TheSmurf's DoMO FAQ

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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TheSmurf's DoMO FAQ

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NOTE: Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: TheSmurf
TheSmurf wrote:This thread is meant to cover a lot of the questions that most new people might have. I see a lot of the same questions being asked both in game and on the forums quite regularly, so I hope to cover some of them here. Note that this isn't meant to be a comprehensive, in-depth guide, just a starting point for miscellaneous questions and answers that I've picked up along the way...

General Questions:

Is there shame to admit that you're a newbie?
Of course not. We were all newbies at one stage or another (Except me. I'm made out of awesome :P ), so never feel silly or stupid just because you're new. And if someone gives you a hard time about it, don't fret. Just leave them alone and they'll get bored of it eventually. Maybe. If not, then give them some good ol' newbie logic and make their brain explode. Works every time :wink:

What is this red line between another player and I?
There are a few different names for it, but it's generally called a Love Line. Remember that section you filled in when you created your character such as your zodiac sign and birthdate? This line points to another player who is a compatible match to what you filled in. They're not nescissarily your 'true love'... They could be a 'relative' or a 'rival' as well.

How/When do I fly?
When you reach level 15, talk to Randy Charleston near the Planetarium in Eversun City. He'll give you the quest that will enable you to fly once you've completed it.

I can fly now, but how do I land?
Take a look on your map. See those blue V things? That's called a Landing Pad. When you look at them, you should see a huge pillar of light stretching from the sky to the ground. To land, simply fly into one and click the 'Land' button, which will pop up just above your chat box.

Where's the Flying Fairy?
She moves around a lot and is never in the same place for long, so it's hard to pinpoint her location at any given time. But if you float around above the Dojo, Bank or Drugstore in Eversun City, it won't be too long before she flies by. And if you don't know what she looks like, don't worry. You can't miss her ;)

How to I become [this] job?
Talk to the Career's Advisor in the Dojo. He'll tell you who to talk to and a general vicinity of where to go to become a certain class. Further enquiries should be directed in the relevant sub-forum for your specific class questions.

Where is the Reset Master?
If you're level 15 or below, you can reset your attribute and skill points by talking to the Naturally-Gifted Man in the Dojo.

What are relationships, and what's the point on having a relationship?
There are three kinds of relationships; Friends, Teacher/Disciple, and Lovers. The higher your relationship is with someone, the more benefits you get, such as extra abilities and special attacks.

How do I get into the Inn's Basement?
First, you need to complete the set of quests for the Mysterious Prophet standing outside the Inn by the main road. After that, you should have access to the Basement.
(the northern-most portal in the Inn)

How do I get into the Well?
First, look around and talk to Valencia who is just outside the well. She'll give you a letter to talk to Nanny Shine who is outside the Boutique. Complete the quest for Nanny Shine, return to Valencia and you should then be able to enter the Well.

Where's the Man-Eating Spider?
It has two spawn points. The most common is at the very end of the passageway under the well, past the Pearly Tadpoles near the underground tree. The second spawn point is in the room just past where the Copper Croaker spawns in the little alcove next to the water. They only spawn once every hour in each location, so you better be quick.

How do I upgrade my weapon?
First, make sure that the weapon you want to upgrade is not equipped. Open your skills window (Ctrl-x or click the menu button) and go to the Everyday Skills tab. Click on the Weapon button to upgrade your weapon.
Note that when you upgrade your weapon, it adds 5 levels to the level requirement. So if you upgraded a lvl1 Pocket Knife (level requirement of 10) to a lvl2 Pocket Knife, it would then have a level requirement of level 15.

Why does everyone look like they're still wearing Citizen clothes?
It's an options thing. First, open your Options Menu (Ctrl-n or click the menu button) and navigate to the Image tab. Make sure that the Show Equipment option is unticked. Then you'll be able to see what everyone else is wearing.

How do I 'turn off' people in town?
By pressing Ctrl-p you can effectively not display anyone walking around on the map. NPCs, mobs, and stalls still appear though, as do your party members. You can however customise what is visible and what isn't by changing the settings in the Other 2 tab in your options menu. Useful for people with slower computers.

How do I become a Dancer/Tao Magician/Merchant class?
Unfortunaly, these classes aren't available in the game at the moment. Dancers should be back in the game in the near future though, but so far there isn't any word on when the other classes will become available.

How do I get a pet?
You can buy pet token from Cash Shop via the Official Aeria Games website or purchase/trade from a player.

