Angitia's Quiz Show 2 Guide

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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Angitia's Quiz Show 2 Guide

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Original Author: Angitia
Retrieved from TWDomo Forums by Leirosa.
Angitia wrote:Quiz Show 2 is an event from which you can get the title "Wrong Response Master," which gives 91 atk and 54 matk. You must get 551 points in order to get the title.

The event is a multiple choice quiz, and the goal is to score as many points as possible by answering as many questions correctly as possible. You enter through the calendar: Hit Ctrl + J and click the heart button next to the name of the current upcoming event.

After entering, you will be faced with a red curtain. When the event starts, the curtain will disappear, a question will be posed, and four answers will appear. You have 15 seconds to answer the question. The speed with which you answer correctly determines how many points you get. If your answer was correct, a red Circle will appear; if it was incorrect, a red X will appear. Regardless of if you answer incorrectly or correctly, you must wait the full duration of the 15 seconds for the next question. There are 25 questions in total.

Questions answered correctly in succession will net you more points, so try to keep a combo of correct answers going. You get 3 "Double Score" cards. Use them before answering a question to get double the points you would get for that question - provided you answer correctly. The "Double Score" cards also take into account the points you get if you continue your combo string, so it's better to use them towards the end if you have a long string of correct answers.

If you are using the IC DoMO's Script folder, the questions and answers will be in Chinese. To translate them to English, use the AeriaGames DoMO's Script folder instead (make sure to keep a copy of the IC DoMO's Script, so that you can bring it back later in case your journal glitches).

There seem to be a lot of questions. Some of them are answered on AKFrost's forum. This guide will be updated rather frequently with answers that I find that aren't in Frost's version or conflict with Frost's version.

Lifequests or Quals:

Mercenary Qualification: 83g, no bow
Hunter 20 Lifequest NPC: Old Rex
Hunter 20 Lifequest Competitor: Eppy
Hunter 20 Lifequest Target: Dairy Pu Dada
Doctor 20 LQ doesn't need: Mushroom
Fencer 20 lifequest Lucas's relation is: Daughter
Fencer 20 lifequest Item needed: Xena's Jade Bracelet
Mercenary 20 lifequest healing item: Vitamin A Pill
MA 30 Lifequest NPC: Sheldon
MA 30 Lifequest Ambusher: Shadow
Merc 30 Lifequest NPC: Hidden Shadow
Blademaster 30 Lifequest Brothers: Wu Brothers
Commoner 30 lifequest mobs number: 6
Blademaster NPC: Luke
Fencer NPC: Lucas
Mercenary NPC: Stanford
Merchant NPC: Ian Saveloy
Hunter NPC: Old Rex

Which is not in Eversun City: Eversun Hall (yes, it is on the Map; this question is glitched or translated incorrectly)
Which Job gets the most ATK from Dex: Musician (yes, it's weird)
Which skill doesn't boost HP Regen: Meditation

Best defensive Boost for Shoes: HIT + 30
Best Def Boost for Head: HP REC + 50%
Best MDef Boost for Head: MP REC + 100%
Best Defense Boost for Clothes: HP + 10%
Best Mdef Boost for Clothes: MP + 10%
Best MDef Boost for L.Body: MDEF + 10%

Wrong Skill on Job:
WD: Trigger Poisons (question says "isn't" but is asking "is" - probably a translation error)
Fencer: Worrying Waves
Doctor: Diligent Ditty
Shaman: Swarm (question says "isn't" but is asking "is")
Shaman: Winter Solstice
Hunter: Stab through the Heart
Hunter: Light Hammer Throw
Blademaster: Taunt, Bite of the Dog
Dancer: Lotus Fan Flower
Mercenary: Aggress

Eversun City Weapon Shop lacks which weapon on the wall? Spear
Eversun Dojo Couplets: Right couplet = ? Left Couplet = Settle the Qi
Eversun Dojo Pictures on Left and Right Walls: 14
Marshall Jr. Is: Near the Bank

Artifact that created the Mirror World: World Mirror
Unlucky Chad can't determine title: Starry Skies
Lacks a Pasture: Grassgreen Square
Lacks Meditation: Grassgreen Square
Lacks Fishing: Giantwood Forest

Avenger Boss for Mid-Wiz: Ghost Peasant
Writing on Pupu President's Head: Writing
Writing on King Glob's Head: King
Writing on Fugitive's Back: Punish
Writing on Fleeing Fugitive's Sleeve: Prisoner
Writing on Dairy Pu's Head: Cow
Does not appear in Giantwood Forest: Red Fox
Does not appear in Eversun North: Pink Whipping Grass

Smoked Zombie Quote: Three Cheers for Health!
Job of the Man-Eating Spider: Dancer
Madame Malachite Massive Attack element: Earth
Madame Malachite Toes: 16
Tigerman: No Whiskers
Prickly Phantasm Teeth: 6

Different Jobs: Bad Baby Bow Wow, Prickly Phantasm
Different Elements: Female Vampire Bat, Pupu President, King Size Kuku Papa, Gross Glob, Female Stonefish Spirit
Different Base Physical Attack: Leather Boxing Gloves Lv1, Ferrous Fan Lv2,
Weapon Lacking Water Element: Saber

To boost relationships:
Build Relationship: 2
Friend to 3: 24
From 2 to 3: 16
From 3 to 4: 24
From 4 to 5: 45

Can't be traded for with teacher points: Bolt from the Blouse Package
Weapon Fully Maxed is: Gold (Horse Onyxld)
Weapon MATK Maxed is: Blue
Weapon ATK Maxed is: Red
Pieces of Armor for Bonus Effects: 3
Onyx that doesn't go in Pants: Trust, Hexa (confirmed)
Onyx that doesn't go in Weapon: Kindness
Onyx that goes in Shied: Courtesy

Chasm Trials: 12 croakies
Confusion Dance Chapter 2 Reward: Super Suitcase 2
Confusion Dance Chapter 4 Reward: Magic Material Gift Box 2
Flying skill requires: Flying Frog Powder
Randy Charleston tells you to find: Flying Fairy
Singsong Fairy Level: 22
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