balmung05's DoMO Mega-FAQ

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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balmung05's DoMO Mega-FAQ

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NOTE: Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: balmung05
balmung05 wrote:Hi everyone! Ill be updating this F.A.Q. I made on a weekly base, any suggestion and material is welcome and youll get credit for it. Take in mind theres a lot of work for me to do in it since theres some sections that are pretty much copy-paste from other domos and needs lots of grammar fixes. Also my section probably will have some typos because my english is pretty poor =x.
Anyways this F.A.Q. will not include things such as how to do quests info, or monster info or builds, that information can be found in our gameplay section and was already wrote by other players.
This F.A.Q. was made with the intention to get everyone informed about the different aspects in DOMO.


F.A.Q. Notes:
Current version: 1.0.0
Last update: 11/04/07
Currently in development: -Adding Images to the current F.A.Q.
-Correcting all my -horrible- typos.
-Locations/monsters section.
-Elements system/elemental effects.
Future Development: -Item Mall section.
-Pet system section.
I-Welcome to DOMO
II-Way to contact us.
III-General DOMO introduction.
IV-Introduction to races.
V-Introduction to Professions.
VI-Introduction to stats and sub-class system.
VII-Introduction to crafting & harvesting system.
VIII-Introduction to guild system & flying system.

Section I
Welcome to Dream of Mirror Online
Welcome to the amazing world of Dream of Mirror Online,
this simple f.a.q. will introduce you to the general and
main features of the amazing mirror world.
In order to start playing first you need to create
an aeria games account. Getting one is simple, fast and free!
You can get your own account here:
REMEMBER!:Never share your info with anyone. GMS/GS/MODS will
never request your account info, so if someone does dont give it.
Once youre done you need to download the game, the mirrors to get
it are listed in this link:
Next you need to check if your pc can support it, the system
specs for domo are:
Once you got your own aeria account and the game installed
youre ready to play! Enjoy the Mirror World!
Section II
Ways to contact us
[A]In-game contact.
Theres currently 2 ways of contact the GMS in-game:
-First way is trough the GM channel in the chat bar,
once you setted up your chat to the GM channel everything
you say will be read by our GMS.
IMPORTANT:Use this chat only with IMPORTANT issues, do not
use it if you need gameplay help, if you need gameplay support
please whisp a GS. Do not repeat messages and be patient.
Do not use this channel to chat.
-The other way is only used if your char is stuck. If you char
is stuck or bugged in a map go into the options menu and press
the contact GM button if youre stuck. ONLY use this if your char
is really stuck. Improper use of this resource can derivate
in a temporal (or permanent) block of your account.
Other ways of contact .
-Trough the web page contact system wich you can access from here:
Be sure to give all the details possible, this will make the work
easier and faster to solve your problem or answer your suggestion.
Be sure to be respectful, and dont spamm/abuse this service.
-Trough PM:You can send pms (private messages) to any member
of aeria community, youre free to pm any of the staff members for
help, be sure to be respectful always. Also forum PM is a fast
way to contact a Game Sage if you need help with the game.
Section III
General DOMO Introduction
Finally you made your first steps into the amazing world of mirror!
First of all, you will need to log-in and create a character.
The options available on the character creation are:
Gender: Male/female
Race: Human/Shura/Sylph/Sprite
Body: Hair(and colour)/Face/Head/Chest/Body/Arms/Legs

Also you will have to choose chinese zodiac sign and birth date.
After youre done setting your char you will be requested to imput
a delete char pass, be totally sure you will remember this pass,
also try to not make them easy to guess (example:123, asdasd, etc).

During character configurations, the abilities chosen by players will become a specific set of data, the system will use the data to arrange daily "luck for combat", "luck for work", and "luck for love" based on the lunar calendar

The chinese zodiac sign will determine your "destiny".
The destiny system in DOMO was created specially for role players,
based on your character zodiac sign another player can be:
Neutral:90% of the players will be this to you. This players
doesnt have any special relationship with your character.
Destiny lover:This chars will be identified with a pink/red line,
by destiny one of this persons is your real love.
Relatives:This chars can be considered part of your family or real
friends, this is the 2nd most common type of relation between chars.
Real Love:This is the hardest type of destiny relationship to find.
This chars are destiny lovers that you accept on your friend list
and will be identified with a bigger heart than normal lovers.
Rivals:This characters are destined to competite with you.

