AscPikaZero's (Armor) Recipe Database

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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AscPikaZero's (Armor) Recipe Database

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NOTE: Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: AscPikaZero
AscPikaZero wrote:Much thanks to DOMOCamp's Wiki for some of these locations, and to everyone who contributed information to this date.

If you have any information not shown here, feel free to contribute. First number is X Coordinate, second is Y.

Update 11/19: I have just added tsutomu's data into this. Thanks, bro!

Update 11/24: Seireikuma's information has been added.

Update 11/25: Pyromancer, you were right. I just raided some Demonic Zombies and I found a Long Spear Recipe amongst them. Thank you.

Update 12/6: gYno was quite the help with his recipe guide. I'll add what I found off his data to this as verified.

Update 12/18: gYno added Baton data to his listings. I'm taking mine out unless he doesn't mind them being in.

Update 12/29: Wow, what a while, eh? Been diving into Phoenix Tower to see some of the stuff.

Update 04/15: A LONG time between updates, I take it. Well, I decided to do something. I'm opening my own alchemy service which I will explain on one of the other forums. Items which are in green I can make. Items which are in red I have but cannot make. Items in black I don't have and thus cannot make. I would like to thank Bull1z3 for picking up where I left off, as raising all your classes can be quite the ordeal.

My only contribution is the one listed here, but for all technical purposes just check gYno's data. Better to use his rightfully as a reference than to jack all the data.
(~~Heavy Armor~~) (Mercenary)
Wooden Helmet (Eversun Well 160/87)
Steel Helmet (Eversun South 169/97)
Black Steel Helmet (Placid Plain 353/715)
Reinforced Steel Helmet (Giantwood Forest 467/468)
Hissing Headgear (Collington 403/447)

Sheffield Steel Helm (Pandora's Grotto 178/74)
Major's Helmet (East Sea Plain 242,234)
Demonic Helmet (Canute Canal II 1F 313/139)
Wooden Armor (Town Hall Basement 383/120)
Bronze Armor (Darkdale 290/284)
Wooden Shoes (Eversun Well 186/219)
Bronze Shoes (Eversun South 212/433)
Black Steel Shoes (Placid Plain 183/458)
Steel Shoes (Giantwood Forest 259, 313)
Snakeskin Shoes (Collington 425/220)

Sheffield Steel Shoes (Pandora's Grotto 218, 196)
Meteoric Shoes (East Sea Plain 159,511)
Demonic Shoes (Canute Canal II 1F 269/358)
Wooden Greaves (Eversun Well 92/146)
Bronze Greaves (Darkdale 275/171)
Wooden Bracers (Eversun Well 222/93)
Bronze Bracers (Eversun South 248/240)
Black Steel Bracers (Placid Plain 69/331)
Steel Bracers (Giantwood Forest 303/502)
Snakeskin Bracers (Collington 526/462)

Sheffield Steel Bracers (Pandora's Grotto 317, 141)
Meteoric Bracers (East Sea Plain 225,382)
Demonic Bracers (Canute Canal II 1F 366/263)
(~~~Light Armor~~~) (Blademaster/Fencer)
Leather Helm (Eversun City 165/87)
Tough Leather Helm (Eversun South 712/233)
Rhino Helm (Placid Plains 413/115)
Iron Helm (Copperhorn Mountain 687/173)
Porcupine Helm (Phoenix Tower 438/231)

Chain Mail Hood (Blakatoa 604/474)
Beastbone Helm (Neptune Temple 110/144)
Roaring Helm (Canute Canal II 1F 71/291)
Leather Jerkin (Eversun North 721/481)
Tough Leather Jerkin (Copperhorn Mountain 466/305)
Leather Boots (Eversun City 278/253)
Reinforced Leather Boots (Eversun South 523/564)
Rhino Boots (Placid Plain 317/335)
Tough Leather Boots (Copperhorn Mountain 694/148)
Porcupine Boots (Phoenix Tower 94/123)

