Pet Loyalty Thread

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Pet Loyalty Thread

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Retrieved and Compiled By: Angitia
Angitia wrote:Another thread copied/pasted here because it contains some information that I found useful back in my newb days. Originally from here
Original poster: kalowbee
kalowbee wrote:it's true that my pet will run away if his Loyalty drop below 50?

we pay real money to buy these pet ADMIN cant just let them run away
i know in taiwan server they just do puest and pay 5000 game money to buy the pet

so is okay for them to run away but if our also will run away then we should be buying pet with real money
Responses of interest:
cduki wrote:It stops taking commands from you when it drops below 50. As for when it has a chance to run away... I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think they can run away when it gets to less than 30(?). (can't look this up right now, I need to get off this comp) >.>;

Well, it's our responsibility to take care of our pets properly so~ I'm fine with the whole running away thing because I tend to play with my pet when I'm afk or asleep so my pets' loyalty stay above 90 almost all the time.

I'm sure others may not think this way though...

... pet quest... ;~; I waaant!

edit- Wow I was wrong... when my Jade Egg went to 49 I didn't see a message with anything to do with possibly running away... o-o; All it said was that it wouldn't listen to my commands... xD;
DevlinMaelstrom wrote:Alright so I have collected data over the past week and have found the following statements regarding pet loyalty to be truth and just about everything else to be guesswork. (But seriously if you find any of this to be incorrect or you find something that could expand upon what I have found here please let me know)
1. When you are fighting with your pet out and you die your pet does not trust you loyalty reduced by ten(10)
2. When you send your pet to attack and it dies in combat before you do (this includes if you do not die) It is dead and loyalty is reduced by ten(10) {as a note it cost 50g per lvl of the pet to revive a dead pet or the use of the lvl 29 muse ability but if you return your pet just before you die (or it dies)then it will not lose loyalty and it will not die.
3. Each pet store loyalty snack increases the loyalty of your pet by two(2)
4. While playing with your pet it will gain one(1) loyalty every one(1) minute for level 1-10 pets, every three(3) minutes for level 11-19 pets, and every 5 minutes for level 20-?(note: I have not collected data for higher levels than 20 when i get a pet that high i will post those if someone has carefully checked times please let me know)
5. Your pet will lose one(1) loyalty every day whether or not you are logged in.
6. Pets will not lose loyalty if you die in a duel
7. Pets will not lose loyalty if it dies in a duel but it will still be dead
8. If your pets loyalty is below fifty(50) it will not obey pet attack, pet follow, and pet stay commands. It will however still attack something you are attacking and it will still use its special attack on command while below fifty(50)
*Aside-if you click to attack a monster and then cancel the action for any reason(i.e. moved in a different direction) then your pet will attack the target anyway which is useful if you are lazy and don't want to use pet attack or if it won't listen to you.
9. If your pets loyalty is reduces below thirty(30) then it will have a chance to run away if you summon it but a warning will appear on your screen telling you this so if your pet runs away it is fully your fault
10. If you do not summon your pet it can not run away nor will it run away if you play with it while it is under thirty(30) loyalty the only way for your pet to run away is to summon it while it is under 30 loyalty(and even then there is only a chance it will run away). Thus even if you are gone for the SEVENTY(70) days it would take for a well cared for pet to drop below thirty(30) loyalty you would still not lose your pet, and even if you let it drop to zero(0) so long as you don't summon it.
I have no money my clothes all broke off and my pet ran away...don't let your babies grow up to be scientists.
Xelescence wrote:finally, and thank you, for checking for us all that Pets can NOT run away when not summoned. Finally people won't be so scared anymore.

only thing thats incorrect is the loyalty gained over time.

Its dependant on the pet level, and the higher level it is, the longer its takes to gain loyalty.

This is very noticible when comparing a lvl 1 egg, a lvl 11 pet (or 20 ish), and a lvl 41 evo 2.

Not sure if its Evolution dependant, but there IS a difference in loyalty gains over time.

I daresay my Evo2s need 10 minutes or so per loyalty point. but I could be wrong. I just feels like that much :P It could easily be more, could also be less.

and as an egg, I think it was as low as 1 loyalty per minute or two.

Again: not sure if its LEVEL dependent, or Evolution dependent.
MoonBunnie wrote:Yes when you summon it it gives you warning that pet will run away if you summon it. Here are screenshots how exactly it happens. *cries for few pets that ran away from me* <i did it intentionally..for testing , my normal pets have usualy 98-100 loyality ^.^>

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