Dreamstone Essence Recipe (夢石精華配方表) and how to get it

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Dreamstone Essence Recipe (夢石精華配方表) and how to get it

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Obtaining the Dreamstone Essence Recipe

Method #1:

Sneaky Peak Boss: Wicked Wolf Emperor

In order to summon this Sneaky Peak boss, you will need to kill several Wicked Wolf Tyrants, which are also a boss. (not sure how many times you will need to kill them in order to spawn the Wicked Wolf Emperor)

Original NameEnglish NameHPLVLType
魔狼霸君Wicked Wolf Tyrant569,35272Mercenary, Fire

Area where the Wicked Wolf Tyrant can be found:

Original NameEnglish NameHPLVLTypeDropsSteal
魔狼煞帝Wicked Wolf Emperor749,33277FireFire Element RockFire Element Rock,
Dreamstone Essence Recipe (夢石精華配方表)

Method #2:

Bosses summoned by Fireworks

Original NameEnglish NameType of FireworkLVLTypeRecipe DropStone Drop
虎妖TigermanI love U*80-Silver Crossed Blades Recipe (Backgear Costume),
Dreamstone Essence Recipe (夢石精華配方表)
Moonstone (A),
Aquamarine (A)
*It may be possible to summon Tigerman with other fireworks, or ANY fireworks, but which ones will do it have not been confirmed.

Method 3:

The other way is by buying the recipe from other players:
Dreamstone Essence Recipe 夢石精華配方表 (meng shi jing hua pei fang biao)
This recipe is around 3.5m – 5m.
IMPORTANT: Level Requirement for making the recipe is 40!!

Using the Recipe

Getting the Stone

In order to make a relevel stone, aside from the Dreamstone Essence Recipe (夢石精華配方表), you will also need a Dull Relevel Stone (黯淡的輪迴石).
These you can get from Trader Girl, but you will need to collect all titles first, since the option for Dull Relevel Stone (黯淡的輪迴石) is on tier 5.

You can buy the Dull Relevel Stone (黯淡的輪迴石) by doing events from the calendar (by pressing on the heart next to it) to get the daily event scrolls. In total you will need 300 scrolls to buy it.

Image< Trader Girl

Tutorial step by step how to get a Dull Relevel Stone from Trader Girl:

Image GREEN SCROLLS : Option 3 is Dull Relevel Stone (黯淡的輪迴石)

Image RED SCROLLS: Option 3 is Dull Relevel Stone (黯淡的輪迴石)

Image < Dull Relevel Stone (黯淡的輪迴石)

Making the Stone

For making the relevel stone, you need to collect 10,000 Dreamstones.
With those 10.000 Dreamstones, you will make Dreamstone Essence. You need 10 Dreamstones to make 1 Dreamstone Essence.

Image < Dreamstone Essence

In total you need to make 1000 of this Dreamstone Essence in order to give the Dull Relevel Stone a vibrant sheen. Double click on the Dull Relevel Stone (黯淡的輪迴石), and you will now have a useable Relevel Stone.

Image < full Relevel Stone

Item Mall:

The other option to get a relevel stone is buying from the item mall.

Image < This the tab you need to have open…

Image < On the first page you will see the relevel stone, it's 350 points to buy 1. You can use this one directly without any Dreamstone Essence.

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Re: Dreamstone Essence Recipe (夢石精華配方) and how to get it

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Thank you Leirosa for making the outlay better<333

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