Chain Mail Boots (Blakatoa 592/591)
Beastbone Boots (Neptune Temple 330/101)
Iron Boots (Canute Canal II 1F 102/262)
Leather Chaps (Eversun North 391/443)
Reinforced Leather Chaps (Copperhorn Mountain 175/357)
Cord Wrist Guards (Eversun City 285/127)
Leather Wrist Guards (Eversun South 582/223)
Rhino Wrist Guards (Placid Plain 574/354)
Footsoldier's Wrist Guards (Copperhorn Mountain 209/365)
Porcupine Wrist Guards (Phoenix Tower 251/39)

Chain Mail Wrist Guards (Blakatoa 382/557)
Beastbone Wrist Guards (Neptune Temple 142/252)
Iron Wristguards (Canute Canal II 1F 60/304)
(~~~Clothes~~~) (Commoner/Hunter/Thief/Martial Artist/mERCHANT)
Cotton Cap (Eversun City 232/127)
Karate Cap (Eversun North 287/334)
Feathered Cap (Eversun Well 111/223)
Silk Cap (Darkdale 344/261)
Howling Hat (Canute Canal 139/158)

Night Cap (Grassgreen Square 295/327)
Artisan's Hat (Neptune Temple 66/200)
***** Cap (Emperor Gang Hideout 4F 52/302)
Pearly Panama (Canute Canal II 2F 34/251)
Commoner's Coat (Eversun City 271/199)
Karate Suit (Canute Canal 90/174)
Wooden Slippers (Eversun City 135/329)
Leather Slippers (Eversun North 653/289)
Feather Sandals (Eversun Well 85/280)
Karate Shoes (Darkdale 179/304)
Wolf Walkers (Canute Canal 150/194)

Sneakers (Grassgreen Square 240/474)
Silver Shoes (Swan Lake Basin 155/458)

Stripy Slippers (Emperor Gang Hideout 3F 393/22)
Pearly Slippers (Canute Canal II 2F 63/149)
Peasant Pants (Eversun City 158/219)
Silk Pants (Canute Canal 163/39)
Cotton Gloves (Eversun City 175/248)
Silk Gloves (Eversun North 206/597)
Feather Gloves (Town Hall Basement 470/126)
Scale Gloves (Darkdale 192/131)
Wolfwear Gloves (Canute Canal 55/111)

Kid Gloves (Grassgreen Square 368/193)
Silver Lame Gloves (Neptune Temple 181/177)
Tiger Paws (Emperor Gang Hideout 4F 78/333)
Mollusc Mittens (Canute Canal II 2F 102/236)
(~~~Robes~~~) (Doctor/Shaman/Wizard/wITCH dOCTOR)
Kindling Crown (Eversun North 408/524)
Bronze Crown (Swan Lake Basin 339/133)
Cobra Crown (Farrell Family Crypt B1 273/149)
Rain Hat (Giantwood Forest 259/137)
Jade Crown (Phoenix Tower 129/85)

Floral Wreath (Malachite Caverns 183/130)
Agate Crown (East Sea Plain 401,242)
Violet Crown (Canute Canal II 1F 52/212)
Robe (Eversun South 641/604)
Apprentice's Robe (Farrell Family Crypt B1 319/180)
Straw Sandals (Eversun North 292/140)
Cloth Slippers (Swan Lake Basin 369/285)
Spider Slippers (Farrell Family Crypt B1 339/85)
Ghost Tiger Slippers (Giantwood Forest 319/367)
Steel Clogs (Phoenix Tower 395/47)

Sinister Sandals (Malachite Cavern 78/127)
Slippers of DOOM!!! (East Sea Plain 360,367) (This can't be the actual name...)
Golden Slippers (Canute Canal II 1F 50/149)
Slacks (Eversun North 564/469)
Cotton Slacks (Farrell Family Crypt B1 249/98)
Wooden Bangle (Eversun South 461/102)
Bronze Bangle (Swan Lake 630/523)
Scorpion Bangle (Farrell Family Crypt B1 264/129)
Jade Bangle (Giantwood Forest 138/492)
Fragrant Wood Bangle (Phoenix Tower 265/120)

