Level 30 Shaman Life Quest Translation Info

Backups of original guides from DoMO forums of the past. The majority of these were backed up from posts on TWDomo.com before its domain expired (most of which were originally retrieved from Aeria by Angitia and Aaron). Extremely old.
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Level 30 Shaman Life Quest Translation Info

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Quest Introduction

Now, many people have had some troubles with the Lv30 Shaman Life Quest on Taiwan Domo as it seems that only part of it is translated with the Aeria Script file (correct me if I am wrong in this).

I have made an attempt here to make it possible for you to decipher the questions without having to engage the help of a TW or otherwise chinese-knowledgeable player.

This Chinese Guide to the quest by 著信未理 Guild helped me out when I originally did it, and you may refer to it for extra info on the quest if you aren't using the english script or already know some chinese. I refer to or excerpt from this guide a few times in this thread, and I thank them for creating it. The english guide on Domo Wiki may be useful to explain the full details of the quest in english, which I will not cover here.

As stated on that guide for the first part of the quest:
著信未理 Guild wrote:第一關:進入寶庫後會有八卦機關,正確配對後可過關:

震 vs. 坤 
乾 vs. 巽
離 vs. 艮
兌 vs. 坎
PS. 正對面的字配成一對
Part Two Questions Explanation

In Part 2 of the quest, you will be asked one of four different types of questions. I have highlighted the key characters to look for. Green = Boosts, Red = Subdues, Pink = Element

The first two types ask you which element subdues or boosts another.

= Fire subdues which element?

= Earth boosts which element?

The second two types are the same as the first two, but in reverse. These ones confused me until I went through and translated the whole line.

= Metal can be subdued by which element?

= Water can be boosted by which element?

Just look for the key coloured characters and take note of their positions, and once you know the question you can use one of the available resources and/or your own personal knowledge to figure out the answer.

Quest Quick Reference

Chinese Character Element Reference:
金 Metal
水 Water
木 Wood
火 Fire
土 Earth
著信未理 Guild's reference to elemental boosting and subduing:
著信未理 Guild wrote: 五行相生-創 :金 → 水 → 木 → 火 → 土 → 金
五行相生-被創:金 ← 水 ← 木 ← 火 ← 土 ← 金
行相剋-勝:金 → 木 → 土 → 水 → 火 → 金
五行相剋-輸:金 ← 木 ← 土 ← 水 ← 火 ← 金
English Version:
Five Element Boosting Order: 金Metal → 水Water → 木Wood → 火Fire → 土Earth → 金Metal
Five Element Boosting Order-Reverse: 金Metal ← 水Water ← 木Wood ← 火Fire ← 土Earth ← 金Metal
Five Element Subduing Order: 金Metal → 木Wood → 土Earth → 水Water → 火Fire → 金Metal
Five Element Subduing Order-Reverse: 金Metal ← 木Wood ← 土Earth ← 水Water ← 火Fire ← 金Metal

Hopefully this will help anybody who was having trouble with this quest.
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