天師 AKA Sorcerer Information (Updated 2/10)

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天師 AKA Sorcerer Information (Updated 2/10)

Post by Leirosa »

Compiled Class Information for 天師 AKA Sorcerer

Update: Note on Pet Elemental Spirits.
Update: Clarified a number of questionable points and added additional information throughout the guide.
Update: Added Lv40 Life Quest Guide (finally got around to doing it).
Update: Added Lv30 Life Quest Guide and a few notes to some skills. Spreadsheet updated a bit too.
Update: Added Lv20 Life Quest Guide
Update: Added Proficiencies section, but missing a lot of info atm. Added other miscellaneous info in various places. aerliyana added a section at the bottom for recipe scroll drop locations.
Update: Reached level 15 and conducted more testing. Added Attribute Gains and additional skill information.

I just managed to unlock the 天師 class today, and due to the dearth of detailed information on this class I have decided to share some of my knowledge about it. At the time of writing this class is level 10, but I will update and expand this guide as I acquire more information. The format is also extremely rough for the sake of quick release and will be improved as the guide evolves. Translations are currently also very rough and in many cases non-existent. Any help with improving this guide will be appreciated.

Basic Class Information

Class Characteristics and Notes

- Qualification Requirement: Lv70+ Wizard and Lv70+ Shaman.
- Useable Equipment: Unarmed, Wand, Beginner, Robes, Dancewear
- XP Requirements for this class are double the normal XP requirement. EG, Level 10-11 normally requires 55025 XP, but on this class you need 110050 XP.
- Skills and Stats may be reset before level 16 just as other classes can.
- The passive skills on this class have no level requirement, so you can level them whenever you have free points to do so. They go up to Level 10.
- This job appears to have substantially higher than average HP and MP growth for a caster job.

Sorcerer Skill Scroll Recipes

High Level skills on this class require scrolls to unlock them. Without these scrolls, you cannot obtain higher ranks of the skills. Permanent Learnable Recipes to create these scrolls may be obtained as drops by various mobs in the world, aside from very low level mobs. The recipe that drops from a mob is not random, as mobs have preset recipe drops.

These skill unlock scrolls become neccessary to level skills for ranks obtainable at Level 50 and above. These scrolls have ridiculous material requirements to alch them, using the following rough formula: 50-300 of some kind of print*, 100 of a mob drop mat, and 100 of a LV6 or LV7 primary collection mat. Page 1 skills use level 6 mats and page 2 skills use level 7 mats. Hopefully they will add an easier way to obtain these in the future, because the current requirements are rather extortionate (most level 7 mats require 4 large fairies to obtain 100 of a mat, or perhaps mass mule spam to slooowly obtain them in Sneaky Peak collection areas).

*Thus far I have seen these require either 50 Eversun Elder prints, 50 Darkdale Elder prints, 300 Crossbone Prints, or 300 Tigerman prints.

Qualification Guide
Credits to sirius1460's 【攻略】天師就職任務 for some of the information used in this guide.

Part I
1. You MUST have a Lv70 Wizard and Lv70 Shaman. I believe you must also use one of them to do the tasks involved in this qualification and not another job. Note that you may need to talk to NPCs several times to advance this quest and you should always talk to them until you are sure you need to go to the next part. It also goes without saying that to do this quest, or use this job, you must be using the Original Chinese Data Files.

2. Go to Bigbeam City, and speak to 天師李律 (x98 y150). When you are given a prompt, select the first option. You will have to talk to her several times, each time selecting the top prompt. This will culminate in an instanced solo battle against 天師李律 herself with a 10 minute time limit. She has quite a bit of HP and attacks with magic nukes, but she is not too difficult and I didn't have much trouble taking her down. That said, TW players have been killed by her so be sure not to take her lightly. She is not a boss type mob and is vulnerable to debuffs such as soup and deep heat. You will receive a 天師考驗證明(初) Sorcerer Test Certificate (Basic) after defeating her.

Part 2
3. She will send you out to Bigbeam to meet with another NPC for the next part of the quest. This NPC is 天師陣察 (x219 y 349) in Bigbeam.

