Kiatei's Attack Speed Guide

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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Kiatei's Attack Speed Guide

Post by Leirosa »

Original Author: Kiatei
Retrieved by Leirosa from TWDomo.
Kiatei wrote:Note: I'm taking this exclusive guide from my guild forum, it's based on frosts information, just rewritten into a simpler format.

Attack speed it rather complex, there is more to it than simply using buffs to attain high speeds. There is a math formula involved.

Something very few end-gamers, even the serious ones, know about.

A = Attacks per second.
S = Attack speed, listed on the status screen.
T = Time between attacks.
R = Percent reduction between attack time. (Example: Howling Wolf's %)

Calculating speed:

(S÷8) + (5÷6) = A

Your speed on the status screen shows 14
You divide 14 by 8 and get 1.75. You divide 5 by 6, which is .83 repeating, and add the 1.75 to it and get 2.583 with the 3 repeating, which is your attacks per second.

Calculating time between attacks:

1÷A = T

Divide 1 by the answer we found for A. 1÷2.583 = 0.387096774193548 (that whole number order repeats infinite.)
We will simplify it as 0.387 but, for the math it make become marginally off unless you use the whole thing.

Calculating attack speed change by reducing time between attacks.

T * (1 - R) = New T

From T if you use a skill like Howling Wolf, you can go back and find your new S.
Say you use Howling Wolf level 1. You get 15% reduction to the time between attacks.
Take 1 and subtract 15% which is also 0.15, and you get 0.85. Multiple that by our T
0.387 * 0.85 = 0.32895

To get back to find our new attack speed we simply work our way backwards. The first formula is actually longer. The full version is:

S÷8 + 5÷6 = A = 1÷T

Since A is equal to 1÷T, just like inverting all fractions, 1÷A also equal T

1÷0.32895 = 3.04. At this point I am rounding but if you want to be more exact use the longer numbers.

Howling Wolf level 1 has taken our A from 2.583 to 3.04. Now the trickiest part is finding the S from this.

We started with 14÷8 + 5÷6 = 2.583
We now have S÷8 + 5÷6 = 3.04, or S÷8 + 0.83 = 3.04
Subtract the 0.83 from the 3.04 and you now have S÷8 = 2.21
Then multiply 2.21 x 8 to find S.

S = 17.68 using rounded numbers.
S = 17.6470588235294117 repeating

So in a nutshell, if your status screen showed 14 speed with no other % reduction between attacks, Using Howling Wolf level 1 would change your attack speed on the status window to show either 17.7 or 17.8.

% S bonuses are like +5% attack speed on clothing, do not mess up the math. You reduce time between attacks so only augment those % gains. Time between attacks must be factored in before hand.

I have not tested if it works calculating the % S bonus after because that just makes the math even more challenging.
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Re: Kiatei's Attack Speed Guide

Post by Kiatei »

I would like to add that if you simply want to calculate what your attack speed would be if you put on, for example, clothing for 10% attack speed.
For this example we will be using a +2 speed dagger as a thief. I will be using B for attack speed Boost and S for speed on the status screen. We start with +2 speed.

(S + 8) x B -8 = New S

So with 10% boost onto an attack speed of 2:

(2 + 8) x 1.1 -8 = 3

If you have no weapon equipped your attack speed would be .08 wearing clothing. If double golded clothing it would be 1.6 from 20% attack speed boost.

To put it simply, add 8, they multiple the %, and then subtract 8.

Hopefully this made sense, because its very simple.
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