How to identify each type of relationship:
Neutral:No lines in-game/no symbols in your msn.
Destiny lover:Pink line appears between your character and it.
Relatives:A gold ring appears at the side of their nick on msn.
Real lovers:A big red heart appears at the side of their nicks on msn.
Rivals:A red sword appears at the side of their nicks on msn.

However, how do player characters build and improve the mentioned relationships in the game? In "Dream of Mirror Online", you can't develop relationships just by talking! The players have to use the "dream stones" acquired by completing each phase of missions to bind special relationships

In Chinese society, human relationships means everything. With the above three character relationships, as long as the characters meet certain criteria, they can launch various special skills. For example, the "contiguous attacks" launched by friends under oath and the "joint attacks" launched by lovers.
Like the real world, you have to work on relationships to enhance them. In "Dream of Mirror Online", the player characters with special relationships have to team up for monster combat or completing special missions in order to build their trust. Once you get stronger trust, the relationship become closer. Then the characters are able to develop more special advanced skills!

Once In-game you will like to customize the game controls and
systems to adapt to your favorite game experience.

Lets see a little the options available:

WASD/Point and click movement:By default the movement will be
set to WASD, by unmarking it point and click will be setted.
Also if you keep pressed the left button of the mouse in point
and click mode, the movement will be automatic to the place the
cursor marks until you unpress it.

Show/Hide equipment: By default the chars will use generic equips,
by unmarking the "show equipment" option you will be able to see
everyone real equip.

Music/SFX: You can lower/mute/maximise your music and effects
volume from here.

Shortcuts: All the game hotkeys are listed in this option, tough
-and at least for now- you cant modify them.

Graphic interface: You can enace your graphics with a lot of options
DOMO provides. Some of them are: window/fullscreen, resolution,
cellshading/no-cellshading, shadows, water effect, glow. Feel free
to experiment and check what fits more your tastes.

Other interesting option is that you can set the personal shops
to show as expending machines or each char individual shop.

Chat options: You can add/remove chats from the chat options.
Just unmark the chats you dont want to see/read.

General text: You can add/remove text such as guild names, players
names, pets name, monsters names, etc from this option just
unmark the texts you dont want to see/read.

Once youre done setting your options you will be ready to start the

You will start in the starter village were you will learn the
story of your race and why you were called to the world of mirror.
Be sure to complete all the tasks and quest you have here available.

Once youre done learning the basic in the starter town you will end
in eversun city, be sure to talk to the king (queen) that awaits
you in the summoning pool, be aware that the answer you give her
will affect your gameplay, though what it affects is a secret
of the chasm king ;p.

In eversun theres a lot of building, be sure to talk to the Eversun
guide in order to obtain useful items and quests.

The shops and buildings in eversun (and with slight differences
in the other citys too) are this:

Ironmonger:In this place you can refine materials and repair
equipment and weapon.
Outfiter: You will be able to buy main parts of equipment (top/pants)
Accesory shop: You will be able to buy seconday parts of equipment
here (gloves/hat/boots)
armsdealer: You will be able to buy weapons here.
Jobseeker: In this building you can receive information about
quests for your level aslong guild quests. Also you can improve
the packages you can carry.
Drugstore: General potions/casting materials can be bought here.
Dojo: You can change your class, configurate your subclass and
reallocate stats here.
Pet store: You can buy pet items aslong get a random pet from
the machine located here (pet coin requiered)
Bank: You can deposit money and/or items here.
Inn: You can adquiere time-effect food here.

Also eversun is the starter point for most of the chain quests
and class-changes.

On your first time here explores all the posibilitys eversun has
for you!

Section IV
Introduction of Races
Probably you already saw this on out main site but is always
good to have it included in the F.A.Q. :]
This are the races you currently can find in DOMO:

Courageous and well traveled, make new friends easily
The characteristics that best represent the Human race are its diversity and balanced capabilities. In other words, they are ordinary; jack of all trades, master of none. However, a proverb says, "Greatness exists in the most inconspicuous and overlooked details." So, while most Humans may be ordinary, really great men & women rise from the ranks to become extraordinary. With huge potential, the Human race is accomplished in every field. They tend to follow the trends, focus on their similarities, but often forget that no two individuals are the same. This is why the human race is the most ironic of the four races.
With balanced, even performance in all attributes, the Human is suitable for all occupations.
Humans reside in Changyang City. It is a traditional Chinese city. The huge Zhang Heng seismograph in the city is a familiar tourist spot that first time visitors must not miss.