Coral Bangle (Malachite Cavern 14/191)
Midnight Bangle (East Sea Plain 364,534)
White Jade Bangle (Canute Canal II 1F 199/237)
(~~~Dancer's Costumes~~~) (Musician/dANCER)
Headband (Swan Lake Basin 273/388)
Silk Scarf (Blakatoa 251/403)
Wooden Hairband (Eversun Inn Basement 251/411)
Fine Silk Scarf (Placid Plain 531/559)

Gold-Trimmed Scarf (Collington 438/349)
Halley's Hairband (Grizzly Garrison 455/170)
???? Hat (Longstone Woods 75/257)
Rose Hairband (Emperor Gang Hideout 3F 339/60)
Hazy Headgear (Canute Canal II 2F 125/203)
Dancer's Costume (Swan Lake Basin 320/479)
Cotton Dancer's Costume (Eversun Inn Basement 376/183)
Leather Anklet (Swan Lake Basin 494/232)
Spider Tattoo (Blakatoa 142/431)
Ankle Biter (Eversun Inn Basement 343/269)
Bird Tattoo (Placid Plain 440/493)

Tinklet (Collington 311/421)
Starlight Anklet (Grizzly Garrison 297/164)
???? Shoes (Longstone Woods 186/62)
Pearl Anklet (Emperor Gang Hideout 2F 381/298)
Anklet of Mist (Canute Canal II 2F 158/150)
Stockings (Swan Lake Basin 265/296)
Silk Stockings (Eversun Inn Basement 312/243)
Leather Wristband (Swan Lake Basin 484/120)
Glass Wristband (Blakatoa 117/547)
Shell Wristband (Eversun Inn Basement 350/357)
Iron Wristband (Placid Plain 328/479)

Ringing Wristband (Collington 233/340)
Starlight Wristband (Grizzly Garrison 360/146)
???? Gloves (Longstone Woods 86/112)
Pearl Wristband (Emperor Gang Hideout 3F 452/108)
Mist Band (Canute Canal II 2F 187/245)
Vitamin A Pill (Eversun City 155/241)
Vitamin B Pill (Copperhorn Mountain 276/631)

Vitamin C Pill (East Sea Plain 494,552)
Vitamin D Pill (Canute Canal II 2F 126/183)
Lesser Paretial Powder (Town Hall Basement 413/88)
Lesser Temporal Powder (Giantwood Forest 116/106)
Lesser Occipital Powder (Grassgreen Square 541/493)

Parietal Powder (Canute Canal II 3F 135/66)
Bolstering Broth (Eversun City 176/158)
Stuffed Mushroom (Darkdale 355/323)
Mussel Relaxant (Collington 340/271)

Tempura (Emperor Gang Hideout 1F 234/93)
Healing Potion (Eversun North 426/296)
Ginger Tea (Copperhorn Mountain 156/573)

Energizing Tea (Grassgreen Square 92/458)
Chargrilled Tea (Canute Canal II 1F 50/134)
Junior Vitamin Pill (Worker No. 1 in Eversun City)

Fabian Marshall (Eversun City 177/199)
Peach Wood Sword (2500)
Longblade (2800)
Pocket Knife (2000)
Wooden Wand (1900)
Saline Syringe (1800)
Bottle (2100)
Hatchet (2800)
Wooden Armor (550)
Wooden Greaves (550)
Leather Jerkin (550)
Leather Chaps (550)
Robe (500)
Slacks (500)
Dancer's Costume (500)
Stockings (500)
Commoner's Coat (500)
Peasant Pants (500)
Wicker Shield (550)

Parker Marshall (Eversun Well 220/175)
Wooden Shield (2000)
Apprentice's Robe (1200)
Cotton Slacks (1200)

Peregrine Marshall (Eversun North 549/378)
Karate Suit (1000)
Silk Pants (1000)
Cotton Dancer's Costume (1000)
Silk Stockings (1000)

Hubert Marshall (Swan Lake Basin 343/431)
Bird Blazer (2000)
Plumage Pants (2000)
Flowing Flamencoat (2000)
Lupine Legwear (2000)

