lunacrescent's Comprehensive Dancer Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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lunacrescent's Comprehensive Dancer Guide

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Original Author: lunacrescent
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.

September 2017: Rehosted Images.
lunacrescent wrote:Hey everyone! Much like my Fencer guide, I wanted to make one for Dancers to help you get started.I hope it helps you all with any questions you may have about Dancers. Please read everything here before asking questions!

1. What are Dancers?
A Dancer is good at attacking and weakening multiple enemies. They have little defense, but when protected by a team, a Dancer can unleash great powers. They mostly gain their power through Wisdom and Dexterity. Agility is also a helpful stat to have to avoid enemy attacks.

Dancers can do skills that require a Fan that include doing physical attacks and support skills that drain enemy abilities to increase your own. The damage caused by these skills (Fan Dancing), is improved by a greater physical power. These skills are more geared towards PvP.
Dancers also have skills that do magical damage as well as support skills that can weaken enemies or strengthen yourself. These are called Different Dances. The damage caused by these skills is improved by a greater magical attack power. The chance of weakening an enemy can be improved by a better magical accuracy (dex). These skills include 2 AoE abilities and other solo skills, and are thus more suited for those who use magic-class subs.
Dancers also have the ability to equip Fans and Dancewear whilst on other jobs.

Dancers are able to use Fans and Dancewear. Fans are single handed weapons low in both physical and magical attack, but they increase magical accuracy and maximum HP. Dancewear has poor physical defense but good magical defense. Certain Dancewear locations increase attack speed (certain recipes).

2. How do I become a Dancer?
Once you're level 10 or higher in any class, you can talk to the NPC Busker Biff in Placid Plains (294, 241).
He tells you that his friend (Hannah the Dancer) needs help fixing her Dancewear, and asks that you take it to Granny the Seamstress in Placid Plains (169, 483) to get it fixed. Once talking to her, she asks you to get 1 Down, 1 Wild Hide, and 100 gold to fix it. After giving her the items, you must wait 1 minute for her to fix it. After 1 minute, talk to her again and she'll give back the dress. Take it back to Busker Biff to finish the quest.

3. Advantages of being a Dancer
Great in PvP - Their Fan Dancing skills are great for PvP. They have multiple skills that debuff the enemy with an additional buff to yourself, as well as skills that drain HP and MP, and support your team mates.

Low mp costs and low cool downs - Dancer skills use a relatively small - medium amount of MP per spell (with the exception of higher level advanced skills) which have relative low-medium cooldowns.

AOEs - Dancers may only have 4 AoEs in total, spread through both Fan and Different Dances, but the Different Dances skills have low cooldown and MP costs which allows them to be cast quite often.

Work well with other magic classes - If you choose to use mainly Different Dances, having a Magic Class subbed works very well, as they rely mostly on Wisdom to do their damage.

Work well with other physical classes - If you choose to use mainly Fan Dancing, having a Physical/Melee class subbed works very well also, as they relay mostly on Physical Power to do their damage.

Work well in Parties or Solo - Dancers get two AoE skills very early on, and thus make good additions in AoE teams, or even solo if you wish to get exp that way. However if you wish to do that make sure you have a Doctor sub and lots of agility.

4. Disadvantages of being a Dancer
Skill Points - Unfortunately, because there's so many good skills that Dancers have, they tend to be really short on SP, especially if you want to be both AOE and PvP, or have Equip Fan and Dancewear. I suggest leaning towards either one or the other.

Dancers are Squishy - Dancers have very low physical defense, and their armor doesn't protect against it either.

5. Good builds for Dancer

The most important stats for Dancers are Wisdom, Power, Dexterity, and Agility.

2 Wis: 1 Dex - You get your physical power here from both wisdom and dex (you get phys attack power+ with every stat except dura) The dex helps with the PvP skills and Aoes, and the Wisdom help with both MP problems and boosts Aoe skills. It also works nicely if you have a class such as Wizard or Shaman subbed. This build be good for someone who wished to use only Different Dances

2 Power : 1 Wis - This build would work well more with someone who wishes to use only Fan Dancing, but also use some of the Different Dances

1 Power : 2 Wis - This would work well more for someone who wishes to use Different Dances, but still use some of the Fan Dancing skills.

3 Wis (pure) - Wis also adds attack, so you don't need to worry about having a lack of physical attack. Bonuses to this, is that you have a much higher MP and it regens way way faster. This would work well with a pure Different Dancing build, however, your AoEs would not hit as often from lack of dex.

1 Wis : 1 Power : 1 Dex or Agi - This is one of those more hybrid type builds, if you wish to use a little bit of everything - a jack of all trades. Note that this build doesn't have a strength in any particular stat.

2 Wis : 1 Agi - Dodge, dodge, dodge! *casts AoE*

Ultimately, it's up to you what build you want to use. Now, I haven't tested all these builds so it's use to your own discretion.

