Merchant Qualification - Lv 23 Weapons

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Merchant Qualification - Lv 23 Weapons

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When first talking to the NPC, take a screenshot when you see red text in his chat bubble.

Quest log does not display characters properly, so if you do not do this, you will have to make each lv 23 weapon until you find the right one.


The red text is the lv 23 weapon he is asking for, in this case Smiley Syringe. (微笑針筒)

Below is the equivalent for all the lv 23 weapons used for this quest:

水紋短劍 - Damp Dagger

赤焰刀 - Fiery Saber

絨毛扇 - Fine Feather Fan

霜凝劍 - Frosty Foil

石頭拳套 - Granite Gloves

電光戟 - Hair-raising Halberd

鐵棍 - Iron Staff

微笑針筒 - Smiley Syringe

柳葉弓 - Willow Leaf Bow

雨霧杖 - Wispy Wand

古箏 - Zither

Hopefully this saves people a little time :) If any of these are not correct, please let me know.

Source: ... 3%E7%B5%90
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Re: Merchant Qualification - Lv 23 Weapons

Post by shizuo »

I wasted a lot of money to make each weapon into lvl 23 but never the less I had fun!
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