Fierce power, seductive allure... how will you use that power?
The Shura race is an ethnic group based on the "Tocharian" in ancient Chinese myth. Shura place emphasis on power. Because of this, male Shura look ferocious and female Shura look seductive. The Shura race tends to solve disputes with disputes. Adopting an-eye-for-an-eye mentality may be a drawback, but it can be an efficient way to solve problems.
Since Shura is an aggressive race, they tend to focus on power and love fighting; they surrender to greater powers as well. A long time ago, the Shura race nearly wiped itself out because they so loved conflict. But then, a Human defeated all top Shura fighters. Under the rule that the strongest gets to lead, the Human stopped the Shura race from killing each other. That Human beings also established the monster buster sword school.
The Shura value power and strength; they are therefore very suitable for front line occupations. The Shura mainly reside in the industrial and mining center, the **** Night Valley. There are various mining and welding zones in the valley, making it a prosperous industrial center

On a never ending journey to knowledge and wisdom
The gentle Sylph tend to seek and apply their wisdom. They emphasize knowledge and skills and don't use violence. They are handsom and have an elegant appearence, and are proud of it. However, their lack of emphasis on exercise means that they perform poorly in situations that call for body strength. Also, the usually arrogant Sylph are sometimes hard to please.
With great wisdom and the emphasis on knowledge and wisdom, there are many accomplished people in this race. But as is often the case with those who are arrogant, the Sylph do not care much for others. The Sylph population is small and most reside in remote areas. Since the Sylph value wisdom and spiritual energy but have weak bodies, they are more suitable for backup occupations.

Live a new life; the power of angels in a form of a child
In the Kunlun Mirror world, Sprites were originally created to help the Twelve Mirror Kings. Because they are small and cute, the mirror kings also allow visitors to adopt the form of Sprites. However, Sprites tend to be perfectionists. And although everyone likes the Sprite, this perfectionism sometimes causes others headaches.
Sprites are small and quick. They are modest and dedicated to serving people. Like kids in other races, they are not particularly good at combat, but they excel in many non-combat related tasks.
The Sprites place emphasis being nimble, and they and possesses many life skills. They have better luck as well. Sprites are therefore suitable for assistant type occupations. Sprites don't have main residential areas like other races. Rather, they are scattered throughout the towns of other races, like the gypsies or nomads.

Section V
Introduction of Proffesions.
Here you will be able to have a basic sneak of what each current
proffesion in DOMO does (just Includes current available proffesions)

Blademaster wear heavy armor in battle and carry larger swords. Movement and attack speeds are slowed because of the bulky gear. However, what they lack in speed, they make up for in power. Blademasters focus on sword skills that cause heavy damage.
In order to defeat enemies as quickly as possible, Blademasters are willing to put their lives on the line. They usually cause astonishing numbers of casualties and therefore play the role of front-line attackers

They are usually retired soldiers who fight again for money. After long military training, they are good at armed battle using dagger-axes and tomahawks and know how to utilize armor efficiently. They are the most hard-core soldiers. The mercenaries attack with the widest hand-to-hand fighting distance. They can attack multiple enemies at the same time and use armor to fend off attacks as well.
Although they don't have extraordinary attacking powers, the drill training and heavy armor usually help them become the last survivors.

Martial Artist
The Martial Artists fights with their limbs, pursuing the goal of developing extreme physical potential. Without the protection of armor, they can move and dodge faster. The Martial Artists are good at close distance fighting, they use Qigong to assist in combat and enhance their body strength. Sometimes they fight with weapons like boxing gloves.
The special training of the Martial Artists allows them to hang on longer before dying than other occupations and to wait for help.

To common civilians, the Wizards are special professionals who provide services to secure their homes. Except for exorcising and busting ghosts, the Wizardss can perform special magical attacks beyond natural powers by burning charm papers and using spells. The destructive power of their magic is huge and direct.
When the Wizards perform their magic, they need to use charm papers as the medium. They can also turn their vitalities into magic powers during crisis to achieve more attacks
note: In our version charm papers are called "Scrolls" and can be bought in the drugstore or achieved from monsters.

The hunters have long resided in the wild. They use bows as weapons and are good at tracking animals and skilled at hiding their scent. The hunters know all about various creatures, they can improve success chances of the deadly attacks by applying their knowledge on animals' weakness.
If good hunters constantly train their mind to concentrate, they are able to become the legendary perfect and precise hitters.

