. Surely you must wonder how two things with such a disparate nature could possibly relate to each other, but the evidence presented below can hardly be disputed.


The Problem
The Author, being a enthusisast of all things Sylph Sleeves, had grown rather discomforted of late seeing how her own sleeves never seemed to be of equal length. Her arms were of equal length, yet her right sleeve was always longer than the left one, and for no reason she could comprehend. One day after a fine armor modeling shoot the curiosity simply became too much and she began to look into it. At first she thought it was arm length, or width, but repeated testing was unable to produce a significantly different result.

A highly unanticipated truth is discovered
The breakthrough came when the author, puzzling over what it could possibly be, happened across an image from the article this is an addendum to, Effects of Varied Cup Sizes on Native Populations, -A to G. The image in particular was taken when she was in possession of G-Cup sized breasts and may be seen here. Note the extreme length of the left sleeve and the manner in which it is distorted, and compare to the author's normal length. Further investigation and the help of several test subjects revealed the truth of this matter. Indeed, a Female Sylph's Cup Size is directly related to her Sleeve length balance.

To illustrate it better, see this rough diagram:

Right Sleeve Longer ------------------------- Left Sleeve Longer+++
-A Cup ------------------------------------------------------------------- G Cup

The further to one extreme the cup size is, the longer that sleeve will be compared to the other. At around C Cup or so both sleeves should be even. However it should be noted that this is not an entirely even bar. The extreme end of the 'left sleeve' side (F/G Cup) is longer and more imbalanced (and much more visible) compared to than the extreme end of the 'right sleeve' side (-A) cup, which is rather subtle in comparison.

Various examples have been compiled to prove this study, and you may peruse them below.

Left Sleeve Examples (G Cups):
Beginner Clothing

Even Examples
43-45 Robes
53-55 Robes

Right Sleeve Examples (-A Cups)
Beginner Clothing
53-55 Robes
HLA Robes

The results of this study would seem to indicate a definite advantage towards having medium/small cup sized breasts, at least if you want to have a reasonably balanced sleeve length. It is still not understood why exactly this connection exists and sadly it is probably yet another mystery we will never know the answer to. Sylph Males at least can breathe easy for they will never have this problem.

The author realizes the rarity of Sylph Females (and Sylphs in general) who sport long sleeves nowadays, but this does not diminish her devotion to them in any way, nor her willingness to share her fascinating and bizarre findings.