hatore's Uber (t2) Quests Guide

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on TWDomo.com before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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hatore's Uber (t2) Quests Guide

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Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Original author: hatore

September 2017: Images Rehosted.
hatore wrote:There are currently 5 Super Quests with a new one due whenever Aeria can update Dragons Den. These quests provide great rewards and make for excellent end-game events.
How do they work? In 5 maps (East Sea Plains, Town God Temple, Canute Canal II, Foggy Forest, and Blakatoa Peak) there is an npc who will give you 4 quests to do for that map. When you complete them all, you get a slotted gear and a special one time use item that will allow you access to the super quest for that map! To use this special item you talk to the npc beside the questing npc. You must be leader of your party. It is highly recommended you have a full party of 50+ people for all super quests until you gain some experience with how they work. If everyone dies then you have failed the quest. Also note that bosses in all 5 quests can summon a player to itself at random times.
All Super quests are repeatable. You must only redo the first 3 quests of your given map of choice to receive the special item after doing them all once. You can repeat it as much as you are willing to regather the quests.
Other Notes:
-Mission cards are now ingame. To use them talk to the second npc, that is the one who allows entrance to the Uber quest and it will ask you if you would like to use a mission card in place of the usual item required for that stage.
-You will not lose exp if you die. Also there is no debuff casted on you after being res'ed.
-Scapegoats will not work
-Pets will not lose loyalty if they/you die.
-Mission cards should only work on Super Quests if you've already done the 4 small quests on that map. However this is currently bugged.

Rewards: All super quests will generally give the same thing except for rare occassions. 1 lvl6 mat, 1 tradable till used Onyx and lvl 50 weapon. Rarely a diamond will take the spot of the lvl 6 mat or a lvl 55 gear will take place of the weapon. Sometimes a 4th item will fall, a recipe.
lvl6 mats are Crabmeat (Fishing-common), Rice (Farming-common), Cedar (Wood-somewhat rare), Gemstone (mining-rare), Tanned Hide (herding-rare)
Onyx's will come in 40-50 (rare), 45-55 (common), and 50-60 (very rare) range. They also will come in either 1 slot or 2 slots. 2 slots being rare.
The weapons will be a random lvl 40 weapon upgraded twice to 50.
And lastly to quote AKFrost, "One more thing of note: Leaders get a title. Heart to Heart Hero (ew) for ESP, Spirit Medium Hero for TGT, Greedy Hero (wtf) for CC2, Hectic Champion for Foggy Forest (double wtf), and Fairy Champion for peak (.........)."

Final Note: Having trouble getting people to join you? People demanding rewards? Set rules beforehand. Suggestion A)Whoever uses the item gets the items. What I and my companions do. If you worked your little fingers off to get the special one time use item, you deserve all the rewards. And vice versa for others. Help them and they will help you.
B)Whoever uses the item gets to pick out one reward from the drops. The rest go to whoever got them. This one is slightly more popular amoung the higher lvl people who are lazy and just want a free lunch~

East Sea Plains Image


Location: Lil Leia and Big Frankie at East Sea Plains
Collection Difficulty: **
Super Quest Difficulty: *
Prizes: Random lvl6 mat (99/100 chance), Random lvl50 weapon (100/100 chance), Wrist Onyx (100/100 chance), Yellow Diamond (1/30ish chance), Red Diamond (1/30ish chance), lvl 55 Wrist Armor (1 out of 15-20 chance), Vitamin E Recipe
Onyx types: Accuracy +23, Magic Accuracy +5

Quest 1: Collect 50 Love String Powder from Fairy Queen of Moths (Moderate-lvl39, Musician, Water)
Quest 2: Collect 50 Sound Skull from Spooky Skull (Moderate-lvl42, Commoner, Earth)
Quest 3: Collect 50 Shadow Seal from Foggy Fox (Moderate-lvl43, Fencer, Metal)
Quest 4: Collect 30 Underworld Pass from Toasted Wisewood (Very Hard-lvl45, Hunter, Wood)

Super Quest
Time limit: 60 minutes with 5 minutes per stage
Type: Defeat Monsters in Stages

Stage One-9 Foggy Foxes (lvl50, Fencer, Metal) Are immune to any skills. Low damage dealers.
Stage Two-9 Toasted Wisewood Moderate damage dealers.
Stage Three-9 Emperor Butterfly (lvl52, Commoner, Wood) Seals skills, low damage dealers.
Stage Four-9 Super Sword Skeletons (lvl53, Blademaster, Non Elemental) These are serious damage dealers. Make quick work of them by saving big aoe's till they appear.
Stage Five-Mini Moth Fairy Boss (lvl54, Boss, Non Elemental). She summons 3 foggy foxes and 3 super sword skeletons at about 3/4 HP. Summons more super sword skeletons, foggy foxes and toasted wisewoods shortly after. When nearly dead she will spam "Flame Shield". A low damaing aoe.

