High Level Skill Scroll Information

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High Level Skill Scroll Information

Post by Leirosa »

Normally, once you hit 70, a skill is maxed, and you can't get it any higher. However, Softstar added a new set of items to further extend the skill rank of skills that would normally be available up to a few levels higher, mostly with level requirement reduced to 70.

How to Obtain

These scrolls are mainly obtained through items called '技能書卷抽獎券' (Skill Scroll Lottery Ticket), of which there are at least 10 at current. These are obtained from within various lucky bags, or combined by putting together a lot of skill scroll fragments (I think you need like 60 of these). The fragments are also from lucky bags iirc. A few scrolls are also available at Trader Girl, in exchange for large amounts of Red Diamonds.

Players will sell these scrolls in stalls for various prices depending on the general demand and usefulness of the scroll. They can range from like 10 million down to like 20k depending on the skill usefulness and the desperation of the seller.

Here's an example of one scroll; this is the Joan's Jive Lv12 scroll. All of these scrolls use the same icon of a blue scroll. If it looks like a piece of paper, it's not one of these scrolls (it's probably a Sorcerer scroll recipe in that case).


Name Format: 【Lv#Skill Name】 書卷

How to know if a scroll exists, and if it does, can you even use it?

The easiest way to tell if a scroll exists for your skill is to check your 'next level' skill information for skills that maxed out at 70. However, you must be using the Chinese magic file to do this.


The words in red which I have squared off in green are what you are looking for. This is what tells you that the skill requires a scroll to upgrade it to the next level. Also take care to see that the 等級需求:70, for some of these skills will still need a higher level to use them, even if they need a scroll. The obvious downside of this system is that even if you reach 75, you will still need these scrolls to unlock the higher skill ranks. I believe that some of the skills with higher level requirements aren't in game yet, eg the Scorching Scroll upgrade scroll requires Lv73, and I have never seen it.

Keep in mind that these scrolls only UNLOCK the skill level, you still need to have free skill points to actually get the skill.

At this time, these skills can only be upgraded by a single rank.

When subbing these skills on lower level jobs, the game takes the original level requirement of the skill (eg 71) when it calculates whether your damage or duration is penaltied or not. If you don't understand what i am talking about, you can read this article about the Sub Job Level Penalty (on Frost's forum).
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Re: High Level Skill Scroll Information

Post by Leirosa »

Incomplete Source Listing. There are 8 of these 技能書卷抽獎券 in total, but I don't have listings available for all of them, and only incomplete listings for the first 4. If you get one of these, please screenshot before opening.

<技能書卷抽獎券> (from 新春福袋)
【Lv16嗜血蠱】書卷 Bloodthirsty Bug
【Lv11毒霧】書卷 Poison Fog
【Lv11體力回復曲】書卷 Soothing Serenade
【Lv16突刺】書卷 Stabbing Strike
【Lv10背水】書卷 All-out Assault
【Lv11熊崩】書卷 Grizzling Bear
【Lv11狼嚎】書卷 Howling Wolf
【Lv16集靈】書卷 Mystic Mantra
【Lv11驚螫】書卷 Swarm
【Lv16毒液】書卷 Liquid Venom
【Lv12強刃斷筋】書卷 Pressure Point Strike
【Lv9以血償還】書卷 Blood Money
【Lv16牛猛】書卷 Menacing Moo
【Lv9花棍舞】書卷 Staff Dance
【Lv11雜念訣】書卷 Chant of Impure Thoughts

<技能書卷抽獎券(二)> (from 龍騰福袋)
【Lv16連珠箭】書卷 Additive Arrow
【Lv16調整呼吸】書卷 Control Breathing
【Lv16蛇影】書卷 Hair-raising Hiss
【Lv13血氣轉換】書卷 Cataclysmic Converter
【Lv11食魂蠱】書卷 Souleating Bug
【Lv16飛燕扇】書卷 Flying Swallow Fandango
【Lv11小滿】書卷 Tidal Torrent
【Lv11精神復甦曲】書卷 Song of Sereneity
【Lv16強梟斬】 Owl Slash

<技能書卷抽獎券(三)> (from 機甲福袋)
【Lv16大河之舞】書卷 River Rhumba
【Lv11龍吟】書卷 Dragon's Call
【Lv8春分】書卷 Blackthorn
【Lv9錢多壓死人】書卷 Bankeruption
【Lv11督脈打通】書卷 Yin Frog
【Lv12譏笑】書卷 Taunt
【Lv11寵物高亢曲】書卷 Cheery Tune
【Lv12潛刺移】書卷 Stealthy Stab
【Lv16開門見山】書卷 Looming Mountain
【Lv9奪白刃】書卷 Smash and Grab
【Lv8種植傀儡蠱】書卷 Plant Skill Bug

<技能書卷抽獎券(四)> (from 寵愛福袋)
【Lv16爆震】書卷 Seismic Shudder
【Lv16袖箭】書卷 Bolt from the Blouse
【Lv16荷葉扇】書卷 Extractor Fan
【Lv11落雷符】書卷 Lightning Runes
【Lv9鞭棍頂】書卷 Staff Whip
【Lv15狂襲】書卷 Berserker Blow
【Lv10鋒矢陣】書卷 Arrow Formation
【Lv16緩毒】書卷 Stalling Poison
【Lv13製作金錢盾】書卷 Make Coin Shield
【Lv8煞鳴祕符】書卷 Secret Charm of Shrieking Demons
【Lv12傳魂小調】書卷 Transfusion Tune
【Lv12大暑】書卷 Deep Heat
【Lv11活靈術】書卷 Inner Magic
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