Summer Events (ended)

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Summer Events (ended)

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By request, here is a basic guide to the recently added Summer Events.

Event 1: 夏之神祭 (Summer of Love)

This event was previously available on Aeria in Summer 2008, but a few things have changed.
Guide Source (translated and updated by me)

You will need the following to complete this event:
10 Laurel Wood
10 Silk
10 Rose Petals

1. Go to Eversun South and speak with 奧林匹亞大神官 (a huge mushroom) (x406 y96).
2. Go to Bigbeam (not the city) and find 阿波羅神官 (x323 y175).
3. You will have to give it 10 Laurel Wood, then it will send you to the next location.
4. Go to Dragon's Den and talk to 雅典神官 (x623 y547).
5. You will have to give it 10 Silk(蠶絲), then it will send you to the next location.
6. Go to Grassgreen Square and find 阿蒂米斯神官 (x258 y291).
7. You will have to give it 10 Rose Petals, then it will send you to the next location.
8. Return to Eversun South and once again speak with 奧林匹亞大神官 (x406 y96). This concludes the quest.

Lover's Hairpin (3 day temp, NT, counts down after equipping).
50,000 XP
and an Achievement.

Event 2: 守夏節 (Buddhist Lent Event)

This event was not previously released on Aeria. You should maintain some free spaces in your inventory when handing in quests.
Guide Source (translated and updated by me)

1. Travel to Eversun North and speak with 寺院管理人. (x352 y491)
2. You must collect 50 彩色蓮花 Multicoloured Lotus Flowers from Pupus, and 50 紫色蓮花 Violet Lotus Flowers from Flying Pupus, in Eversun North. Eversun South mobs will not drop the required items. They drop as regular items (so get an autoloot team), and the drop rate is pretty bad. You will be here a while. I think the items were tradeable, but only one person will get the drop.
3. After obtaining all of the flowers, make sure you have free inventory slots, then return to the npc to hand them in.
4. He will next send you to Swan Lake, where you must speak with 小馬. (x246 y420).
5. 小馬 is very particular, unless you have a sprite in your team (for her to play with) she will not speak with you. You also cannot have any one other than the sprite in team, it can only be a team of 2. (Note: I am not sure if you still need another character if you are a sprite, and I don't have any way to test this.)
6. After successfully speaking to her with a sprite in team, she will ask you to collect 100 小蠟燭 Small Candles from Pink Whipping Grass (in Swan Lake). This item works the same way as the lotus flowers, it is dropped as an item and it has a low drop rate, so it will be a long grind.
7. After obtaining all 100 candles, return to 小馬 to report in.
8. Next you need to go to Eversun North, and speak to 玉龍 (x216 y437). There will be an instanced fight (solo only).
9. According to the Chinese Guide, 玉龍 is a Mercenary Mob with 3871 HP. In that guide, the suggested level to fight it is Lv45 (but lower may be possible).
10. After defeating 玉龍, go to the Buddhist Temple in Eversun City (長陽佛堂, the temple near the entrance to the Guild Cottage) and speak with 長陽老和尚. Agree to give him the items you gathered and you will have completed the quest.

1 長陽佛寺平安符 (7 day temp, counts down after equipping)
200,000 EXP
and an Achievement.

The 長陽佛寺平安符 Eversun Buddhist Temple Protection Charm is a Talisman Slot Item which confers the following effects:
Max HP +5%, Max MP+5%, Damage from normal attack: Weaken, Damage from physical skill: Weaken, Damage from magical skill: Weaken.
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