The thieves are a group of criminals that people hate. They are very skillful thieves and hard to stop. In addition to human beings, the thieves can even steal from animals or monsters.
They mainly use easy-to-hide daggers as weapons and are good at disguise and hiding. The thieves can also move very promptly

The Shaman occupation observes natural Feng Shui, distinguishes the yin and yang of nature and the operations of natural calendars. They can guide different Qi from the earth and change the regional climates in specific areas. The Shaman can even bring destruction and create negative influence on their targets. They can also enhance their peers' recovering abilities by using the Qi from the ground.
Besides, the Shaman can convert the Qi of five elements on their peers or monsters to change the odds as well.

The doctors have great knowledge about herbs and healing techniques. Based on their understandings of human bodies and medicines, they can treat others directly.
The doctors constantly study about medicines and look for new medicine solutions. They use frogs most often as the medicine ingredient to enhance the teams' long-lasting combat powers.

The musician plays a special role in the team. They usually don't fight directly but play music with instruments to improve the teams' and pets' abilities and combat powers. The musicians' musical performance can't be interrupted in order to maintain the improvements on the teams' and pets' capabilities

Section VI
Introduction to stats and sub-class system
Theres 6 stats that can be raised in DOMO, each profession has individual
stats, this means that the stat changes you do in one of your proffessions
will not affect the others stats.
The stats and their functions are:

Strength: Increase Attack.
Physique: Increase max HP, HP recovery, defense, magic defense, and block rate.
Wisdom: Increase max MP, MP recovery, magic attack, and magic defense.
Agility: Increase evasion, magic evasion, and magic speed; decrease cooling time.
Dexterity: Increase accuracy, magic attack, magic accuracy, and critical hit rate.
Durability: Increases defense

In DOMO you can also combine your different proffesion skills.
Take in mind that the job you first choose in the proffesion
selection screen will be the main, this will be the only proffesion
that will gain exp.
Once you decided the main class you want to use (you can change it
any time by the career advisor npc) you will be in the sub-class menu.
Each char can equip 2 varietys of active skills 2 varietys of passive
skills and 1 type of counter skills (not yet available in the game).
This means you can use a main job and 5 diff slots (wich can be 5 diff jobs)
to improve your character experience. Take in mind that for another char
to use other job skill you previously need it to be learned, also some
skills will need an special type of equip in order to be casted.
You can equip special types of equip from other classes if you
have learned (and equiped) the lvl 30 passive for that equip.
The combinations are just up for your tastes and decisions wich
means your character have your own unique combination!

Section VII
Introduction to crafting & harvesting system
Alchemy 101
We have mentioned that after Common People have upgraded to level 7, they can go back to the Job Broker and approach Worker NO.1 to receive the qualification for alchemy 101 missions. The Worker NO.1 will ask players to acquire free trial coupons for collecting missions at this time. After the players have acquired red Fragment, the Worker NO.1 will ask them to submit the fragment they collect to the refiner at the Blacksmith Shop for refinement. Only the items generated from refining can be used as alchemy materials. After the players bring refined red powders to the Worker NO.1, they can get the Recipe of Minor Potion of Invigoration. However, the recipe ingredients do not just simply consist of the red powder! The players have to collect the seawater and raw ginger at the fishing platform in northern Changyang and farms. They will generate the salt and slices of gingers through refinement as well. After the players have collected the three basic items and refined them to become materials for alchemy, they can press the skill button on the menu to launch selections for life skills and choose alchemy to open new windows.
When selecting the props in the new windows, the players can choose to open the alchemy windows after the Minor Potion of Invigoration selections come up. Put the refined mushrooms, slices of ginger and salt in the alchemy ingredients column, and then click alchemize; after a while you will get the Minor Potion of Invigoration!

