Xelescence's [=*=] Pet Information Compilation [=*=]

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on TWDomo.com before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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Xelescence's [=*=] Pet Information Compilation [=*=]

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NOTE: Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: Xelescence

How Do You Get a Pet?
Pet Quest Status: Not In Yet
or Pet Token: http://domo.aeriagames.com/itemmall/pets

How Do You Get a SE/Different Colored Pet?
At this time, you may ONLY receive SE pets via Cash Shop Special Chests, or Cash Shop/Item Mall Promotions, Raffles, Events... etc. The Token Randomization system is NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
Also See - Bottom of this first post.

(Now that That's out of the way...)



Final Form Succubus (Front and Left) and Cactus (Top Right)
More Cactus Evo 3 pictures Here and Here
more Succubus Evo 3 Peeks Here and Here.

Close Up Evo3 Rock Egg Pictures
Close Up Evo3 Sapphire Egg Pictures
Close Up Evo3 Ruby Egg Pictures
Close Up Evo3 Metal Egg Pictures
Close Up Evo3 Jade Egg Pictures
Close Up Evo3 Love Egg Pictures

Note: "True Form" = 61+ NOT 80.

^*^*^*^*LOOK HERE^*^*^*^**LOOK HERE^*^*^*^LOOK HERE^*^*^*^


=Disclaimer= notice how i put a (54*) on the Boar... thats because my information stopped at that point.
I was unable to find lvl 60 stats for the boar, so lvl 54 will have to make do.
its worth noting that at lvl 54, it still has the most Atk Power over the other lvl 60 pets.
[Yes... this lil grid is mine. ALL mine... rawr. more ** means better, more // means worse]

Wood - Cactus

Lv6 - Deals wood damage to target
Lv11 - Special skill, Confirmed to be a Taunt
Lv18 - Lower target's defense
Lv25 - Increase self flee rate for 10% for 20 seconds
Lv36 - Deals wood damage to target

Fire - Cat

Lv6 - Deals fire damage to a single target
Lv11 - Special skill, Confirmed to be a Taunt
Lv18 - Deals non-elemental damage to a single target
Lv25 - Deals fire damage to a single target
Lv36 - Deals earth damage to a single target

Earth - Boar

Lv6 - Deals physical damage to target
Lv11 - Special skill, uncorfirmed taunt/soother
Lv18 - For 2 minutes, sacrifices 5% of physical and magical defense for attack speed
Lv25 - For 2 minutes, uses 6% HP to increase physical attack by 30%
Lv36 - Deals physical damage to target

Metal - Bear

Lv6 - Deals metal damage to target
Lv11 - Special skill, Confirmed to be a Taunt
Lv18 - For 60 seconds, sacrifices 20% physical attack to increase physical defense by 20%
Lv25 - For 50 seconds, increase physical attack by 10%
Lv36 - Deals damage to target and stops it from moving for the next 20 seconds

Water - SeaSerpent

Lv6 - Deals water damage to target
Lv11 - Special skill, confirmed to be a Taunt see note [=*=]
Lv18 - For 30 seconds, increases magic attack by 10%
Lv25 - For 10 seconds, causes target to not be able to do physical attacks (seems like it prevents skills from being used)
Lv36 - Deals water damage to target

Non-elemental - Succubus

Lv6 - Deals non-elemental damage to target
Lv11 - Special skill, confirmed to be a Taunt
Lv18 - For 35 seconds, decreases target's attack and attack speed by 30%
Lv25 - For 30 seconds, increases owner's physical AND magical attack by 7%
Lv36 - For 30 seconds, +6 to owner's MP regeneration

Rakaija wrote:The Cecil's Special Skill is a skill called "Sucking Vortex" which gives the user back mp gained from the monsters around it. Specifics on this mp isn't clear, but my friend noted that she got back almost 10% on her MA. Also note that you must be within the "leeching range", which is 5 levels, for it to work for you.
Credit Goes to Leah
Xelescence The Editor wrote:(stacking odds against this "feature" show that it's a taunt. perhaps in another version? but for Aeria DoMO, at this time: it's a taunt, nothing more.)
Pet Leveling

Its an Egg... Its pathetically Weak... How do you level it up?

Set Exp Share in the Pet Menu to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the exp you'd other wise get (via parties, or yourself soloing)

If the pet Solos a monster:
That monster's level difference with the pet is taken into account.
so the pet soloing mobs 8 levels lower than it won't give much exp,
just as you wont get much exp (if any) if you did that.

if set to 100%, the pet gains all the exp it has earned from soloing.
if set to 0%, all that exp is then transfered to you, IF it's within the party level limit. (5 levels different in this case, 5 levels above and 5 levels below)
your lvl 15 pet isnt gonna give a lvl 25 any exp, regardless of set % and mob.

