HK Domo Content Update History

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HK Domo Content Update History

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This listing doesn't include seasonal patches, only the major content releases listed in the patch notes on their site. There may have been some omissions in their notes, as for example they never mentioned Garnet Godwin's Lair, but they definitely have it. They already had a lot of the systems not mentioned here at release time, such as daily events, title systems, marriage and achievements.


Open Beta Begins.


Level Cap: 55
Jobs: Dancer
Maps: Foggy Forest, Blakatoa Peak
Other: Foggy Forest and Blakatoa Peak Title Quests and T2 Instances, Arena


Level Cap: 60
Jobs: Merchant
Systems: Equipment Mod and Upgrade Systems, */** Boss System
Raids: Tigerman Lair
Instances: Guild Instance: Protect The Darkdale Mines, T3 Quests: Protect Emperor Gang, Protect the Governor's Son, Master Scholar
Quests: Treasure Directions (Loop Quest), Advertising for the Troupe (Loop Quest), Road Run Qualification Race (Loop Quest), Transport First Aid Supplies (Loop Quest)


Maps: Bigbeam, Bigbeam City
Quests: Bigbeam Quests
Other: Drop rate of gemstones for mod/upgrade system lowered.


Level Cap: 65
Jobs: Witch Doctor
Raids: Crossbone Blademaster's Lair, Tricksy Tortoise's Lair
Instances: King Bonefish, Wizard Wisewood
Quests: Print Quests for Crossbone and Turtle Prints
Systems: Pet Mount System, Pet Equipment System, Equipment Downgrade System, Daily Instances
Maps: Dragon's Den


Systems: Black Market (Part 1), Pet Flying System, Costume Modification System
Maps: Copperhorn Dreamscape
Instances: T3 Quest: Ancient Dragon's Den Expedition
Quests: Big and Little Recycling Brothers (Dragon's Den Title Quest), Jewelry Merchant's Side Job (Loop Quest), World's Second Best Swordsman (Loop Quest)


Level Cap: 70
Systems: Guild War System, High Level Alchemy, Spirit Pearl System, XP Card System
Maps: Mount Babel
Raids: Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's Lair, Black Widow's Lair, (Garnet Godwin's Lair?)
Instances: T3 Quest: Chess Master
Quests: High Level Alchemy Qualification, Jimmy and Widow Print Quests, Old Curio Seeker (Loop Quest), Learning How to Cook (Loop Quest), Harry Hare (Mt Babel)(Title Quest), Jenny (Title Quest)


Systems: Fireworks Boss Summoning System, Arena titles(second part unlocked)
Maps: Sneaky Peak


Level Cap: 75
Systems: Black Market (Part 2), Relevel System
Maps: Mirror Academy
Instances: Shadow Sprite
Quests: Mirror Academy Quests


Maps: Northern Turtle Tower
Instances: Turtle Tower Instance
Quests: Turtle Tower Quests


Maps: Southern Vermillion Bird Tower
Instances: Bird Tower Instance
Quests: Bird Tower Quests


Maps: Western Tiger Tower
Instances: Tiger Tower Instance
Quests: Tiger Tower Title Quest


Maps: Eastern Dragon Tower
Instances: Dragon Tower Instance
Quests: Dragon Tower Title Quest, Confusion Dance Part 1
Other: Fixed an issue with Magical Big Packs, Added Tier 5 selections to Trader Girl, Fixed rewards given by certain arena titles.


Raids: Xuanwu Lair
Systems: Unlocked Field Marshal and God of War arena titles.

Apparently they never got the later patches with the additional 2 lairs, Sorcrerer, Bigbeam Dungeon, Hot Springs, etc. Since the last patch listed here, all they have gotten are seasonal patches.
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