4. He will give you a 混沌縛爐, and with this in hand you must defeat Ginseng Ghouls (Lv60) and Bonefish (Lv60) in Bigbeam to collect 混沌之息. You must absorb 200 each of this Primal Chaos' Breath from both of these mobs. The drop rate is not 100%, but it is definitely over 90% so you will usually get it.

5. After getting 200 of each, return to 天師陣察 (x219 y 349) and hand in the 混沌縛爐. You will receive a 天師考驗證明(中) Sorcerer Test Certificate (Intermediate).
The poster g87040423 (霓薰) recommends you make sure you have inventory space to receive this for if you don't you will have to do this part over.. 400+ more kills. This is probably good advice for this quest in general but this part especially.

Part 3
6. Continue speaking to him and you will receive a 異界門符紙-劍 and a 異界門符紙-盾. You will need these for the next part of the quest. With these, you must travel to two 異界門機關 (otherworldy gate mechanism, they look like crane clocks) and challenge the envoys there.

7. I believe you can go to them in either order, but I went to the North one first, 異界門機關-盾, at somewhere around x439 y261 (I don't have the exact coordinates). Click on the 異界門機關-盾 to start an instanced battle with the 惡靈之盾使者 (Lv70 Mercenary, Metal Element, looks like a Minotaur). I didn't have any problems with this battle; it has substantially less HP than the Qualification Instructor and is also susceptible to debuffs. You will obtain a 惡靈之盾 after defeating it.

8. Next, travel to the 異界門機關-劍 at x418 y616. Click on this to start an instanced battle with the 邪氣之劍使者 (Lv70 Metal Element, looks like a Skeleton Blademaster). This one hits somewhat harder so don't just sit there and let it hit you, but has about the same amount of HP as the Minotaur and you can still abuse debuffs so it will still fall quickly. You will obtain a 惡靈之劍.

9. After defeating both bosses and obtaining the 惡靈之盾 and 惡靈之劍, return again to speak to 天師陣察 (x219 y 349). You will obtain a 天師考驗證明(結) Sorcerer Test Certificate (Final).

10. Finally, return to Bigbeam City and speak to 天師李律 (x98 y150). After the conclusion of the dialogue with her, you will have unlocked the 天師 class! You will get the option to teleport to the Eversun City Dojo to change job if you wish.

Starting Statistics
Note: This information is based on Character MiaoCuihua's starting stats and skills on September 12, 2013. This class may have been modified since that time.

- Base Attributes: 7 Power, 8 Physique, 22 Wisdom, 13 Agility, 10 Dexterity, 9 Durability

- Base Stats (naked Female Sylph character with no title, after subtracting Title collection bonuses):
408HP, 129 MP
61 P.ATK, 11 P.DEF, 9 EVA, 15 ACC, 31 M.ATK, 25 M.DEF, 3 M.EVA, 2 M.ACC, Crit: 1

Attribute Gains

The following values are gained by increasing one attribute by 10, recording the change in stat and dividing by 10 to obtain the result for one attribute point.
+1.0 Attack
+Non-Linear HP
+0.4 Defense
+0.2 Magic Defense
+2.2 Attack
+0.5 Magic Attack
+0.3 Magic Defense
+2.3 Max MP
+0.8 Evasion
+0.2 Magic Evasion
+0.7 Attack
+1.7 Accuracy
+0.2 Magic Attack
+0.3 Magic Accuracy
+0.2 Critical Attack
+1.0 Defense

Weapon Proficiencies
AbacusAxeBowBoxing GloveDaggerFanInstrumentSaberSpearStaffSwordSyringeWand
60%AxeBowBoxing GloveDagger60%InstrumentSaberSpearStaffSword75%100%

Job Penalties
FencerBlademasterMercenaryMartial ArtistHunterThiefShamanWizardWitch DoctorDoctorMusicianDancerMerchant


Detailed Skill Information (very incomplete, but this spreadsheet has all the information currently available to me on these skills and is more up to date than the below list)

