Confusion Dance Quest Guide

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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Confusion Dance Quest Guide

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NOTE: Taken from here and here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author for Part 1: Kieutie
Author for Part 2: DarkRavenger
lvl recommendation: 25-30+ bring aoes & friends! 8)

17 free inventory spaces for awards as well as the following items:
+20 wobbly jellies [globs in well or townhall]
+20 liquid rubbers [zombies in townhall]
+10 vine whips [rats in townhall]
+10 spider threads [zombies in farrell crypt]
+20 pacifiers [tadpoles in well]
+20 embroidered handkerchiefs [king-size kukuu mamas in phoenix tower]
+20 bear wood carvings [casks in inn]
+20 winged coronets [pupu president corpse in inn/moths in copperhorn mountain]
+10 burial bands [pupu president corpse]
+10 ancient copper coins [casks]
+20 chicken stocks [divine kuku eggs or kuku papa in phoenix tower]
~500 gold~

1] Come see Rona Rohan at the back of the planetarium.
-You will need 20 wobbly jellies and arrive in time around 12 p.m. - 2 p.m. at (185,277) in pandora's platform Eversun South.

2] After you hand the wobbly jellies to the lil brat, she's gonna tell on you to her mom Nina Noah in Placid Plain. (forgot coords) =X
-You will need 20 liquid rubbers.

3] After you rub the liquids onto Nina Noah at (164,288) at around 10 p.m. - 12 a.m., she's gonna ask you to visit her mother at Copperhorn Mountain.
-You will need 10 vine whips & 10 spider threads.

4] Old Crone in Copperhorn at (542,708) will then require you to deliver those vine whips & spider threads to Swan Lake at around 4 a.m. - 6 a.m.

5] Find Old Crome near Neptune Temple at (170,450) in between 4 a.m. - 6 a.m. & hand her the items.

6] After all the ruckus & talks, fly to Ol'Phil at (425,170) in Swan Lake.
-You will need 20 pacifiers.

7] After he sucks on the pacifiers, he's gonna wanna bite you ;o & then you're gonna fight his ghost: lvl 18 thief.

8] Then you are required to head to copperhorn Mountain to look for Ol'Carl at (475,355).
-You will need 20 embroidered handkerchiefs.

9] Again you will need to fight the villager's possessed self: lvl 20 commoner.

10] Then head to south Eversun & look for Ol'James at (474,482).
-You need 20 bear wood carvings.

11] Then again they get weird & you'll be engaged in another combat with a lvl 20 commoner.

12] Now head north Eversun and fly to Ol' Jim at (620,615).
-You Will need 20 winged coronets.

13] And of course...they get all weird with a hissy fit and you have to kick their butt to calm their nerves down :P lvl 20 commoner

14] Now you're gonna head deep into Farrel Crypt and investigate with Ol'Mick at the very end near the portal located around (353,100).
-You will need 10 burial bands & 10 ancient copper coins.

15] And then bam! another battle with three lvl 20 commoners.

~King Collete/Collins will appear after the fight & hand you your rewards: costume box #3, lantern, random onyx, and underwear.


1] Go to Placid Plain and look for Old Man Shaun at (165,470) and aide his poor health.
-You will need 20 chicken stocks.

2] Teleport or walk back to Eversun City and look for Dayne Coyne in Town Hall at (126,195). Give him 500g and report the kidnapping of some girl.

3] Then head all the way back to Swan Lake and FLY to the V pad first then RUN to Citizens' Society Member Rick Reese at (180,158). [non-flying zone]

4] Run over to the Dog King lvl 25 blademaster & whoop his butt.

5] Go over to the ducks and bring them over to the hobo.
+You can only bring over 1 at a time.
+Walk slowly to keep the duck from straying away from you.
+BE CAREFUL. A bunch of DOGS will suddenly appear and attack your duck. I would suggest you bring mock or a strong aggro skill to get the monsters off the lil duckies.

6] Now go over to the Traders' Association at (345,397) and talk to Mr. Marshall

7] Travel to Phoenix Tower and get 20 Itch-Eze by King Size Kuku Eggs and then return it to Mr. Marshall.

8] Go back to the Marshall at (345,397) and fight a bunch of weak Stan's Mercenaries.

9] After that, head to Placid Plain and to face the Foul Beggars Gang at (359,697). Then you're gonna fight four lvl 24 commoners.

10] Run back to Swan Lake and find Rick Reese at (180,158). [non-flying zone]. So you'll have to land at the nearby V pad then run to Rick Reese. Then you'll be fighting a few lvl 25 fencers & lvl 25 blademasters that were trailing you.

~After the fight, you'll receive a random onyx, a Thank You letter, magical box #2, and some experience points.


Experience Points
2 Random Onyxes
Thank You Letter

1 Evilproof Chest [the underwear]
Evilproof Chest originally posted

1 Mysterious Dressing Box #2

1 Mysterious Dressing Box #3

1 Dream Ghost's Lantern

1 Duck Gift Box

~please feel free to give me your suggestions as well as corrections if any of the informations are inaccurate ^^
DarkRavenger wrote:*I'll try and get better screenshots, it's difficult to get clear ones when everyone is storming the NPCs for the quest. (At the time I wasn't thinking about Ctrl+P)*


Mysterious Stone Box (used for holding onyxes)
Dream Ghost Smoke (for the next part of the quest, do not delete)
1 Onyx of Loyalty lvl 25-35 (Max HP 20%)

Level Recommendation: 21-26 (filled with fighting)


Talk to the Doorman Disciple at the Citizens' Society in Eversun City. You'll find him at (268,138). Make sure to have the Thank you letter from the previous Dancer Confusion quest.



Head to Canute Canal in Eversun South. Talk to E. Marshall at (64,116). He will ask you to kill 40 Female Vampire Bats. (located in Canute Canal.)



Head back to the Doorman Disciple at the Citizens' Society in Eversun City. He will then ask you to head on inside, (passed the semi-blocked door) to talk to Ceder. (Note: For Ceder to load, you'll have to run out of range and back in).



Head to Placid Plain and talk to A. Nonymous at (702, 483). He will ask you to collect ingredients by killing Hulu Bamboo, Premier Pupu and Bonkers Bow-Wow Bums. You'll be asked to collect 30 of each ingredient from each of these creatures. (A bag will be placed in your inventory to keep track of how much you've collected from each monster. The bag will also store these items.) All of these monsters can be found in Placid Plain. They are also near A. Nonymous if you look up and down the path.



Flammable Potion - Premier Pupu
Reference to Premier Pupu

Flammable Ink - Hulu Bamboo
Reference to Hulu Bamboo

Flammable Charcoal - Bonkers Bow-Wow Bums
Reference to Bonkers Bow-Wow Bum


Talk to A. Nonymous between 5 pm and 4 am when it's dark. You'll then be drawn into a battle with 4-5 Body Guards (lvl 26).


Report back to Ceder at the Citizens' Society in Eversun City. You can claim your reward here.

Now to wait for the next part of this quest.

Special thanks:

Domo Wiki for reference links
GS BaiHua for pointing out typos XD

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