exomega255's Solo Fencer Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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exomega255's Solo Fencer Guide

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Original Author: exomega255
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
exomega255 wrote:Fencer: The pure strength solo approach.

I am NOT commenting on AoE partying for fencer, NOR the PvP aspect; so if you are going to bust in with those comments, save it.

Now, the standard build many have currently, is:

28 or so dex
pure wisdom
3-4 AoE
Flag for party

Its nice, I hear Fencer does great damage in AoE and rivals and perhaps even surpass wizards at times. But to me, AoE party is mostly an impossibility nor do I wish to be in one, simply for the fact that my timing as a casual player is bad, and I don't have time to stand around looking for a good one.

Hence, I level fencer the way I leveled all my classes: Pet Muse + Medi (inner and regen).

Before I started the lvl 30-40 stretch, I restated a few times on that level, being unsure of whether or not to do pure wisdom and pure strength. I have come to the conclusion, that Pure strength is more to my liking, and below are a few reasons why I based my approach.

1. On a completely superficial level, most more advanced domo server have high level fencers that commented on the pure wisdom build, how it loses power at late game and everyone restated to pure power.

2. On the basis of soloing, there are 2 ways left: Solo Shaman Spam type via pure wisdom and elemental sword, or Attack speed type via pure power and elemental buff from the swords. Note that one is relying the skill for damage, the other is relying the skill for its buff.

3. Fencer Single target elemental swords max out at lvl 40 or so. That means its power is "capped" already until lvl 11 is released. Aka, its damage starts to dwindle as you approach the 5x and 6x realm. But for the long run, its buffs don't dissipate in relative power, unlike the skill damage. THe +3 attack speed is forever +3 attack speed. The attribute bonus only makes it better as ur attack power grows.

4. Is Wisdom as appealing as we thought? 1.4 attack is "meh" for a melee class (don't bring in thief). .5 magic attack is "standard", and actually doesn't result in adding too much. [most of the m.atk comes from buff and sword] And don't tell me for m.def, because thats almost solely from robes/dancer robes; the amount that wisdom give is insubstantial for the most part imo. The extra mp is great and extra mp regen is great, but... I won't be needing it in attack speed build anyways.

5. Because of such conclusions I have drawn that pure str is better EDIT:: for soloing::.


lvl 30 28 dex pure str, using elemental sword on glob: 1k damage, Physical attack stat 296 +/- 10
lvl 30 28 dex pure wis, using elemental sword on glob: 1.2k damage, physical attack stat 260 +/- 10

You do a little more of 200 damage on skill, but I do around 30-70 damage less per attack.

ultimately, the following is my build for 31-40:

28 dex
Pure Str
Single elemental swords maxed (explain why later)
Offensive and defensive aura maxed
Toughen Magic and Magic Barrier at lvl 5 (for auras)

--> Maxing elmental swords... a "why":
Yes, blah blah, I know about the "lvl 3's got 10 seconds of buff" deal. However, this is not to consider the laziness of it. lvl 10 gives a 30 second buff, for once I don't need to spam the sword hit. True that it takes more mana, but hey, 30 seconds you can regen all that back and more with inner. [21 mana at lvl 10]. The other thing is, it takes about a total of 3 seconds to execute the skill. Cast, damage, and then the second that you cannot move. So if I use a lvl 3 that deals almost less damage than a normal attack, I might as well as use level 10 that actually deals a nice chunk with the 3 seconds. Another thing is, the attack can miss, and then I am left without the elemental buff. 30 seconds of buff time gives me 1-2 chances at least to buff in case the first cast fails.

-->Why no other targeted attacks?
Well, I don't want to experiment, and some of the attacks have rather long CD thats not practical as of now yet. Not to mention I have no information regarding their damage, and whether or not they depend on physical or magical base, or both. Perhaps the 2nd tier targeted attacks are all physical based, and in which case, would mean its good to get them. But I have no skill points anyways atm, I think.

Skill analysis: [lvl 39 when this article is written, using lvl 35 sword [125+17 phy attack, I think.. 40+3 magical]

Stats atm [keep in mind, level 39 and lvl 40 have a HUGE difference in stat, mainly due to armor and weapon... and I didn't finish upgrading my plat]

With Auras on
Attack: around 440-460
Defense: around 210
M.Attack: I think around 80-100, can't recall, doesn't really matter to me

On bandit Bow-wows: Raging Torrent (water against fire) I do 1400+, and then the second "hit" with Raging Torrent lvl 10 does around 1550 (due to elemental attribute) After elemental buff I do around 460 damage to bandits per hit.

Elemental Sword Single attacks: they are all the same with diff. debuffs; They are great buffing attacks as mentioned, +3 attack speed is nice and so is +50 attribute. I am totally aware of the extra +25 I can get if i take level 1 AoE, but I am lazy, and I don't want to acccidently aggro more mobs that I can take. There are disadvantage to elemental attacks, is that it is a hybrid of magic and physical. aka, it is also only partially affected by elemental attribute, whereas physical skills are totally affected by elemental attribute, making them much stronger.

ie, berserker blow would have a much bigger increase in damage compared to say, raging torrent simply because one is pure physical and the other is partial physical, respectively.

Auras: They are great; Thanks to FRost, who asked Faux [because I was lazy to do my own research], each level gains more bonus and gains 8 seconds in both duration and cooldown,but I deem it not worth to place agi so I can keep them constantly on.

Overall, being a strength fencer, it was difficult to level at first when I went to bandits lvl 39 at lvl 31. Because of stat penalty there are lots of misses, etc. So to help my ruby, I reduced wood and metal single attack spell to lvl 1 and cast them. So I seal the mob's attack while the ruby hammers away; I save mp and hp, the ruby kills. After lvl 35, it picked up speed and I was able to do tremendous amts of damage to the mob as my ruby helps the kill speed. [I didn't use raging torrent til lvl 35 against them]
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