Skill Set 1: 五行天師咒

Page 1
These all Require Wand EQ. Each has a 10 sec Cooldown at level 1. You start with the Metal AOE and from 11-14 can get the other 4. They have a targeting circle comparable in size to Shaman AOEs. About 2.7s cast time with 19 Agi, 2s cast time with max cast time reduction. 2 SP each

雪之咒語 - Deals Metal Elemental Targeted Circle AOE Damage. Can be raised to 10 without scrolls.
春之咒語 - Deals Wood Elemental Targeted Circle AOE Damage. Can be raised to 10 without scrolls.
雨之咒語 - Deals Water Elemental Targeted Circle AOE Damage. Can be raised to 10 without scrolls.
夏之咒語 - Deals Fire Elemental Targeted Circle AOE Damage. Can be raised to 10 without scrolls.
秋之咒語 - Deals Earth Elemental Targeted Circle AOE Damage. Can be raised to 10 without scrolls.

Page 2

漫天霜雪 - Reduces Enemy Magic Attack. Targeted Circle AOE
Level 1: Lv26 req + Lv5 雪之咒語/ 2 SP
-40 M.atk for 30 sec (half duration against player). 30 sec CD.
Each rank adds 10 M.atk debuff. Can be raised to 5 without scrolls.

春之氣息 - Reduces Enemy Magic Defense. Targeted Circle AOE
Level 1: Lv27 req + Lv5 春之咒語/ 2 SP
-40 M.Def for 30 sec (half duration against player) 30 sec CD.
Each rank adds 10 M.Def debuff. Can be raised to 5 without scrolls.

天降甘霖 - Increases Own Magic Defense and Standing MP Recovery. Self Buff
- This buff is classified as an M.Def buff: It will stack with other MP Regens but will not stack with other M.Def buffs (such as Yang Frog).
Level 1: Lv27 req + Lv5 雨之咒語/ 2 SP
+40 M.Def, +4 Standing MP Recovery per 5s, lasts 120 sec. 60 sec CD.
Each rank adds +10 M.Def and +1 MP Recovery. Can be raised to 5 without scrolls.

燄夏之火 - Increases Own Magic Attack. Self Buff
- This doesn't stack with Yin Frog (and presumably other M.Atk buffs).
Level 1: Lv29 req + Lv5 夏之咒語/ 2 SP
+40 M.Atk, lasts 120 sec. 60 sec CD.
Each rank adds +10 M.Atk. Can be raised to 5 without scrolls.

初秋之蔓 - Disables Enemy Movement. Targeted Circle AOE
Level 1: Lv30 req + Lv5 秋之咒語/ 2 SP
Disables Enemy Movement for 15 sec (5 sec against player and lowered accuracy). 55 sec CD
Each rank increases skill duration by 1.5 seconds. Can be raised to 5 without scrolls.

Skill Set 2: 傀儡控制

Page 1
These are all pet buffs. They affect all nearby pets in the party and will stack with buffs from pet sounds. As far as I can tell, they only work on regular pets.

傀儡延年術 Puppet Prolong Life - Increases Pets' Max HP
Level 1: No Level req. / 2 SP
Pet Max HP +150 +8%. Lasts 330 sec. 30 sec CD. Uses 2 frogs

傀儡經脈術 Puppet Frog Force - Increases Pets' Physical Attack
Level 1: Lv14 req. / 2 SP
Pet P.Atk +22 +12%. Lasts 195 sec. 30 sec CD. Uses 2 frogs

傀儡任脈術 Puppet Yin Frog - Increases Pets' Magical Attack
Level 1: Lv15 req. / 2 SP
Pet M.Atk +22 +12%, Lasts 195 sec. 30 sec CD. Uses 2 frogs
Rank 2 adds 2 +2% M.Atk and extends duration by 30 seconds.

傀儡徵兆 Puppet Premonition - Increases Pets' Evasion and Attack Speed
Level 1: Lv16 req. / 2 SP
Pet Eva +8, Aspd +1. Lasts 330 sec. 30 sec CD.
Rank 2 adds +3 Evasion and extends duration by 30 seconds.

