exomega255's Solo Doctor Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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exomega255's Solo Doctor Guide

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Original Author: exomega255
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
exomega255 wrote:Doctor: Heist them to death

Disclaimer: doctor was my third class to 40, so I am writing this in HINDSIGHT, numbers on damage etc etc could be WAYYY off. But soloing strat remains.

This is an experience for SOLOING the doctor from 30-40, it has NO relation to AoE parties, so comments regarding that, get out.


Knowing that getting doc to 40 is a must for many of the other classes, I chose to do doc to 40 being the third class, preceded by THief and pet muse. Naturally I thought it would be a very hard time, but it turns out that with a solo build, leveling the doc is not a problem at all in solo!. In fact, it's got the best debuff that a ruby can take advantage of... and you as well.

Overall, it wasn't a "great" experience as I personally dislike casters and esp. support type, but making it a "battle doc", it wasn't too shabby~!

Needs of a Doc a build analysis:

For a solo doc a few things are important, one of the most important being a Ruby. you need to increase your damage output.

Not to mention an equal level of pet sound serves you well.

LA + shield helps you tank damage.

Stat build:

1:2 wis agi; this gives me a better CD time on Heists and soup, allows me to tank by dodging, all around MUCH better than pure wis for solo-er. No dex. You won't ever be hitting with that pathetic stab anyways, its just heist, run heavy heist run, soup, heist heist, etc etc.

Skill build:
Max Soup
Max Heists (both)
Maxed Regen, inner

Max Prolong, frogfield (debatable maxing for solo atm, might reskill later)

Subs: Pet sound (need)

The second slot gives you a lot of choices. You can do eqiup wand (but that means no LA + shield) and go for wiz/sha subs, or you can just use Thief sub for more evasion and Mp recov. Another one to use is the BM M.Arts, for an extra berserker , maniac, and mindless. Always great to have extra nukes of awesome damage.
Leveling places?

lvl 30-31: Pandora's box Ivy Spirit via lvl 32-34 ruby
lvl 31-40: Grotto bandits via lvl 36 ruby
Skill analysis:

I feel like there is not much to say for this section aside for a few notes:

Regen: Well, everyone gets this til at least lvl 6 for inner. It's great to stop at 6, but why not bring it to lvl 10? its necessary for soloing the rest of the classes, for me its a must, lvl 11 is % based so thats also amazing. Highly recommended for soloing to max.

Inner: Max this, thats it.

Heists: AoE-ers never max it, support never max it, I do, because I solo. Their damage is GREATLY enhanced via souped enemy. The hp recov is nice for hit and run in case you do get low in hp, Heavy heist hits quite a bit harder than Heist. 2 spammable attack skills, very recommended.

Soup: At level 10 it has 15 seconds CD still, which is btw, lowered a little bit by higher agi. (around 12 seconds for me), it sleeps the enemy (not impt), and it decrease their m.def by quite a lot, and the ruby takes it home via souped up damage. A lvl 36 ruby can match a lvl 4x ruby in damage using the same buffs if the lvl 36 ruby is attacking a souped enemy. Highly recommended for leveling solo, and great for getting rid of frogs when you have tons extra. (I net like 4-5k Frogs everytime at grotto =.=)

Frog buff indecision: Right now, and as I leveled 30-40, my doc have max on prolong, and Frogfield. However, due to laziness, I have never used it. I probably start each grinding session with the frog buffs, but I never do it during the session. Perhaps its because it doesn't help me kill faster. So, henceforth, I am actually thinking about reskilling the doc into a more offensive buff mode: aka, frogforce + yin, so I can kill even faster. I might just disable prolong for now til I reach DD levels.

Overall I don't use frog buff on a daily basis from 30-40. The routine consist of ruby attacking, me taking aggro via soup, heist, heavy heist, run, heist, run, heist, run, heavy heist, and repeat, etc etc. (usually using all 3 nukes = death for enemy + ruby nukes)

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