How do I take a screenshot?
You can take a screenshot by pressing the Prnt Scrn (Print Screen) key on your keyboard. To take better shots by hiding the menu's and interfaces, press the Scroll Lock key to take a more scenic image.
The screenshots should automatically be saved in the ScreenShot folder in the location where you installed the game
(usually C:\Program Files\AeriaGames\DOMO\ScreenShot )

What is, and what are the Super Combo combinations?
See the coloured gems on your combo bar when you use a combo attack? Well then use your combo's in a certain order and you can pull off a Super Combo!
They are:
(R=Red; G=Green; Y=Yellow; B=Blue)

How do I make a guild?
You need 40,000 Gold, and a party of 6 people (including yourself), that are level 20 or higher. Once you've met those requirements, speak with the Guild Master in Collington to form your guild.
Note that the leader of the party will be the leader of the guild.

I can't log in because it registers my ID as still active for some reason. What can I do about this?
Try looking in This thread. It's designed for people have just this problem.

How do I make a bank account?
Go to the bank, and talk to the teller. The first time, you will be able to set your 6 digit pin. Enjoy!

Are there any advantages or disavantages to what race you choose?
No, races are purely a cosmetic choice and have no real effect on your stats, skills, or class choices.

How can I talk in-game?
Press the Enter key to enter chat mode. Type your message and press Enter again to talk.

Item Questions:

How do get [item]?
The more commonly asked about items are below:

You need to Mine for 20 Quartz Sand in the Mines in Eversun South. Once you've done that, you can take them to a refiner and turn your sand into glass.

You need to Herd for 20 Chicken Feathers in the Pasture in Eversun North. Once you've done that, you can take them to a refiner and turn your feathers into down.

Apple Lumber:
You need to Harvest for 20 Apple Wood in the Forestry Area in Eversun South. Once you've done that, you can take them to a refiner and turn your wood into lumber.

Animal Fat:
The Baby Kuku Eggs just north or south of Eversun drop Animal Fat.

What are Dreamstones used for?
Dreamstones are used to level up your relationship with someone.
(See the entry above for more on Relationships)

What are those long wood looking backpack things that people are wearing, and where can I get one?
Those are called Encyclopedia's. Their proper function is to show that you know a little about the game and are able to providle help for new players, especially those wearing a Greenhorn Flag. But some people just wear them because they like how they look.
You can get them by talking to the Eversun Prophet outside the Dojo.
(And yes, I personally do tend to have an Encyclopedia equipped at most times for both reasons :P )

How do I use the onyx items?
(Needs elaboration)

How do I get Dreamstone Powder?
You can purchase Dreamstone Powder from the Item Mall. For 149AP you recieve a stack of ten powders.

Title Questionss

How do I get the [x] title?
I've had some questions in-game about certain titles, so here's how to get a few.

Please Add Me To Your Team:
Team Mamber Wanted:
Talk to the Team Guide in Eversunm outside the Dojo and listen to his tutorial to acquire these titles

Eversun Hero:
Complete all the quests for the Eversun Guide when you get to Eversun City to acquire this title

Country Bumpkin:
Purchase the Greenhorn Flag for full price in the Summoning Pool (which is where you meet King Collins) to acquire this title

Bully Hero:
Complete all the quests for the Eversun Guide and hand in more than 100 Pupu Bones, Kuku Feathers, and Bow-Wow Bones to acquire this title

Well Hero:
Complete the quests for the Watchman in the Well to acquire this title

Swan Lake Hero:
Complete the quests for Sarah at the Swan Lake Basin to acquire this title

DarkDale Hero
Complete the quests for the Darkdale Destroyer to acquire this title

More to be added. Note that I don't have all the titles so far, so your input here is most welcome :)

The Options Menu:
it was asked about in the forums, and it's a useful thing to have. So here it is;

Control Menu

adjust for pinyin
Pinyin = Latin Alphabet used to produce Standard Mandarin language
How that effects the current way the game works... got me >.>

Camera Modes
Camera Mode 1 fixes the height of the camera, meaning you can only turn the camera side to side.

Camera Mode 2 gives you a small amount of variation on the height of the camera.

Camera Free Mode lets you have the most freedom with the camera, being able to go lower than your character etc.

The two logout options should be obvious but...
Logout after Collection - when using an item to perform one of the citizen collection skills (forestry, herding, mining, fishing, meditating, farming), once all the tools you have prepared to use for the collection have broken from reaching 0 durability, your character will log off.

