Double 7th Festival: Zhinü Event (ended)

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Double 7th Festival: Zhinü Event (ended)

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Double Seventh Festival Event (a.k.a Chinese Valentine's Day)

(Double Seventh Festival Information: Wikipedia)

Quest Starter: 傳說研究員 (Eversun City x259 y254)

1. Speak with 傳說研究員 (Eversun City x259 y254). He tells you about Zhinü's story (she was cursed by evil demons to never be able to reunite with her beloved). According to legend if you take the 天女神珮 (that he gives you) to the riverside in Swan Lake Basin, you may have a chance to see her.

2. Travel to Swan Lake Basin and speak with 織女 Zhinü (x381 y245). She really has been cursed, unable to go near to her beloved. She says that she can't even leave this spot. To help her break the curse, you need to bring back a 喜鵲雕像 Magpie Carving (made using 神聖原木 Sacred Timber). After accepting the quest, you can speak with her again and she will tell you to speak with the person who gave you the 天女神珮 for information on where to get the wood and how to make the carving.

3. Return to Eversun City and speak again with 傳說研究員 (x259 y254) on the subject of the 喜鵲雕像 Magpie Carving. He explains where to obtain the wood you need (Hulu Bamboos drop it), and says that if you bring the wood back to him he will carve it for you.

4. Now you need to obtain a piece of 神聖原木 Sacred Timber. These are dropped by Hulu Bamboo in Placid Plains and Giantwood Forest, at a painfully low rate. From the Chinese chat I saw, people who were badged got like 10 or 18 pieces in an hour, but you only need one. It's tradeable so you can buy it if you feel lazy.

5. After obtaining the 神聖原木 Sacred Timber, return to 傳說研究員 (Eversun City x259 y254) with it and he will make you the 喜鵲雕像 Magpie Carving you need.

6. Finally, return to 織女 Zhinü (Swan Lake Basin x381 y245) with the 喜鵲雕像 Magpie Carving. You are about to free her from her curse, when the evil spirit shows up and refuses to let her go!

This will start an instanced fight. If you get an error then leave team or make sure all your team is there (I am not sure if you can start it in a team).

You will fight a Level 20 詛咒的元兇 (Shaman, Fire Element) with a time limit of 20 minutes. Unless you are very low level you should not have difficulty defeating it.

7. After defeating the evil spirit, Zhinü is free and able to return to her lover's side. :)

Title: 織女的救星 (Zhinü's Savior)
(30 Day temp, Counts down after using)
This is a sword that you can fly on (It is not a vanity weapon and can't be equipped). It gives +2 flight speed.

You also get an Achievement.

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