desertrose52's Doctor Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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desertrose52's Doctor Guide

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Original Author: desertrose52
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
desertrose52 wrote:Okay, most people would know me as Rebecca in Close Beta DOMO, or "Lover Sprite" since i was with Atsuhiko alot.

Uhhm... I'm writing up a guide that will help alot of people with the doctor class. First thing first, lets start with the table of contents.

Table of Contents
1. Information
2. Builds
3. Skills
4. Money Issue
5. Equips
6. Training Areas


1. Information

This will just be about doctors. Doctor is the medical field for DOMO, and they are the healers/buffers of DOMO.

This guide is a free guide, thus go ahead and use it on other sites. No credit needed, but I will require that you have a link on this guide to lead back to


2. Builds

What's a build? A build is like how the structure for your character is. It's sort of like your computer. Your computer is made to be a function for many stuff. Like your character, they need the right components (stats) and the right pieces (job attributes) for it to work.

For a doctor, there are 6 stats to pick from.

STR - increase ATK power
PHY - increase HP and DEF
WIS - increase MAGIC ATK, MP and MP regen
AGI - increase DODGE RATE and reduces skill cooldown
DEX - increase both magic and physical ACCURACY, and critical hit rate ratio
DUR - increases DEF

Doctors will only need WIS for majority of supporting. Is it also optional to get AGI, since eventually you can get instant cast. Thanks to the people who posted.

Now there are also a few other builds, like tank. A doctor can go tank build, but there's alot of prerequisites before you can do this. I would highly recommend making a mercenary, getting it to lvl 30, and learning the "Equip Heavy Armor" skill. Heavy armor is the best armor for defense, and if your doctor is going to become a tank, heavy armor + some PHY and enough MP to live, you're good.


3. Skills

There are 3 different skill categories for a doctor.

Medical Treatment - these are like the healing skills and regeneration/ressurection skills

Croakus Pokus - these all require a item called "frog", frogs can be bought at the boutique for 5 gold each. These are the healing and buffing skills.

Medical Knowledge - when you reach lvl 30, this skill allows you to equip robe/syringe to another job. Also contains weapon mastery.

Now we'll dive into what skills there are, and see HOW many builds there are that will fit with skills.

Medical Treatment:

Health Heist: This is a single target magic attack. This will take HP from the enemy and heal your HP by a little.
Max skill level: 20
Requires a Syringe

First Aid: This is the first healing skill you get. This will heal your hp/ally hp by a little.
Max level: 10
Does not require a syringe.

Regeneration: Heals a certain amount of hp automatically in a certain time for a certain duration, like 5 hp every 3 seconds for a minute.
Max level: 11
Does not require a syringe

Detox: Dispell players of "HP-decreasing" status such as posion. Max level: 3
Does not require a syringe

Born Again: Revives a dead player, restores some hp and exp lose.
Max level: 10
Requires a Syringe

Heavy Health Heist: Stronger version of health heist.
Max level: 15
Pre-requisites: lvl 5 Health Heist
Requires a Syringe

Greater Healing: AoE Healing. This heals people are you.
Max Level: 5
Pre-requisite: First Aid Lvl 5
Requires a Syringe

Inner Magic: This skill is just like regeneration, except this is MP regeneration.
Max Level: 15
Pre-requisites: Regeneration Lvl 6
Does not require a Syringe

Purify: Removes ALL status (good or bad) and buffs/debuffs on a player.
Max Level: 1
Pre-requisites: Detox Lvl 1
Requires a Syringe

Ultimate Healing: A strong healing skill. This is like first aid, only really strong. NOT AOE!
Max Level: 10
Pre-requisites: Born Again Lvl 5
Requires a Syringe

Croakus Pocus:


Frogs Legs Soup: Heals a single target's HP.
Max Level 10
Does not require Syringe

Frog Force: Increase the ATK of a single player.
Max Level 11
Requires a Syringe

Frog Forcefield: Increase the DEF of a single player.
Max Level 11
Requires a Syringe

Prolong Life: Increase the HP (health) of a single player.
Max Level 11
Does not require Syringe

Soup of Self-Preservation: Places the enemy in a "sleep" mode, where their physical defense is raised, but their magical defense is lowerd.
Max Level 20
Requires a Syringe

Fantastic Frog`s Legs Soup: AoE healing skill that works just like the normal Frog's legs soup, only stronger
Max Level 10
Pre-requisites: Frog Leg's Soup Lvl 5
Requires a Syringe

Yin Frog: Increase the MAGIC ATK of a single player
Max Level 11
Pre-requisites: Frog Force Lvl 5
Requires a Syringe

Yang Frog: Increase the MAGIC DEF of a signle player
Max Level 11
Pre-requisites: Frog Forcefield Lvl 5
Requires a Syringe

Mage Magic Boost: Increase the MP (mana) of a single player
Max Level 11
Pre-requisites: Prolong Life Lvl 4
Does not require Syringe

Mega Medicine: Grants INVINCIBILITY for a certain duration. Very long cool down.
Max Level 10
Pre-Requisites: Soup of Self-Preservation Lvl 5
Requires a Syringe

Medical Knowledge:

Equip Syringe: Allows user to equip a "Syringe" regardless of job
Must be Level 30 before you can get this skill

Medkit Mastery: Increase damage of the Syringe regardless of what class is using the weapon.
Max level: 10

NOTE: Seems like people doesn't understand how medkit works. It increase your weapon damage by 5% when used by another class, regardless of whatever it may be. When you use a syringe on another char, its only 50% what it is. Medkit raises this by 5%, then 10%, then etc.

These are all the doctor skills.

For those who want's to know about secondary skills, DOMO has a very unique and very very very versitile skill/job system.