Logout after stall-keeping - when you run out of items for sale in your stall, your character will log out. Making a player run stall can be found in the Skill menu under the Everyday Skills tab.

Click once to attack
When checked, this means you click on a monster and will begin to attack it. When unchecked, you can click on a monster, roll over the box that appears with it's name - and look at its information (level, job, elements) without being forced to walk up to it. Unchecked is helpful for ranged jobs since generally they don't actually intend to melee.

Decrease distance of attack or magic
The bar determines how close you will automatically move in order to use a skill or click to attack a monster from a distance away. If the bar were to be all the way to the right, you would be standing in the center of the monster's targetting circle before ceasing movement. I am uncertain of the activate when target moves checkbox is for as I always have that unchecked.

Record messages
Message logs can be found in this folder:
The logs are organized by date. Trade requests are on a separate .txt file from System messages and main chat window.
Message logs from the messenger are kept separate by player.

Not much to explain here. This is simply a listing of all the keyboard shortcuts. They can't be changed unfortunately. If you have a question regarding any of these, look them over and ask what doesn't make sense.

Other 1 Menu

Social Skills
The check boxes here limit what windows appear during gameplay. Players are able to initiate trade requests, friend requests, team requests, duel requests, and guild invite requests only based on what boxes you have checked in this list. If something is unchecked, you automatically decline these actions.

Reveal name
You've probably noticed that some people walk around with not only their name, but a pinkish text and yellow text above it. This window allows you to limit which of these you see. Title refers to the pinkish text. Guild refers to the yellow text. "Don't Show" reverses the effects of what you have checked off. If you had Name and Guild checked off but had title unchecked, Don't Show would make you only see their title. Rolling over a character will still let you at least see their name.

Other 2 Menu

Show Channel
There are 4 types of general chat channels (whispers are only 1 player to 1 other player). General Chat is the gray text. Broadcast which is used most often is the orange text. Team is the green text you will see only when a team of up to 6 players. Guild is the yellow text you will only see when you've been invited into a guild. Unchecking these boxes will prevent you from seeing these channels. At present, there may still be a bug when trying to talk in a channel that you have disabled, so be careful not to or you could crash out of the game.

Hide my character
In the shortcut menu, you will see this shortcut listed:
CTRL+P : Hide players (Switch by pressing CTRL+P)
This option menu controls how this shortcut reacts.
Player refers to other player's characters.
Collection refers to people performing the actions of Farming, Fishing, Forestry, Herding, Meditation, Mining, or running a Stall.
Monster refers to the monsters you go around killing.
Pet refers to the special monsters that people can raise with a percentage of the experience that they gain (whether this option applies to eggsploiters [mirror captured monsters] I am unsure).

Unchecked will let you view these categories of objects while under the effects of the "hide players" shortcut. You actually could set this so that you can see players and not see anything else (despite the name "hide players").

Other 3 Menu

Show HP Bars for
This simply allows you to see HP bars over the heads of the listed categories. Unchecked, this will only show their name as normal.

Show magic message
Monsters will use skills on you. You will use skills on monsters. This will show the messages from the skills (damage, fail or success, etc) in the system message area of the chat box.


Here's some useful links for some more in-depth guides:
Balmung05's Mega FAQ
Tee's Alchemy Guide
Alchemy Recipe Locations
Weapon Recipe Locations
iriestor's Item Drop list
Xelescence's Pet Information Compilation
InanimateObject's Guide to Setting Sub-Skills
Relationships Wiki
BerryTiny's Indepth Alchemy/Collection Guide

Angi's Note: Relationships Wiki broken because domocamp is packed up camp and moved. Left there for reminiscence's sake


Well that's all I can think of at this present point in time. Mind you it's just after 5:20am for me at the moment and I haven't slept yet, so I may be a little lacklustre in my explainations.

But if anyone wants to contribute and provide some of your own questions and/or answers, or elaborate or correct on any information I gave above, then by all means go for it. I'll try to keep this updated as often as possible

Also, thanks to Oddlogic for the sticky :wink:

- Smurfed

Now that I'm awake, I've gone through and corrected any errors, typo's, and a few grammatical errors.

Added some title information.

Added some links

Added the Options section. Big thumbs up to Haledire for this :mrgreen:

Added some more content too. Thanks to Junk, Slots, EmporerAreku, Magini, Tee, DiggFusion, and all the others for their input 8)

Reached 20 edits. Go me :lol:

Added a few months worth of updates since I took a little unplanned hiatus. I might think about returning now that the Fencer is available. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see...

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