Overall a fairly easy quest unless you do not have the ability to kill the mobs within the 5 minute time limit. If you can't do it, come back and try again when you are a littler stronger. When you can do it the whole quest becomes simple.

Town God Temple Image


Location:Jill and High Priest in the temple at the upper left corner of East Sea plains. Can only enter at night or anytime during the 7th month.
Collection Difficulty: **
Super Quest Difficulty: ***
Prizes: Random lvl6 mat (99/100 chance), Random lvl50 weapon (100/100 chance), Pants Onyx (100/100 chance), Yellow Diamond (1/30ish chance), Red Diamond (1/30ish chance), lvl 55 Pants Armor (1 out of 15-20 chance), Mint Tea Recipe
Onyx types: -5% damage from random class, -7% damage from random class

Quest 1: Collect 50 Ghost Head's teeth (Moderate-lvl46, Wizard, Wood)
Quest 2: Collect 50 Evil Spirit Shard from Tawny Tim (Moderate-lvl48, Shaman, Metal)
Quest 3: Collect 50 Minotaur hairs from Menacing Minotaurs (Moderate-lvl50, Martial Artist, Earth)
Quest 4: Kill any boss. (Ranges from lvl 52-55)

Super Quest
Time limit: 60 minutes
Type: Kill the boss

Boss-Beastly Hellkeeper (lvl55, Boss, Metal)
Pets of Boss-Bloody Seas Hellkeeper (lvl54, Merchant, Metal), Greedy Hellkeeper (lvl53, Hunter, Metal), Hellkeeper of Souls (lvl52, Martial Artist, Metal), Torturous Hellkeeper (lvl53, Thief, Metal), Lying Hellkeeper (lvl53, Mercenary, Metal), Cruel Hellkeeper (lvl54, Musician, Metal), Oily Hellkeeper (lvl54, Dancer, Metal)
Summons-Hellish Ghost Head (lvl51, Musician, Fire), Ghost Head (lvl46, Wizard, Wood), Menacing Minotaur Solider (lvl50, Martial Artist, Earth)

You are put into a large room with the boss and all its pets. All pets will remain inert until someone targets the boss. Once the boss is dead all monsters vanish (unless you are unlucky enough to get a bugged quest which does happen sometimes). After a bit summoned monsters will show up. I am currently unsure as to what triggers that.
You can either choose to tank the mob which is easy with a +55 merc or have one person kiting the pets and the rest bash on the boss. Another method is to kill one at a time but this will be slow business.

Canute Canal II Image


Location: Stupid Cat and Greedy Cat in Canute Canal II in Blakatoa
Collection Difficulty: **
Super Quest Difficulty: ***
Prizes: Random lvl6 mat (99/100 chance), Random lvl50 weapon (100/100 chance), Shoe Onyx (100/100 chance), Yellow Diamond (1/30ish chance), Red Diamond (1/30ish chance), lvl 55 Shoe Armor (1 out of 15-20 chance), Temporal Powder Recipe
Onyx types: Evasion +23, Magic Evasion +5

Quest 1: Collect 80 Rainbow Trout Steak (Easy-lvl43, Musician, Water)
Quest 2: Collect 40 Fish Bone from Female Stonefish (Moderate-lvl45, Shaman, Water)
Quest 3: Collect Flying Fish Roe from Female Stonefish Spirit (Annoying-lvl47, Dancer, Non elemental)
Quest 4: Collect 30 Mouse Gallbadders from Raging Rats (Hard-lvl49, Merchant, Fire)

Super Quest
Time limit: 60 minutes with 5 minute limits for each stage
Type: Defeat Monsters in Stages

Stage One-9 Fleeing Fugitive (lvl50, Dancer, Non-elemental). Moderate
Stage Two-9 Sapphire Goldfish King (lvl53, Musician, Water). This causes the most trouble due to thier AOE water attack. Robes, yang, dustpan and earth element all render them harmless.
Stage Three-9 Bullcarp (lvl56, Hunter, Water). Moderate
Stage Four-Bullcarp Bully (lvl56, Boss, Water). Summons 2 Amphibious Bullcarp, 2 fleeing fugitive and 1 bullcarp at 3/4 health. Summons 2 Amphibious Bullcarp, 2 Bullcarp, and 2 Sapphire Goldfish King at 1/4 health.

