Trader Girl Options & Daily Instance Notes

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Trader Girl Options & Daily Instance Notes

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As requested. The Daily Instance info is a side bonus I added in.


Pupu Coin Exchange
This is a shop that uses Commemorative Pupu Coins as currency. The stock changes occasionally. Commemorative Pupu Coins are the booby prize from all the newer lucky bags; they are only obtained from these lucky bags. Current stock has 4 titles and a wardrobe scroll.

Trivia: The icon these coins use was an icon used by a number of Japanese version lucky bags. However, these cannot be used directly as an item and are only for use as currency in this shop.

Misc Exchange
This is a largely obsolete option; most likely it will not be much use to many. It is used to trade older keys for the newer version, as well as trading Large Christmas Gift Boxes for these same keys.

-> Trade Gold Key for Key of Fortune
-> Trade Silver Key for Key of Fortune
-> Trade Bronze Key for Key of Fortune
-> Trade Large Christmas Gift Box for Key of Fortune

1-Carat Red Diamond Exchange
This is a shop that uses Red Diamonds as currency. The stock doesn't seem to change often, if ever, but it may change sometime. Nothing currently in this vendor is worth the cost in red diamonds, and the stock is of no use to anyone below level 70.

Achievement Rewards
This is where you accept the rewards if you have achieved 1000 or 2000 achievement points.

-> 1000 points reward (This gives a Wardrobe Space Expanding Scroll I)
-> 2000 points reward (Don't know what this gives.)

Daily Event Scroll Turn-in / Daily Mission Cert Turn-in
These should be self explanatory and already existed on the Aeria version of Trader Girl; albeit with different rewards. You may check the guide in the members only forum to see the listing of the contents of the tiers on this server.

Daily Instance Cert Turn-in
This is for the turn in of Certs from running the Daily Instances.
  • These instances are located in various locations (Phoenix Tower, Pandora's Grotto, East Sea Plains, Emperor Gang) and may be run for free once a day, obtaining 1 Daily Mission Certificate per run regardless of difficulty.
  • There are 2 or 3 instances per NPC, each with a choosable difficulty. In order to challenge the higher difficulty of an instance, you must first complete the lower difficulty.
  • These instances are notable for having possibly the worst instance loot I have ever seen, and also for being way too difficult for their listed target levels (A high level should have no problem, but beware of mp consumption due to the large amounts of hp these mobs have. Teaming with friend(s) will save time and gear durability).
  • Higher difficulty makes the mobs take longer to kill, but only marginally improves the loot. It's still crap. You generally get a chest with 1 each of a few worthless easy-to-obtain mats, a small number of some D or E gems, and rarely a low to mid level slot 4 onyx or Blood Soul depending on the instance. The highest I have seen are lv50 Onyx (from the hard mode of one of the higher instances) and Lv4 Blood Soul.
  • I am not sure if these mobs give xp, but if you were going to face these at close to the listed level, you will basically require a full and competent team.
  • It may be possible to run them more than once a day with Special Mission Tickets.
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