More Dancer Builds and Discussion

6. Skills of Dancers
Image Fan Dancing (require Fans to use)

Image Ferocious Fandango - Damages nearby enemies with a fan, lowering their magic defense for a short period of time (1/2 against other players) - Multiple target
Image Flying Swallow Fandango - A fan attack in the stance of the Flying Swallow stance - Single target
Image Fatiguing Fan - Leech attack power from nearby enemies and boost attack sped for a short period of time (reduced against other players) - Multiple target
Image Fleecing Fan - Leech defense from nearby enemies, boosting recovery (reduced against other players) - Multiple target
Image Extractor Fan - Attacks the target and reduces their bad feeling towards you. When used against players, it may blow their equipment away - Single target
Image Fancy Ferocious Fandango - Upgraded Ferocious Fandango attack - Multiple target
Image Flying Eagle Fandango - Attack skill that is stronger than Flying Swallow Fandango - Single target
Image Fang Fandango - Steals enemy HP to recover your own HP while attacking - Single target
Image Phantom Fang Fandango - Steals enemy MP to heal your own MP while attacking - Single target
ImageSandstorm Salsa - Creates a sandstorm around yourself, hiding your teammates and and reducing your enemies' bad feeling towards them - Multiple target.

Image Different Dances (requires either a weapon or a Fan to be equipped)

Image Flaming Foxtrot - A dance, choreographed to resemble the shape of a flame, that causes fire elemental damage to nearby enemies - Multiple Target
Image River Rhumba - A dance, choreographed to resemble the shape of a river, that causes water elemental damage to nearby enemies - Multiple Target
Image Soothing Shimmy - Reduces your enemies' attack power and attack speed for a period of time (reduced against other players) - Multiple target.
Image Hypnotic Hoedown - Causes the enemy to daydream, decreasing accuracy and dodge rate for a period of time (reduced against other players). Works on Bosses - Single target
Image Enchanting Cha-Cha - Befuddles the enemy, decreasing defense and magic defense for a period of time (reduced against other players) - Single target
Image Joan's Jive - A dance that calls on the power of the saintly warrior, doing fire elemental damage to an enemy - Single target
Image Stream Spirit Shuffle - A dance that calls on the power of the river god, doing water elemental damage to an enemy - Single target
Image Bestial Boogie - Calls upon the potential to increase standing HP recovery rate - Single Target
Image Mating Dance - Calls upon the potential to increase standing MP recovery rate - Single target
Image Trance Dance - Reduces an enemys magic attack, magic defense, accuracy, and dodge rate for a period of time (reduced against other players). Stacks and works on bosses - Single target

Image Dancing Skills

Image Equip Fan - allows you to equip Fans on any job without any penalties
Image Equip Dancewear - allows you to equip Dancewear on any job
Image Fan Mastery - Allows Fans to be equipped on any job at x% of original strength (does not allow you to use skills)

7. AOE build - What do I need?
For an AOE type build, depends if you want to use only the Fan dance AoEs, Different Dance AoEs, or both. If you want to use both, refer to the skills list above. It's also useful to have some sort of AOE sub equipped, such as Thief, Shaman, Blademaster, Wizard, etc.

8. PvP Build - What do I need?
Most of Dancer skills debuff the enemy in some sort of way. The Fan Dance skills are helpful for this. Different Dances are more helpful in debuffing multiple enemies at once, but don't do damage while doing so like the Fan Dances. It depends on if you want to be a support PvPer (for arena) or independent PvPer.

9. Life quests
Level 20 Lifequest:
Talk to the NPC Long in Swan Lake Basin (595, 522). You dance for him and remind him of his friend Sapphire. He asks you to find a 'soft white item' which is Pupu Paper. Get one Pupu Paper and take it back to him. He then tells you he lost his roster and needs you to find it. Buy a Hay Hoe from the Farmer Merchant nearby and go to (338, 219) in the northern area of Swan Lake near Phoenix Tower, and talk to the Pile of Dirt next to the Benny Marshall:


You will then have to fight 3 level 25 monsters. Defeat them, and you will get the roster to take back to Long. Give the roster back to Long to complete the quest.

Level 30 Lifequest:
Go back and talk to the NPC Long. He asks you to collect some Dancewear for him. Take the receipt he gives you to Mr. Lotus in Placid Plains (522, 543), but he asks you to collect some materials to finish the dress. Get 3 Silk Cloth, 3 Violet Goldflower, which you can get from monsters in Giantwood Forest.
After this, you need to get the Sapphire Samba suit stolen from him by Harriet the Dancer. You can find her in Grassgreen Square (119, 466):


Confront her and you'll engage into a battle with her three lackeys (2 level 30s and 1 level 33). After defeating them, Harriet will give up the dress to you. Take the dress back to Long in Swan Lake to complete the quest.

Level 40 Lifequest:
Talk to the NPC Hannah the Dancer in Placid Plains next to Busker Biff to get the invitation to start the quest. Go talk to O'Shea in Collington (482, 460) to trigger the movie. After this you have to fight the elemental Rat Bosses (it's the same for all level 40 life quests) in the following order:

Giant Metal Rat - Copperhorn Mountain (270, 362)
Giant Wood Rat - Placid Plain (361, 398)
Giant Water Rat - Swan Lake Basin (318, 297)
Giant Fire Rat - Blakatoa (348, 572)
Giant Earth Rat - Grassgreen Square (232, 420)

I suggest taking a team with other people that also have to kill these rats - they're tougher than they look. After killing all the rats in the proper order, go back to O'Shea to finish the quest.

If there is anything you would like to add to this guide, be more than welcome to post it here and I'll add it in ^_^ Happy dancing!
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