exomega255's Merchant: the merc, the BM, the wannabe Guide

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exomega255's Merchant: the merc, the BM, the wannabe Guide

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Original Author: exomega255
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
exomega255 wrote:Note: below is a letter I sent to ittou, this is just thoughts about Merchant as I leveled solo from 30-40; The letter is unedited, so there maybe references that you have no idea of; If you post and ask I will clarify. Note that since this is a personal letter to ittou on a friendly term, the numbers are not checked throughly, so if the approx stats is "off" from what you know, sorry, too lazy to correct~.

--Letter begins after personal greetings--

I can see the light... now enough of this BS, I am gonna give you my analysis for what I did over the weekend, the classes, and their skills:

Merchant: The merc, the BM, the Wannabe.

This class will remain on my all time low; even commoner will be more interesting in that at least, its got a baseball bat for a weapon. At level 40, he honestly cannot match up to anyone (but not to say its not "fine"). I will start off with his Crappy HP: He's got around 1500-1600 hp at lvl 40, in contrast, a BM have around 2100, and Merc have 2400 hp. A wiz/sha have around 1500-1700. You gotta be kidding me. His MP pool does not balance out either; its on an all time low that I think even with the BM I had less mana problem, and mind you, I have a 20% max mp inc. onyx on my helm already.

The real trouble of this class lies in the fact that in the original design, the stat "phy" was suppose to give attack, and as such that is what most of the asianic domo players have their stat build: pure phy; but in our version, that stat does NOT give attack power. This side info matches a lot, for example, with the way the plat. abacus is designed, which is to increase hp/mp recov as a special, and also the special when you gold stat an abacus. I think the original intend of the Merchant was a phy based class that later got changed. Sadly, Softstar only redesigned the stats and did nothing to compensate for its other needs.

I ended up with 36 dex instead of the original intended 28, and the dura and str are about the same. the reason for this is because frankly, the merchant skills have horrid accuracy, and I am throwing, literally, money out if I don't hit things when I use it. It's got an "ok" defense. Its more solid in terms of taking hits, but no where near a merc's capability, and its damage potential just simply suck beacuse a lot of the money attacks are random in damage [more on that later]. The main problem is, other classes have other forms of defense, like thief/doc/muse with evasion, etc, but merchant just stands and take hits. I know you made your merchant agi based, but keep in mind that agi based means .75 attack for each point, and its really low attack, but I guess thats more "defensive".

Onwards to skill analysis: [note that all damage comparsion is to bandit bow wows]

As you know I only took money talk. [and the snacks, but thats not the main discussion]

Coin toss: Ok accuracy compared to other merchant skills (not saying much), it still misses on a frequent basis (maybe 30% of the time); it does decent damage of around 1600 (in comparison when I was doing BM maniac did 4500 to bandits) to bandits. It is at its max level at lvl 40. Its not bad as it only takes 10 gold, but giving 1 IOU... sign... so little.

Extortion: Its a pretty nice skill, but again, with horrid accuracy. you can hit a max of 3 times provided that you have the IOU. At level 40 if all 3 hit, you will use 3 IOU, each hit will do approx 1000-1100 damage, and you will get 5-15 gold back from each "hit" on the hit. However, if the first hit miss the other 2 hits will definitely miss. If the first hit hits, it doesn't mean the 2nd or 3rd hit will hit either. aka, its low prob. It works parallel to coin toss to earn back your money (10 for coin toss, 5-15 gold back for extortion), but honestly, the accuracy sucks so much, if anything I 'd use IOU rather for blood money.

Math. attack: only using a max of 14 gold, and you can do amazing damage; the damage is random and fixed, so you will do the damage you roll, it works on binary as you know. But it sucks for being random. At level 40 I can still hit numbers like 500 up to 4000. An okay skill, sometimes with great results, othertimes, not so great. I think on average I do get 1500-3000 damage, but its a long cast time.

Duboon Discharge: tier 2 of coin toss, and this one's a mixed bag. In terms of damage it sucks. Its highly accurate compared to coin toss. so its good that it will hit, but at level 40 I cast it and it does around 1300-1800 damage. The random effect is nice, ranging from impede movement by a lot, stun, attack disable, accuracy debuff, and finally, getting 10-30 IOU!, its great, because you know what, thats my fav. effect. Stun, and attack disable is great, but it just means I take less damage, not kill faster. The IOU's are all saved for...

Blood Money: So much better than Extortion, it connects! it hits!, and it hits HARD! it uses 5 IOU, and this should be chosen over extortion. The cast is almost instant, the damage is superb, its probably the only saving grace of merchant, though you need to grab enough IOU to use it. At lvl 40 it does around 3600-4000 damage. Not too shabby, it has high accuracy. Use it as often as you have IOU.

Bankruption: I didn't get the skill, but come on... I have to use 78 gold at lvl 1 to do... 2600 damage? I can use 1 scroll (5g) and do 3k damage via scroching scroll. I am not sure if its defense ignore skill, it might be good for PvP if it is.

Overall a relatively weak experience for me. I had nothing to look forward to when he levels other than the "are we there yet" effect. Blood Money does make me happy when I use it, but you run out of money and IOU too soon.

And, It is finished.

--Letter End--
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