傀儡清明 Puppet Spring Cleaning - Increases Pets' Standing MP Regeneration
Level 1: Lv17 req. / 2 SP
Pet Standing MP Regeneration +2 per 5s. Lasts 330 sec. 30 sec CD.
Rank 2 adds +1 Standing MP Regeneration and extends duration by 30 seconds.

Page 2
These buff both the elemental attack and defense of pets. At Level 1 they add +15 element for 330 sec. CD is 30 Sec. The first one is available at 31 and the subsequent ones become available from 32-35. As magic skills have pre-set elements, a Ruby will presumably not get much from the elemental attack part of the buff- a Rock should get the most benefit from these buffs. 2 SP each

傀儡金訣 Puppet Metal Spirits - Boosts Metal Defense and Attack of Pets (+15 at Level 1, estimated +5 per rank)
傀儡木訣 Puppet Wood Spirits - Boosts Wood Defense and Attack of Pets (+15 at Level 1, estimated +5 per rank)
傀儡水訣 Puppet Water Spirits - Boosts Water Defense and Attack of Pets (+15 at Level 1, estimated +5 per rank)
傀儡火訣 Puppet Fire Spirits - Boosts Fire Defense and Attack of Pets (+15 at Level 1, estimated +5 per rank)
傀儡土訣 Puppet Earth Spirits - Boosts Earth Defense and Attack of Pets (+15 at Level 1, estimated +5 per rank)

Please note: As these buffs do not remove the existing element of the pet, which is apparently higher than 15, 1 rank in these skills is not sufficient to override a pet's base element. However, it is enough to increase the base element of a pet with the same element. They do not stack with the elemental buffs from merchant pet snacks, and in my tests whichever I used last overwrote the first.

E.g. Say you used the rank 1 of the Wood Spirits on your Rock Pet. This would do nothing, as the Rock has an inherent earth element of higher than 15. I am not sure what the base elemental value of a pet is, but I guess it it's at least 20, so I speculate that you would need rank 3 or higher of this skill to actually change the element of a pet. Further investigation is needed to determine the actual base elemental values of a pet.

Another example. Say you used the rank 1 of the Earth Spirits on your Rock Pet. This would add +15 earth to its base element, and would strengthen its Earth Element attack and defense, increasing its Physical damage and Defense against water elemented mobs, attacks and skills.

Passive Set: 天師知識 Sorcerer Skills

These have no level requirements; you only need SP to add points to these skills.

仙風道骨 - Increases Magical Skill Damage
Level 1: no level req. / 3 SP
Lv2-10: no level req. / 2 SP
Increases Magical Skill Damage by 2% per level in the skill. 1/2 effect on other jobs.

天靈之氣 - Increases Maximum MP
Level 1-10: no level req. / 3 SP
Increases Maximum MP by 10% per level in the skill. 1/2 effect on other jobs.

Life Quests

All three of the 20, 30 and 40 life quests are now available.

Level 20 Life Quest

1. Travel to Swan Lake Basin to meet with 鳳於月 (x216 y161) and speak with him. Accept to take up his request (you can't be in a party to do this for some reason) and he will ask you to find some materials to help him undertake a spell. Receive one 天靈符術材料單.

2. You need to collect materials for this from certain mobs, as denoted on the material list you were given. This can be done while in a team.
Kill Noddy Stones (Placid Plain), King-Size Kuku Eggs (Phoenix Tower) and Hulu Bamboos (Placid Plain/Giantwood Forest) to obtain 20 each of the required materials. These do not drop at 100% rate and sometimes you can go several kills without receiving a drop.

3. After obtaining all of the materials, travel to Copperhorn Mountain and find 姬霜 (x297 y326). She doesn't have the other thing that you need (a 砂岩蟲外皮 Sandstone Insect Skin), so she gives you a 鳴符青蛙 Homing Frog to use to search it out yourself. You can use this frog as an item and it will croak based on how close you are to the 砂岩蟲外皮 Sandstone Insect Skin you are. This is basically hot and cold again (like the bigbeam dungeon quest).

