lunacrescent's Comprehensive Merchant Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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lunacrescent's Comprehensive Merchant Guide

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Original Author: lunacrescent
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.

September 2017: Rehosted Images.
lunacrescent wrote:1. What is a Merchant?
A Merchant supports others by manufacturing goods, and can attack if they have enough money to spend. For a merchant, the greater their capital the greater their power. A Merchant has the ability to use medicine on team members, and can make special snacks for pets from ingredients collected from meditation. These snacks can strengthen a pets elemental attributes.
A Merchants' skills use an Abacus and gold to attack or weaken enemies. The damage from these type of skills is boosted by physical attack power, though some gold-based moves are not affected by the Merchants attack power. Merchants also have the ability to use money to make shields, prepare insurance, or make pet snacks from other ingredients. They also have the ability to use medicine effectively - a useful talent for jobs that rely on medicine. Merchants also have a skill that allows you to equip an Abacus on other jobs without penalty.
A Merchant can equip an Abacus, and wear Clothing and Shields. Abacuses are single handed weapons that are low in physical attack but improve critical hit probability, magical evasion, and providers providence. Clothing offers decent physical defense and can sometimes increase max HP, dodge, and attack speed.

2. Advantages of being a Merchant:
Weapon Suitability - Merchants are competent with axes, daggers, swords, and sabers, which makes having a Mercenary, Thief, Blademaster, or Fencer sub work very well.
Stall Upgrade - Merchants have a skill that allows you to expand the number of slots in your stall.
Tax Break - They also have a skill that removes or reduces the tax rate on your stall.
Medicine - Merchants have skills that allow you to make medicines out of other items, including HP and MP recovery items, and pet snacks that increase your pet's elemental attributes. These skills would work excellent with/as a Musician or Doctor sub.
Shields - Merchants automatically have the ability to equip a shield, but only while on Merchant. They also have a skill that can allow you to make a shield out of money.
Item Crafting - aside from being able to make recovery medicine and shields, Merchants can also make items that reduce exp loss when you die.

3. Disadvantages of being a Merchant:
Too flexible - Because Merchants are suitable with numerous other sub jobs, it results in there being many different types of builds to work with depending on how you want to build it.
Use Gold - The skills of a merchant use gold to attack, so you must have a lot of it in order to use Merchant effectively.
Not beginner friendly - Since it takes so much gold to even start the job qualification, and then use it for skills, it isn't a job that is suitable for beginners.
Shield Dura - the durability on the Coin Shields is very low, and therefore they must be remade often.

4. Good Builds for Merchant:
Strength, Dexterity, Durability, and Agility can increase the attack power of a Merchant, but some skills simply rely on the amount of money spent.
Overall, it all depends on what kind of subs you are going to use.

3 dura (pure) - For those who want to use Mercenary subs and be a tank type.
2 Dura 1 Pow - another build for someone who wants to use Mercenary or Blademaster subs, but would rather use an Axe/Saber. You get both defense and attack power from Dura on Merchants.
2 Dex 1 Agi - This build would work well with a sub such as Fencer or Thief, and would also work well as a party aoe build. Both Dex and Agi give you your attack power, but also give you accuracy and agility to dodge.
2 Agi 1 Dex - This would be a good PvP build with subs such as Thief, but would also work well as a solo build.
3 Pow (pure) - This build would be good for people who want to be one of those 1-hit KO types, and use a sub such as Blademaster. Only downside to this build is that you would have no supporting stats such as Agility or Dex.
3 Wis (pure) - For those who would like to mainly use the medicine crafting skills and sub Doctor or Musician. This build however gives you no physical attack power.
2 Wis 1 Agi - Another build for those who would like to use Doctor or Muse subs but have that extra boost of physical attack power as well as the Agi to decrease cooldowns and increase dodge rate.

In the end, the build you wish to use is entirely up to you. Don't feel restricted to this list only, these are only some of many builds possible for Merchant.