Interestingly: the Party Level Limit doesn't seem to work in the other way.
You can kill lvl 30 mobs with your lvl 30 char, and level up the pet from 1 to 30.

EXP YOU'D normally get (via party share or self) will all go to pet unhindered. (except for the %share setting)
But the EXP that the PET gets is limited to the level range.

Pet Skills

So You Right Click your Pet... and you see 6 commands...

Special Skill

Attack - Attack is what it sounds. Usefully enough, selecting Attack doesn't
send it to attack whatever it is you have selected. Instead: you must click Select an enemy.

Alert - Pet will now Attack whatever it is you will attack (via melee,
you can keep your pet from fighting when it's in alert mode by using skills only)
Under alert, the Pet (if it has no other target, aka yours) will defend you from other mobs.
It'll target whichever mob hit you first after it's "Target" is lost.

Follow - Tells your pet to follow you. not sure if it cancels Alert mode.

Special Skill - As an Egg, it'll take a nap and recover hp (and mp?)
Once Evolved, it appears to be a taunt. (confirmed with cactus)
-=Testing for other pets would be appreciated=-

Stay - effectively the "Stop" button.. Stops Alert mode, stays put.

Recycle - unsummon.

If you Use and Eggsploiter (you can have both pet and eggsploiter out)
the Special Skill of EggSploiter is a short term power boost that kills the "sploit"
cannot be recycled.
AND, if you order one to Attack, or Alert, or Stay, or Follow... Both listen.
no way to distinguish them at this time.

In the Pet Main Menu (you can simplify it with the restore icon in the top right)
in the Expanded Main Menu - Order - brings out 4 Pet commands.
Pet Returns
Pet Stays
Pet Follows
Pet Attacks

these are the same as their respective "recycle" "stay" "follow" "attack"
commands that you'd get if you right clicked pet or eggsploiter

[***] You Can Also Drag these "Orders" into your Hotkeys for a Macro!
[[you can also drag directly from the Right Click Pet menu.]]

Attack = /petatk
Follow = /petfollow
Stay = /petidle
Return = /petret


Special = /petspecial
Alert = /petguard


You got it to Level 10... its still an Egg.. it won't Level Up anymore...
The Egg has Maxed out and must break out of it's shell to continue to grow.
Buy an Evolution Stone from the Pet Shop, and Evolve the Pet in Question.

(Next Evolve at lvl 40 and lvl 60)
Asamidori wrote:the level cap is 40 for the current pets, since the "second tier" evolution stones are not in.
linrevil wrote:i noticed upon examining the japanese domo cash shop. Aparently the level 40 and 60 evolutionary items MAY be cash shop only.
Pet Equipment

At this time... i think it's a Mount item (likely to be cash shop as well)
and with it, you'll be able to ride your pets, as seen in the pictures.
You Can Not Ride "Love/Lily/Non-elemental" and "Jade/Cactus/Wood"

Trading the Pet(s)

In the Trade Window, you automatically start with the inventory.
underneath all that should be 2 more tabs in a sort of vertically minimized fashion.
Pets x ----
Gold x ------

Click Pets... and... choose the pet(s) you want to send over.

Renaming the Pet(s)
Asamidori wrote:there's a cash shop item in other versions called a Name Tag and you use that to rename your pet.
Different Colored/Skinned SPECIAL EDITION Pets
Asamidori wrote:When the variations are implemented, you have to turn the capsule machine the same you did for the normal pet, but instead of just getting basic colors there's a chance of you getting the color variation.

Since the three color variation will be split between the three towns in the game, so when all variations are implemented, in each town's capsule machine, you will have 1/12 chance of getting what you wanted, instead of the current 1/6.
The Above Token Chance has NOT been Implemented Yet

So... if you got the pet already... no. you won't be able to change skins.
it's a whole different pet with a complete name change, even if the polygons, stats, and skills are shared.



Jap Wiki Translated


Personal Experience and Speculation - Please Forgive any Errors.


I Hope This Compilation is Helpful to Those Who Want To
Learn More About Pets In General, As Opposed To Trying To Find Their
Own Information Or Digging Through The 8 Pages In The "Pets" Thread.
If It's All Here In One Spot It Should Be Easier For All Of You.

**Extra Note: This is a Free Publication, and Use of this Compiled information
Is hereby allowed on any and all sites involved with Dream of Mirror Online.**

citing me is optional as I don't particularly mind not getting credit for this. however... its famous and linked enough that should you be caught copying and stealing the information... you might have some trouble ;) so better safe than sorry, make sure to quote me.

I'll be trying to keep this as updated as possible.

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