Collecting areas, items to be collected, tools
for collecting and the refinement NPCs.
In the real world, everything is made from raw materials; this applies to the Dream of Mirror Online as well! In the world of the game, equipment is made from 7 basic categories of raw materials. Except for the items acquired from monster killing, other items of the 6 categories can be collected by six kinds of collecting life skills. The players use the 6 "Meditation", "Farming", "Pasturing", "Fishing", "Mining", and "Lumbering" skills respectively to access the 6 categories of materials. As long as the players enter the collecting areas, the collecting icons will show up beneath the character icons. Just click one the icons, you can then choose appropriate tools for collecting. After the refinement, those materials will become the ingredients for the alchemy.
The players will develop fundamental knowledge to the alchemy process after they have done with the alchemy. However, the alchemy of equipment, weapons or props usually require more than 2-3 kinds of collected items as ingredients, if the players choose to complete the collecting independently, they might have to spend a lot of time online.
For example, the threshold for collecting skills of level 1-10 is low; collecting the lower level items is therefore not too difficult for everyone. However, skill upgrades after the level 10 is not an easy job. We strongly advise you to ask friends or look for regular partners to cooperate, each working on collecting one life skill. This saves more time and electrical power than playing the game with several characters simultaneous. Because of sufficient supply, not only can the players produce equipment easier, but they also can manufacture equipment with better quality to use or sell to other players.

Six Major Life skills.

The collecting skill that the new players might encounter in the beginning that is most possible is the "meditation". The reason is that the four corners of Changyang city are meditation collecting areas. The meditation is also the first skill that the game suggests the players to practice for collecting in the beginning. Common People under level 9 can approach the "Worker NO.1" in front of the Job Broker to request free collecting trial coupons. You can exchange with the NPCs that sell incense sticks in the four temples for collecting tools and start the process for trial collecting.

The Dream of Mirror Online certainly offers the Fishing skill you commonly encounter in general online games. Catching fish or fishing does not necessarily happen with fishes. In the current set up, the players can only catch seawater, sea grass or conches in the beginning.

The Pasturing zone is located not far away from the northern Changyang. It is an interesting collecting skill. What's cute about it is that you can see small animals everywhere in the farm. Except for the funny fact that the players can easily collect chicken feathers and pigskin from the sheep they feed, the feathers or pig oil produced here are two of the most required raw materials of many equipment. Therefore Pasturing is one of most important life skills the players who emphasize armor equipment, especially light weight ones, must consider practicing.

Always there is nothing more important than food. The Dream of Mirror Online featuring Eastern mythology certainly offers the "Farming" skill. The Farming zone is very close to the Pasturing area on the map, therefore they are closely related on the material access. What's different is that the Pasturing materials are often used by armor equipment, whereas the Farming produces supplemental food. The players who like Chinese supplemental food definitely can't give up the essential life skill.

By definition, the Lumbering skill that also is common in general online games is the skill to acquire all types of wood. The woods you encounter in the game, such as mahogany and sweetgum, can be accessed using the skill. Although the Lumbering zone is not yet shown on the map of southern Changyang, the players can hang around at the upper right corner of southern Changyang. As long as the reminder of "enter Lumbering zone" comes up, the players can start to collect the wood after they have the necessary tools. They can purchase the tools from the nearby NPCs. Since the Lumbering zone is the closest collecting area near the city, after the players are packed with collected woods, they can go back to the Changyang city and ask the refiner in the hardware store to help them with refinement.

You can collect relevant minerals through mining. Those minerals are important materials for weapon alchemy or equipment production. The mining is an essential collecting life skill. However, the mining area is a bit far from Changyang city, it might be dangerous to go there without qualifications! Just access the map of southern Changyang, you can see the clearly marked mining areas. Just approach the nearby NPCs to purchase hacks, after entering the mining zone, you can then start the collecting by clicking on the mining icons.

Convert the raw materials into the ingredients for production – the refinement
All the raw materials must be submitted to the refiners or their disciples for refinement in the unit of 20. Currently there are refinement disciples offering free services for players at any time in the 6 collecting areas opened to public. However, since they are just disciples, they don't usually produce quality refined materials. If you want quality materials, we suggest you be diligent and go back to the Changyang city hardware store for helps from the refiners. But of course the refiners' services will charge you for some Dream of Mirror Online currency.
However, the "refiners" fail sometimes; they don't guarantee excellent qualities of all materials. The materials after their refinement have 5 categories – "Excellent", "Good", "Fair", "Poor", and "Bad", just like the items you acquire from monster killing. The refiners do have greater success possibilities in refining materials with qualities better than "fair". After you get the refined materials, we suggest you to keep only the "Excellent" and "Good" items for alchemy or sell to other players. You can consider selling the "fair" quality materials to players who need them or using the materials for practicing alchemy. Since the "poor" and "bad" quality materials have minor chances of success in alchemy, we suggest you selling them to the stores to save time and energy!
With the "Excellent" and "Good" ingredients for alchemy, not only you have higher chances of success in alchemy, the refined products are also usually "Excellent" or "Good". Those items have greater capabilities than the "fair" quality items you can buy at stores. The "fair" quality materials produce items with qualities worse than "fair" very easily, which we don't suggest you to use as the equipment materials in an emergency.