4. You can find the skin at roughly x663 y517 in Copperhorn, not far from the portal to Placid Plains. After obtaining it, I am not sure if you need to visit 姬霜 (x297 y326) again, but you can do it anyways just to be safe.

5. After talking to her (or not, if it was not actually neccessary), return to Swan Lake Basin and revisit 鳳於月 (x216 y161). After speaking with him, the quest is complete.

Reward:200 Fame, Lv23 Wand Recipe and a 天師之泉 Sorcerer Spring

Level 30 Life Quest
I used some information from this guide in this quest guide (mostly names).

1. Travel to Swan Lake Basin once again to meet with 鳳於月 (x216 y161) one more time- He is ready to test out his new spell. When you are prepared and not in a team (there will be an instanced fight) accept his request and you will go into a cutscene to see the results of his attempt.
2. After his spell backfires, you will end up in an instanced fight against 3 mobs that look like Little Eyes (named 癌穢生, 窒刑道、and 屍葬驅 - LV30 Metal Shamans), which are attacking 鳳於月. You should have no trouble taking out these mobs, so just nuke them down and prevent them from killing him. He can't be hit by your skills so feel free to use whatever you want.
3. He suffered injury in the battle and has otherwordly poison going into his wound which threatens his heart or something; so he gives you a prescription of materials you need to collect.
4. You must collect materials for the prescription (10 each) from Withered Wisewoods (Giantwood), Man-Eating Zombies (Nept), and Ivy Spirits (Grassgreen), as recorded on the 鳳靈丹材料單 that he gives you. The Ivy Spirits in Pandora's Box didn't work for me.
5. After gathering all the materials, you need to once again travel to Copperhorn Mountain and find 姬霜 (x297 y326). After talking to her, and after a short wait (very short), she will make the 鳳靈丹 Phoenix Spirit Pill you need.
6. With the pill, return to 鳳於月 (x216 y161) in Swan Lake Basin. Speak to him and he will take the pill and be healed, and you have completed this LQ.
Reward: 300 Fame, a 天師之泉 Sorcerer Spring and the 符師 title.

Level 40 Life Quest

1. Travel to Swan Lake Basin yet again to meet with 鳳於月 (x216 y161). Receive an Invitation.
2. From here this LQ is the *mostly* same as any other Level 40 LQ- You must go to Collington and see the cutscene there, then kill the 5 elemental rats and return. The caveat is that the elemental rats have had a huge stat upgrade and have much higher attack, defenses, hp etc. If you are doing this quest at 40 or close to, do not take these rats lightly. At 41 in normal 40 robes I was taking damage of 250s-300s and hitting for much less than my normal spell damage even after debuff. The earth rat was hitting me for damage upwards of 450.
Reward: 300 Fame, a 天師之泉 Sorcerer Spring, a Fiery Cloud Wand, A Fiery Cloud Wand Recipe, 6 Dreamstones and the 方士 title.
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Re: 天師 AKA Heavenly Master / Sorcerer Information (WIP)

Post by aerliyana »

I will update this as I get more information, but this is where I am getting recipes (no guarantee that these monsters are the sole givers of the recipes, of course, as it could be/probably is completely random):

秋之咒語 - Earth AOE
  • Level 11: Bandit Thug
漫天霜雪 - Reduce M.ATK Debuff
  • Level 7: Female Stonefish
初秋之蔓 - Movement Disable
  • Level 6: Female Bird of Paradise
傀儡清明 - Pet Spring Cleaning
  • Level 6: Stubborn Stone
傀儡水訣 - Pet Water Spirit
  • Level 6: Crimson Glob
傀儡金訣 - Pet Metal Spirit
  • Level 6: Bandit Thug
Feel free to update, too. :D
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Re: 天師 AKA Sorcerer Information (Updated 2/10)

Post by OmgSoySauce »

Some recipe data -- All collected on Suba domo.

Fox Cub (Giantwood)
[*] Lv 6 Puppet Premonition

White Monkey
[*] Lv 12 Blackthorn's Curse
[*] Lv 6 Puppet Fire Spirits (I think 6)

Cruel Kid or Kind Kid (Not Sure)
[*] Lv 7 Puppet Frog Force
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