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help with Domo online

Post by ChelseyRosie »

is the game suppsoe to be in englsih when u do the four on akfrost . i haveing trouble need somebody to walk me thru it plz i already regsiter on the site im stuck on applocale wht am i suppose to do with it that what confusing trying to bring the chineese to ednglish if somebdoy can message me herer or on facebook i post it at the bottom or skype just need help im not good at reading instructions i like to play this game so i teach others how to play too.
skype is chelsey568
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Re: help with Domo online

Post by ChelseyRosie »

so i register that correct the appolocale the confusing replacing files so what is the appolocale how to get it on the c drive without saying not recoginze as a external or nonexternal batch file okay thought it be that easy maybe i wrong just dont know if i have to download eastern language since i dont have windows xp i got windows 7 i wish this was not hard just with my learning disblility i get confuse with things i really want to play this game. im sorry if i such a pain just i been at this for 3 days and i still dont want to give up yet i want to make friends i want to have fun.
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Re: help with Domo online

Post by Leirosa »

I am not sure exactly what the problem is, but if you are having problems with Applocale, and you are using Windows 7:

Don't use Applocale.

Ignore the whole Setting Up AppLocale section in Frost's guide.

Applocale will not put the game in English.

Applocale is only used to make Chinese characters appear correctly (and actually it doesn't work on chat).

The Localization Fixes section of Frost's guide is the important part for putting the game in English.

However, you should know that even if you installed everything properly, the game will not be completely in English. A lot of things will be in English, but there will still be a lot of things in Chinese. This is normal.

Step by Step Game setup:

1. Download the game (ignore if you already did this).

2. Install the game, but DO NOT install to C:\Program Files x86\.
Change the game install path to somewhere else. e.g. C:\Games\IC Domo
This is to prevent several major Windows 7 issues.
(If you have already installed the game, you can make a new folder and move all the files there, then make new shortcuts to the new location.)

2. Run the Patcher, let it patch completely.

3. Close the game and the patcher.

4. Download these files (these are linked in Frost's guide, so you may already have them):
Keep these files around in case you need to copy them back in again later.

5. Copy all files in to the Data folder in your IC Domo install folder. (e.g. c:\Games\IC Domo\Main\Data). Overwrite everything.

6. Copy all files in to the Language\I18n folder in your IC Domo install folder. (e.g. c:\Games\IC Domo\Main\Language\I18n). Overwrite everything.

7. Run the game WITHOUT the patcher. If you run the patcher, the patcher will patch the Chinese files back in and overwrite your English files.
If you don't know how to do this, go to your IC Domo Install folder and go to the Main folder (e.g. C:\Games\IC Domo\Main)
Look for the Pig icon (DOMO.exe) and run that file.

8. If you did everything correctly, you should be able to play with the game mostly in English. There will still be a lot of things in Chinese however.
Your journal will still be in Chinese. There is a way to get journal in english, but it causes frequent crashes so I do not recommend it.

If you want Chinese to display properly in game, you need to change the Windows System Locale. This is a little complicated, so just get the game working first. If you get that far and want to be able to see the Chinese properly I can make a guide for changing system locale too.

I hope this helps you. I apologize if it's still too confusing. :(
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