Believe it or not but this quest is not hard. One monster will trouble your team and that is the Sapphire Goldfish King. If you follow my advice that is above they become a little stronger then your average pupu. The rest of the monsters and the boss are only a matter of being tanked.

Foggy Forest Image


Location:Ol' Colin and Reginald in Foggy Forest. Only enterable via blakatoa quest or mirror quest
Collection Difficulty: **
Super Quest Difficulty: ****
Prizes: Random lvl6 mat (99/100 chance), Random lvl50 weapon (100/100 chance), Hat Onyx (100/100 chance), Yellow Diamond (1/30ish chance), Red Diamond (1/30ish chance), lvl 55 Hat Armor (1 out of 15-20 chance), Revita Rice Recipe
Onyx types: 20% More HP, 20% More MP, 10% +HP standing regen, 10% +MP standing regen

Quest 1: Collect 45 Red Monkey Peach from Branch Monkeys (Easy-lvl45, Commoner, Wood)
Quest 2: Collect 45 Iron Needle from Iron Hedgehogs (Easy-lvl46, Fencer, Non Elemental)
Quest 3: Collect 45 White Monkey Peach from White Monkeys (Easy-lvl48, Hunter, Wood)
Quest 4: Collect 1 --- from Wild Monkey Leader (3 Timed spawns-lvl47, Blademaster, Wood)

Super Quest
Time limit: 60 minutes with 5 minutes per stage
Type: Defend the NPC in stages

Stage One-Branch Monkeys (lvl53, Commoner, Wood) Easy
Stage Two-White Monkeys (lvl55, Hunter, Wood) Slightly harder
Stage Three-Wild Monkey Leader (lvl57, Boss, Wood) He will spawn both types of monkeys in small mobs quite often.

The trick to this quest is not about staying alive but rather about keeping argo on your team the full time. Decent mock and aoes with strong hate or damage attached to them will keep the monkeys off the npc. The npc has around 30k hp but little defense.

Blakatoa Peak Image


Location:Jason and Scholarly Hermit. Must finish Foggy Forest quests first to enter Blakatoa Peak
Collection Difficulty: *****
Super Quest Difficulty: **
Prizes: Random lvl6 mat (99/100 chance), Random lvl50 weapon (100/100 chance), Body Onyx (100/100 chance), Yellow Diamond (1/30ish chance), Red Diamond (1/30ish chance), lvl 55 Body Armor (1 out of 15-20 chance), Seafood Pancake Recipe
Onyx types: +5% Physical Attack, +5% Physical Defense, +5% Magic attack, +5% Magic Defense

Quest 1: Collect 50 Red Scorpion Cores (easy-lvl47, Dancer, Fire)
Quest 2: Collect 50 Blazing Scorpion Cores (very hard-lvl49, Merchant, Fire)
Quest 3: Collect 50 Minotaur Minion Cores (very hard-lvl50, Martial Artist, Earth)
Quest 4: Collect 1 Maniacal Minotaur Core (easy, 7 timed spawns-lvl54, Martial Artist, Fire)

Hints-Ignore the red Scorpions and aim straight for the Blazing Scorpions and Minotaur Minions because no matter where you go or how you hunt, Red Scorpions will always flock to you in bulk.

Super Quest
Time limit: 60 minutes
Type: Defeat monsters in stages

Stage One-9 Blazing Red Scorpions
Stage Two-9 Minotaur Minion (lvl55, Martial Artist, Earth) Detox is greatly recommended here as these will 'cruddle milk' and drain your mp
Stage Three-9 Maniacal Minotaur (lvl56, Martial Artist, Fire)
Stage Four-Steel Scorpion (lvl58, Boss, Non Elemental)

Just kill. None of these are pratically hard to tank or kill. The boss does have an aoe spell that lowers your hp by 500 per tick (someone correct me if I'm wrong). But a good healer will render that pointless. However if you are using pets you may as well give up healing it and let it happily poke the enemy with black hp. Unless its strong enough to take argo away from the tank/main killer it will be perfectly fine. The faster you kill this boss the less pets it will summon as they are timed based.

Dragons Den

Still lacking nearly all info on this. However its known that you can receive lvl 55 gear recipes from here.

Credits and thingys.

Edits: -Updated the guides to include more detailed info on ways to best the super quests due.
-Added in typical rules you can use for your party

Thanks to Aysel for providing images.
Thanks to AKFrost for helping with info.
Thanks to that guy with the really weird and long name for seafood pancakes.

Looking for confirmination of the name of items required from wisewood at east sea plain and Wild monkey leader from Foggy forest.

Will add a screenie for the remaining areas soon.
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