Triysle's Comprehensive Alchemy Guide

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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Triysle's Comprehensive Alchemy Guide

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NOTE: taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: Triysle
Also...I haven't asked Tee if I could post this here, but I really hope he doesn't mind since the Aeria forum is going to poof ._.; if anyone could ask him, that'd be great /o\
for "Dream of Mirror Online" (DOMO)
by: Tee

- This guide was made for use on the Aeria Games Forums.

- Any other posting of this document or claiming this guide as yours is...well, technically not illegal, but really assinine. Just ask me if you want to use this guide, I don't mind.



1. Introduction
- 1.A - Why learn Alchemy?
- 1.B - Training Tips

2. Recipes
- 2.A - Information
- 2.B - Recipe List Links

3. Conclusion and Credits


1. Introduction

- Alchemy is a crafting technique that takes multiple useless ingredients and combines them to make useful items and equipment. It is a valuable skill to have regardless of your profession and can allow you to help yourself and others. This guide is intended to help you learn about alchemy by providing training tips and reference information in case you are ever stuck and need help.

1.A - Why Learn Alchemy?

- Alchemists are some of the most sought after people in the game. Most of us give our services for free as long as people bring their own materials, or may offer a service charge to use our own. This skill is really the most valuable skill in the game. The other skills are intended to harvest materials that are used for alchemy, so be sure to make friends who are willing to help you out!

- Whenever someone needs new armor or equipment, they will usually seek out an alchemist to make it for them. Our crafted goods are usually higher quality and much cheaper than store-bought items. Beware, though - alchemy can (and will) fail sometimes. Always make sure your client knows this before taking his items!

- There are three factors that determine the success or failure of your alchemy attempts: Your current Alchemy Level, your Provider's Providence rating, and the quality of the materials you use. The bigger the level difference, the more likely you'll make the gear (level 0 is easy with level 20 alchemy, but level 15 is harder ;)). The Provider's Providence is just a matter of timing and luck. The best way to get good quality materials is to go back to the Master Refiner in Ironmongers rather than using an Apprentice.

- In summary, try to do alchemy with a higher level, good luck in Provider's Providence, and high quality materials!

1.B - Training Tips

- There are two skills that you will need to learn about to be an alchemist. One is the citizen skill "Apex of Alchemy." The other is the Everyday skill "Alchemy." Apex raises the maximum level that you can get in the actual Alchemy skill. To increase your Apex level, you must spend your skill points that you earn as a citizen. Everytime you raise it a level, it will take more points to raise it to the next one (3, 6, 12, etc). I recommend only raising your Apex skill when you need to (when you have met the current max level, that is).

- The Alchemy skill can only be raised by actually DOING Alchemy! You must have your Alchemy at a certain level before you can make certain items. Usually, your alchemy level must be at least 10 levels lower than the gear you are making (for example, a level 15 item needs level 5 alchemy to make, level 30 gear requires level 20 alchemy). You will only get experience for successful recipes, and every time you gain an alchemy level it will take more experience to get to the next level.

- The best way I have discovered to level alchemy (with little cost) is to find a recipe that requires only a certain type of low-level material. Go out and harvest that material, refine it, and make the item as much as possible. You can then sell the items you made to an NPC for only a slight loss of gold.

* Example - The Wooden Slipper (level 0) recipe needs 2 apple wood. Go out and buy two grade 0 axes for 1000 gold each, chop lumber overnight, and refine them into 50 apple wood. Now make 25 sets of Wooden Slippers and sell them for 76 gold each. You only lose about 100 gold in the entire process if all the attempts were successful, and you've most likely gained a level or two in your alchemy overnight!

* If you can afford it, you can do a similar technique by meditating and refining red powder, then making junior vitamin pills. You will get double the experience, but it will cost the full amount of the harvesting materials (1000g per Incense)

2. Recipes

- The very core of alchemy is the recipes that we use to craft the items. If you do not have the recipe, you cannot make the item, even if you have the materials for it.

2.A - Information

- You can find recipes in a variety of ways: look for blue pots with a white pattern on them, buy them from a merchant NPC or another player, earn them from certain quests, or use the Thief Skill Pilfer to steal them from monsters. Regardless of how you get them, make sure you get as many recipes as you can, and learn them as soon as you get them!

- When you are hunting for pot recipes on the above ground maps, it's much easier to fly than to walk all over the map. However, if you are in town, some pots are hidden inside buildings, and you can't fly in. Usually walking is just as fast. Lastly, when you are underground, you really don't have a choice!

2.B - Recipe Lists

- Rather than listing all the info here, check out these links to find what you are looking for:

Recipe Lists by Location
- This is a good list if you have not yet collected recipes in a certain map yet. There are pictures of the some of the maps to help you find the exact locations.

Recipe Lists by Type
- This is better for those who already have many recipes, but might be missing a few. You can cross-check your list and find exactly what and where the recipes are that you don't have. It also has information on the various Merchants that sell recipes.

Weapon recipe list
- This is a great guide that shows where each weapon recipe can be found, and what ingredients you need to make them.

3. Conclusion

- I would like to thank you all for reading this guide, and I would like to thank the following people for their contributions: for their GREAT source of Alchemy Recipe Locations
AscPikaZero (Crysta) for letting link the Recipe List by Type
gYnophObia (gYno) for letting me link the awesome weapon recipe list

And of course, a big thanks to Aeria Games and Softstar for hosting and developing a great game, and hosting this guide!

- I am always willing do free alchemy, as of now my alchemy level is 27!

- Check out my Alchemists Guild! Link is in my siggy!

Good luck, my Fellow Alchemists! Happy Hunting!

~ Tee

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