Preston Marshall (Eversun South 378/550)
Bronze Armor (1100)
Bronze Greaves (1100)
Tough Leather Jerkin (1050)
Reinforced Leather Chaps (1050)

Perry Marshal (Canute Canal 166/140)
Wolfwear (7000)
Wolf Pants (7000)
Superstar Salsawear (7000)
Celestial Stockings (7000)

Jeffrey Marshal (Darkdale 331/240)
Boxing Gloves (2600)
Bamboo Bow (2800)
Spear (3000)
Silk Jacket (4000)
Karate Pants (4000)
Silk Dancer's Costume (4000)
Cotton Stockings (4000)

Andy Marshall (Placid Plains 448/382)
Black Steel Armor (2200)
Black Steel Greaves (2200)
Rhino Armor (2100)
Rhino Chaps (2100)

Rupert Marshall (Collington 260/364)
Fan (2000)
Banjo (1800)

Eveningwear (10000)
Pajama Bottoms (10000)
Gold-trimmed Dancer's Costume (10000)
Gold-trimmed Stockings (10000)

Ian Marshall (Blakatoa 199/401)
Square Sheild (4000)
Centipede Robe (2500)
Slimy Slacks (2500)

Pippin Marshal (Grassgreen Square 516/481)
Round Sheild (8000)
White Fox's Robe (5000)
White Fox's Slacks (5000)

Lambert Marshall (Giantwood Forest 310/460)
Steel Armor (4500)
Steel Greaves (4500)
Heartstopper (4200)
Tough Leather Chaps (4200)

Henry Marshall (Phoenix Tower 243/226)
Reinforced Wicker Shield (15,000)
Snakeskin Armor (7,700)
Snakeskin Greaves (7,700)
Porcupine Plate (7,500)
Porcupine Chaps (7,500)
Celestial Robe (8,500)
Celestial Slacks (8,500)

Paolo Marshall (Malachite Cavern 194/199)
Sheffield Steel Armor (16500)
Sheffield Steel Greaves (16500)
Beastbone Breastlate (16000)
Beastbone Chaps (16000)

Harry Marshall (East Sea Plain 296,186)
Reinforced Wooden Shield (20,000)
Angel Robe (12,000)
Angelic Slacks (12,000)

Tony Marshall (East Sea Plain 475,546)
Meteorite Armor (11,000)
Meteorite Greaves (11,000)
Chain Mail Vest (10,500)
Chain Mail Chaps (10,500)

Murphy Marshall (Neptune's Temple 1F 260/150)
Wolfy Waltzwear (15,000)
Snow Wolf Stockings (15,000)
Silver Lame Sweater (15,000)
Silver Lame Pants (15,000)

Sable Marshall (Pandora's Grotto 149/234)
Footsoldier's Shield (30,000)
Devil Robe (18,000)
Devil Slacks (18,000)

Abraham Marshall (Canute Canal II 1F 288/303)
Conjurer's Robe (25,000)
Silky Slacks (25,000)
Demonic Armor (27,500)
Demonic Greaves (27,500)
Hedgehog Armor (27,500)
Hedgehog Chaps (27,500)

Hannibal Marshall (Emperor's Gang Hideout 3F 97/364)
Steel Shield (50,000)
Tantalizing Tutu (25,000)
Snazzy Stockings (25,000)
Tiger Togs (25,000)
Tiger Trousers (25,000)

Ernest Marshall (Canute Canal II 2F 229/111)
Mambo Mistcoat (32,000)
Hazy Hosiery (32,000)
Oyster Overcoat (32,000)
Pearl Pants (32,000)

Howard Marshall - Town-God's Temple X:263 Y:211
Ghoulish Gown (32,000)
Spirit Slacks (32,000)

Terence Marshall (Town-God's Temple 395/396)
Buckler (65,000)
Savage Armor (35,200)
Savage Chaps (35,200)

???? Marshall (Blaktoa Volcano (Not Released Yet) 332/216)
(Heavy Armor Lvl 48) Unknown Name (35,200)
(Heavy Armor Lvl 49) Unknown Name (35,200)

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