exomega255's Solo Blademaster Guide

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exomega255's Solo Blademaster Guide

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Original Author: exomega255
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
exomega255 wrote:Note: below is a letter I sent to ittou, this is just thoughts about BM as I leveled solo from 30-40; I know a few people have asked me regarding BM, so I just want to share my thoughts with the rest of you; The letter is unedited, so there maybe references that you have no idea of; If you post and ask I will clarify. Note that since this is a personal letter to ittou on a friendly term, the numbers are not checked throughly, so if the approx stats is "off" from what you know, sorry, too lazy to correct~.

--Letter begins-- (after all the "hi how you doing")

So, I figured I'd just tell you some thoughts on the Blademaster, as I am nearing lvl 40 (probably today is the day.) Now, this was surprisingly fast for me, in terms of leveling 30-40, because normally I estimate 2 hours a day, so 5 days at least, not counting there are times when I don't feel like leveling (skip a day) or a day when I am busy, or perhaps need to go questing. I started on Friday Night as lvl 30, but didn't really feel like leveling (since I just finished Shaman to 40 that day and did the LQ), so I waited until Saturday. Then, in the span of Saturday and Sunday, I leveled him from 30-38 soloing.

I have to say that just as my feelings of when I leveled the BM from 20-30, the BM levels EXTREMELY fast as long as its mana can keep up and its hp is not too shabby. Naturally, I have shield + LA during my entire time. To compensate for the (OMG) lack of mp pool (I can't believe that at lvl 30 he had 146 mp), I used a +20% max mp onyx on the head. Curse am I, as I slotted the lvl 30 set only to realize I need below lvl 30 onyx (wish I don't have) for the body and boots and everything else.

Starting at lvl 31 [ I do 30-31 in Crimson globs], I went to Grotto; at the beginning it was very tough; to have enough mana to cast inner magic (108 mp), regen (58 mp), Power ballad and Ditty on pet (44 mp each), I didn't even have enough to cast all at once. But once you gain a few levels, things become easier. In the beginning, I could only use skills to help my pets: eagle, hiss, bark, maniac, berserker, as my normal attacks were missing due to low accuracy in addition with stat penalty for hitting a lvl 39 mob as a lvl 31. Soon after 36, it becomes a lot easier.

I had a 28 dex and pure power build, and used Scarlet blade since 33. I managed to craft a +40 bonus to it on the second try, and it was great. (though lvl 38 upgrade I only have +13) Mind you right now I am levle 39, and breezing thru the levels, here are a few additional comments:

I do way more damage than my ruby does, starting at around lvl 33-34 (where I get phx song), I became the "main" and the pet became the "support" in terms of damage. and tanking.

Phx Song, Wolf and dragon all do approx the same to the bandits (1400-1800 without burning rage). I am beginning to see the power of each of these moves. It might be my mistake to intrepret them as "stackable", but they need not to be stackable to be potent.

The first skill I got was wolf; You'd be surprised at how good it is for hit and run. It increases movespeed by a great amount, very nice for hit and run. the increase in attack speed naturally combines with lash out gave me a 6-7 attack speed to play with, and when I am hitting 400-500 a pop critting 1k, it matters. [to the bandit bow-wow's without burning rage]

Next skill received was Dragon; This is by far out of the 3 [wolf/dragon/phx] the least used by me, but not because it sucks. Wolf is great for hit and run, and phx is great for healing, so dragon is more of an extreme offensive manuver. At level 3 [gained at 40] you get +19% attack power, and +19 accuracy, the accuracy is amazing to boot, and the attack buff STACKS with burning rage, which at level 5 gives 24% attack inc. So in total you can have up to around 43% attack increase, and I was hitting for 650 critting at 1400 or so. Very accurate attacks each swing as well.

The final skill which is a MUST as I deem it now is phx song. This is the survival song. I feel that a BM must have this skill to solo well now. At lvl 1 its 150 hp per tick, and 15% def. inc. I am using level 2 now, and when I do, the bandits hit 20-30 damage to me per hit only. [I am using level 35 armor, so technically it should be doing less as I am 39 and can use the next set] the defense buff is without a question, great for fighting, and the hp regen STACKS with doc regen, so I am regening 170 + 68 = 238 hp per tick during those 15 seconds. It can bring you back to full vitality most of the time. AwesomThe must use.

the above 3 skills is where the question of "stackability" come from. And they don't stack with each other, but they do stack with burning rage and regen, and the like. And this is actually not bad. [btw they overwrite each other if you use them consecutively] For each mob you go thru you can use one of them [wolf/dragon/phx] to buff urself while fighting, and when you have used the third one, the rest will be done with cooldown. And in case you mess up [use one before the other duration is done], thats why there are 3. All 3 amazing buffs that I can't do without. It makes life a lot easier.

Who the **** says BMs are fragile...

Now onto the damage skills:

First I want to mention I didn't get double edge yet, as I won't have the skill points to [yet, I didnt feed springs], but its not necessary to level with anyways. All out assult is amazing. I occasionally just cast lash out + all out and let it rip. 700-800 per hit and lets not talk about crits.

Berserker: the lowest of the 3 "giants" left in pure damage skills, right now at lvl 6 it does 2900-3100 to the bandit bowwow without burning rage. Not bad, a good skill to use when its done with CD.

Maniac: this skill is simply amazing. At lvl 7, I do 4000-4400 to bandits without rage. In comparsion, combo lvl 4 does 2400-2700, and super combo does 4700-5500. [charged at lvl 4 on all 4]. This is a must. I also for the first time cracked my scarlet sword (lvling with it from 33-38) to 300 durability from 1400. But its great, HIGHLY recommended.

Mindless Slaughter, the new skill I got in 3x... now at lvl 2. This skill's got much nicer animation. it does about 3300-3600 at lvl 2 to bandits. 10 seconds more CD than maniac I think, but the KEY that makes this skill uber, is unlike Berserker and Maniac, it comes out FAST. I mean,its almost instant. one of my fav. to execute. It uses HP but so what? thats why you have phx song.

As my BM journey have once again come to an end, I am reminded of my love for this class, it is truly an amazing class when people build it the way it should.

Finally, I gold stated physically my plat BM sword. the stats are

98 +71 attack, +2 attack speed, special: increase normal attack damage.

Used 37 green books, 5-7 blue books, 47 orange weapon book. It was stuck at +68 for the longest time. I got +68 after 5-8 orange book,and then it moved up and down forever. I can't wait to use it.

-- end letter--

Well, I only rated the skills of 2nd tier, since I have no interest in many first tier Beastial. Anyways, enjoy, hope its a good read.
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