InanimateObject's Guide to Setting Sub-Skills

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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InanimateObject's Guide to Setting Sub-Skills

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NOTE: Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: InanimateObject
InanimateObject wrote:Ohai! So, I hear questions about how to set secondary skills a lot, and there didn't seem to be a How-To guide for it on the forums, so I figured I would pitch in and make one. If there's already a guide for this and I just missed it, please do let me know. ^^
(Click the images to enlarge the screenshots.)

For some basic information, here's a nice quote from Balmug05's DoMo Mega FAQ.
balmung05 wrote: In DOMO you can also combine your different profession skills.
Take in mind that the job you first choose in the profession
selection screen will be the main, this will be the only profession
that will gain exp.
Once you've decided the main class you want to use (you can change it
any time by the career advisor npc) you will be in the sub-class menu.
Each character can equip 2 varieties of active skills, 2 varieties of passive
skills, and 1 type of counter skills (not yet available in the game).
This means you can use a main job and 5 different slots (which can be 5 different jobs) to improve your character experience.
Take in mind that for another character to use other job skills you previously need it to be learned. Also some
skills will need an special type of equipment in order to be casted.
You can equip special types of equipment from other classes if you
have learned (and equipped) the lvl 30 passive for that equipment.
The combinations are just up for your tastes and decisions which
means your character have your own unique combination!
To be able to use sub-skills, you must have more than one job qualification. The skills you learn on one job can be subbed for another, but keep in mind that you can only level the skills for a job while using it as your main job.

Section 1: Who to Talk to.
Go to the Dojo and talk to either the Careers Advisor or the Naturally Gifted Man. If speaking to the Careers Advisor, choose the Job Change option. If speaking to the Naturally Gifted Man, the option is Change Skills. If you're above level 15 the N.G.M. will take you to the skill set screen automatically.

(If you talk to the Careers Advisor, note that you'll need to change jobs before he'll let you set your secondary skills. My guide goes through the steps to switch skills using the Careers Advisor, but setting them with the Naturally Gifted Man works in the same way.)

Section 2: The Job Skill Screen
After changing jobs with the Career Advisor, (or speaking with the Naturally Gifted Man) you'll be taken to the Job Skill Screen.

The box on the left tells you your main job, shows your main job skills, and beneath those, are white boxes under the heading of Secondary Skills.

The box on the right has a drop-down box, where you can choose any of the jobs that you have the qualifications for, and a space beneath that to show which skill sets those jobs have.

Section 3: Setting Secondary Skills
After selecting a job from the drop-down box on the right, the skill sets of that job class with come up. (In the example, the job chosen is Doctor, and the skill sets are Medical Treatment, Croakus Pocus, and Medical Knowledge.)

To set the skills, simply drag the skill set you want from the box on the right to the empty white slots in the box on the left. The icons on the skill sets need to match up. So, to use Medical Treatment which has a sword icon, you need to put it into a matching slot to with a sword icon, while Medical Knowledge would need to go into a slot with a shield icon.

You can place any skill sets you wish into the slots, so you can have Doctor sub-skills while having another set of sub-skills. (Example: Musician with Doctor skill-sets of Medical Knowledge and Medical Treatment and Thief skill-set of Sneak Attack).

Once you're satisfied with the skill sets you've selected, just press confirm in the bottom right corner, and ta-dah! You now have secondary skills that you can use along with your main job skills.

(Thanks to yale for which option to pick at the Naturally Gifted Man.)

If you notice any incorrect information in my post, or any other sorts of errors, mistakes, etc. I would very much appreciate it if you let me know. If you have a suggestion on how I could make this better, or how I could explain something more clearly, that would be lovely. ^^

Thanks for reading, and hope this helps!
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