Acquire alchemy recipes
After the players have acquired raw materials and refined them, the next will be alchemizing necessary weapons, equipment, or items. When the players start and explore the game, they will definitely encounter porcelain bottles everywhere. Move the mouse cursor over those bottles to reveal the symbols for NPC conversations. That's right! Those beautiful blue porcelain bottles or pots are where the "alchemy recipes" are stored. As long as you meet the alchemy bottles' qualifications, you can learn and acquire the "alchemy recipes” for the item. Just open the life skill windows and then click on the "alchemy" skill; you can open the alchemy window. Drag the previous prepared materials to the appropriate positions to start the alchemy, after a while you will have the alchemized item!
The alchemy process is fast and simple. However, there are certainly times it will fail and come up with fog. But the alchemy process is basically relatively easy for players so that they don't need to worry about the difficulties. Except for learning by exploring everywhere, the players must qualify for the items' alchemy level in order to learn; otherwise the alchemy bottles won't let you start the process!

Section VIII
Introduction to guild system & flying system
Flying System
The flying system is one of the most distinguishing systems in Dream of Mirror Online. The players may launch the flying features to cross various geographic barriers and perform free sky diving

The Dream of Mirror Online flying system is operated based on the sword-flying skills in Chinese legends. The players can use all types of weapons, such as the sword, saber, rod, stick, and even dancing fan, they are all flying equipments the players can ride on. All flying equipment has its own features with various speeds. The players can also constantly accumulate flying experience in order to ride higher-level flying equipment and improve their flying speeds.
Other than help the players to achieve the flying dream, the flying system is also a way by which the players move. With various zones like the flying islands that will be available in the future, the players have to equip with flying skills in order to get to those specific locations and explore more about the game.

-Who can fly?
Any occupation is able to fly

-How to fly?
The characters must upgrade to certain levels.
Must pass the missions directed by the "flight evaluators".
Must have weapons that can fly.

-What do you need to know during flights?
Different weapons have different flying features.

-The endurance value of weapons will be deducted during flying.
The flights accumulate flying experience.

-You can departure anywhere but can only land at designated locations.
After you run out of the endurance value during flying, you will be forced to land and retransmitted to the starting point.

-What are the benefits from upgrading the flying skills?
You can reduce less endurance value.
You can land on special zones.

-The flying system tips
Not every weapon is able to fly.
Some weapons' flying features can only be launched after being upgraded to certain levels

Guild System
The Dream of Mirror Online guild system is a unique one specially designed for players. It allows the players to establish highly close groups with their friends in the game and achieve the mutual goals together.
When the players have successfully established the guilds, The guild system will also add new private guild chat channels, dedicated guild missions and warehouses. In the future, there might be special occupations created for the guild system, therefore the guilds will be the biggest challenges of the game for players.

What is a guild?
A group consists of adventure companions with mutual goals in the game

How to establish a guild?
1.Team up with 6 people who "don't belong to any guild with the level higher than 20".
2. The guild is established after a player submits the fees and set up correct guild names. The player whom is the leader of team will also be the leader for that guild, and other team members will be the committee members.

What do you need to know about establishing guilds?
1.Except for a leader, each guild also has few staffs such committee members and branch leaders to assist the guild management.
2. After completing guild missions or defeating leading monsters, you will acquire guild popularity. After the guild's popularity meets the criteria for guild upgrade, you can increase the guild level.
3. The daily guild members online will affect the popularity of the guild.

What benefits do you get from establishing guilds?
1.Own private guild chat channels.
2.Dedicated guild missions, you will get rare equipment from completing part of the missions.
3. The guild can continue the adventure in private spaces without interruptions from outsiders during the treasure hunting trainings.
4. There will be features like guild cabinets and warehouses in the future.

The guild system tips
1.Each server has the maximum number of limitations of the guilds.
2. The higher the guild level, the more members the guild can have.
3. With the guild branch configurations, you can establish some branches based on members' expertise and work on different missions.
4. When the leader wants to leave the guild, the system will choose the successive leader automatically. If there is no appropriate candidate, the guild will be dismissed automatically.
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