MoonBunnie's Weapon Upgrade Guide

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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MoonBunnie's Weapon Upgrade Guide

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NOTE: Originally taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Original Author: MoonBunnie
Comments by exomega255 and Mythyc remark that Providers Providence has no effect on stats.
MoonBunnie wrote:There were way too many topics popping out about weapon upgrade . So here is the detailed and simple guide!

~ Weapon Upgrade Guide ~

1. Make sure that weapon exp is full and ready for upgrade. You also will recieve system notice that your weapon can be upgraded.

Important! Successful upgrade will rise the level of your weapon by 5 lvls . ( for exple: lvl 10 weapon will become lvl 15 and so on)
When upgrade fails you will lose the materials and your weapon can be damaged.

2. Unequip your weapon and press skills button on control panet ( ctrl+x) Go to Everyday skills tab and find Weapon button.

3. Once press it , 2 windows will open. On left one find the weapon you want to upgrade and double klick it. Weapon now will be placed in the right window.

4. Notice that it will show you which materials and how many you will need for your weapon upgrade. ( fastest way is to buy materials from player's shops or you can get them urself , you can use these guides: Drop guide , Material collection guide )

Note: Using excellent materials supposed to increase the bonus on upgraded weapon. However, people who tested say that difference isn't noticable.

5. Once you have all materials ready , repeat steps above and press upgrade button.


Ta-da! Your weapon now will be upgraded and with additional bonus stats showed in blue or green color.

Please, feel free to correct the guide or add something to it.

What do you think can affect the bonus when upgrading weapon?

Special thanks to Ciros for initial help.
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