5. Party Build - What do I Need?
Melee/aoe sub - such as Thief, Blademaster, Fencer, or Mercenary.
If you wish to be a support type in parties, having a Doctor sub works very well with the medicine crafting, in which case you would need most of the Trade Secret skills.
If you want to be more of the aoe/melee type in parties, you will need most of the Money Talks skills.

6. Solo/PvP Build - What do I Need?
Pet Muse subs - this mixed with the Pet Snack skills works very well.
Having a melee sub such as Blademaster if you feel you're too low on gold to use Money Talks skills.
If you wish to be more PvP oriented, using a Thief sub would work very well seeing as Merchants have no PvP based skills of their own.

7. Skills of Merchants:
ImageTrade Secrets: (use gold or items to use)

ImageHP Medicine Boost - Uses Vitamin pills to heal HP to you, teammates, or pets with a 50% increase in healing effect - Single target
ImageMP Medicine Boost - Uses MP potions to heal MP to yourself, teammates, or pets with a 50% increase in healing effect - Single target
ImageCash Withdrawal - Cash withdrawal from your bank, anytime, anywhere - Self target
ImageConstruct Coin Shield - Uses gold to make a coin shield that improves physical and magical defense - Crafting skill
ImageUnderwrite Life Insurance - Reduces experience lost from death. Expires in 4 hours or upon death - Crafting skill
ImageMake Metal Munchies - Produces a pet snack that when used, increases the pets Metal attribute - Crafting skill
ImageMake Wood Munchies - Produces a pet snack that when used, increases the pets Wood attribute - Crafting skill
ImageMake Earth Munchies - Produces a pet snack that when used, increases the pets Earth attribute - Crafting skill
ImageMake Water Munchies - Producs a pet snack that when used, increases the pets Water attribute - Crafting skill
ImageMake Fire Munchies - Produces a pet snack that when used, increases the pets Fire attribute - Crafting skill

ImageMoney Talks: (require Abacus, gold and/or IOU to use)

ImageCoin Toss - Attacks the enemy with coins and gives you an IOU if successful - Single target
ImageExtortion - Uses an abacus to extort payments by force. Each successful hit yields 5-15 gold, using one IOU to attack - Single target
ImageMathemattack - Flips coins and counts the heads as binary ones and tails as zeros to calculate damage. Higher levels get more heads - Single target
ImageMoney Rain - Attacks enemies in the surrounding area but wastes a lot of money - Multiple target
ImageDoubloon Discharge - Make a doubloon from coins and throw it at the enemy. More effective if it hits the enemy in the head, face, hand or foot - Single target
ImageBlood Money - Uses 5 IOUs to demand the enemy's life as payment - Single target
ImageBankeruption - An attack that inflicts damage according to how much gold is used - Single target
ImageStrapped for Cash - Strap money to yourself to attract spirits of ill fortune, improving your teammates' fighting chance but lowers yours - Self target, Multiple ally target

ImageTrading Skills:

ImageEquip Abacus - Allows you to equip an Abacus with no penalties, regardless of job.
ImageAbacus Mastery - Allows Abacuses to be used regardless of job at x% of their original strength.
ImageTax Break - Reduces tax rate on your stall.
ImageStall Upgrade - Increase the number of slots in your stall.

8. How Do I become a Merchant?
When you are level 10 or higher in any job, talk to the Merchant Careers Advisor located at (164, 86) in Eversun City. Give him 10,000 gold to start the quest. You have one in game hour to bring back to him the weapon he requires.
He will ask for a weapon level 18-23. You can find the level 20 weapons in the Darkdale Weapons shop, but the level 18 and 23 weapons must be crafted through alchemy. For a list of where you can find these items look here:
Take the weapon he requires back to him to finish the quest.

9. Life Quests:
Not yet available. When they are added I will update this guide with them.

If there is anything else you would like to add to this, please do so ^_^

You can find more Job Guides done by me on our wiki here.

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