For the new people who does not know how it works, pretty much there are a lot of jobs to pick from. Martial Artist to Mercenaries to Doctors to Citizens. You first start out as a citizen, when you reach lvl 10, you can change jobs.

Now this is where the versitile part comes in. Let's say you want to become a Doctor/Shaman/Wizard. You take the quest to get every job qualification, and you become a Doctor. When you change jobs for the VERY FIRST TIME, your stats are automatically RESETTED to fit your job. You have NO SKILL POINTS and you START AT LEVEL 10.

Now let's say your a lvl 20 doctor, and you now want to get the shaman job. You change into a shaman, and when you do this for the VERY FIRST TIME, your stats reset ONCE AGAIN and you have NO skill points. You become a LEVEL 10 SHAMAN.

Let's say you hate the shaman class, you stop at lvl 15, and you want to go back to doctor. When you change back to a doctor, you will be at lvl 20. ALL YOUR STATS AND SKILLS WILL BE THE SAME BEFORE YOU CHANGED JOBS.

So pretty much:

Citizen lvl 10 -> doctor lvl 20 -> shaman lvl 15 -> doctor lvl 20

This means you could be a lvl 20 doctor, 15 shaman 10 citizen, and gosh knows what else. In fact, you could become lvl 10 of every job.

Now, the secondary skills are also unique. Let's say as a shaman, you want to carry over some skills to your doctor. This is easy. At the DOJO (the area where you change job), there will be a window that has a little box that has 5 little long oval things.

These little oval things are actually where you "drag" skills into. Your basic citizen skills should already be filling one spot. You can remove this by dragging it into the other box with the jobs.

There will be two windows, left will contain the drag and drop area, and the right will have the list of jobs you have. On the right side, select a job, pick a area of skill you wanna drag, and drag it to the left side.

So let's say I'm a shaman and i want my frog skills. I would select "doctor", find "croakus pocus" and drag it into the left side.

Remember there are 5 boxes. For citizens, they get 8 boxes.

the top 2 boxes are for normal skills, next 2 are for masteries, and i'm not sure about the last one.

for citizens, the top 3 boxes are for normal skills, next 3 are for masteries, and the last two i'm not sure.

There are many secondary skills, and if there are some secondary skills I can pick out, it would be these top 5:

#1 Control Breathing
This will replenish your MP by a little bit. As this skill level gets higher, it replenishes more MP.
Class: Thief - Close Combat
Max Level: 20
Weapon: None needed

#2 Spring Cleaning
This is a buff skill that regenerates MP. Very very very usefull for a Doctor. Higher the level, more it regenerates.
Class: Shaman - Natural Magic
Max Level: 20
Weapon: None Needed

#3 Fast Getaway
Increases movement speed for a short duration. Now there may be better skills, but gosh knows how many time raising my speed saved my butt. Very very very usefull.
Class: Thief - Sneak Attacks
Max Level: 10
Weapon: None Needed

#4 Menditation
Increase HP and MP regeneration when sitting. This is really usefull, as when your party is doing fine, you can sit and regenerate.
Class: Martial Artist - Staff Attacks
Max Level: 15
Weapon: None Needed

#5 Heat Stroke
This burns the enemy, making them lose large amount of HP over a period of time. This is a very useful skills for doctors to use when they solo. Also great in boss battles.
Class: Shaman - Natural Attacks
Max Level: 20
Weapon: None Needed




4. Money Issue

Being a doctor means you won't be able to solo by yourself to make money, and frogs + equips can be expensive. Especially when you need to buy MP pots.

Best way to make money as a doctor:
ALWAYS have at least 3k on you. This way, you can buy manufacturing tools. Why? Try to overnight chop wood and sell Apple Woods. If you make 50 Apple Woods and sell them for 500 gold each, that's 25k.

Or maybe 200 Copper Bar and you sell them for 1k each, that's 200k. 3k will allow you to buy two manufacturing skills.

I made alot of money this way in close beta, and this way of making money probably will continue to exist.

Another way is selling dreamstones. What are dreamstones? They can be made into powder for repairing equips, or used to raise relationships between people. Relationships will give you sweet skills that normally you would not get, but they are only when you are partied with the person you have a relationship with and one of you guys are in the "red area" of your HP.

Important Needs of a Doctor:
As a doctor, you must ALWAYS have MP potions. They are more expensive then HP pills, but it's the only way to survive. At higher level with high level "Control Breathing", you may not need to buy MP potions no more. Drug stores sells them.

HP pills are optional, but wise since healing and stuff DOES have cooldowns. Drug stores sells them.

MP regeneration food. This is usefull unless you have "Spring Cleaning" or a your own MP regeneration skill. These are expensive, but useful at low levels. Inn's and other stores sells these.

Frogs. Uggh, can't tell you how many frogs I've sent to ****. Probably more than 10k during close beta, burning them like a fat kid eating candy. You will hate frogs, and burn them like crazy. 5gold each, at the boutique.


5. Equips

DOMO has a very unique upgrading system, and everytime you upgrade a weapon, the results are always different.

As a doctor, you want a Syringe with the most MP bonus. When you upgrade a weapon, there is a skill for it. It's called WEAPON, and it's a citizen skill. When you drag the weapon into the box, it will tell you what items you need. All of the items can either be bought from NPC outside of Ironmogers, or manufactured through fishing or chopping wood.

You know when to upgrade a weapon when the weapon's experience is full. To increase is experience, go gain some experience. They don't get experience from quest.

When you upgrade a weapon, the results are always different. Maybe you fail, maybe only MP increases, who knows?

Main thing about doctors: Get high MP syringe through upgrading.

For armor, they can be expensive, but you will be lucky. If your a tank class, you burn money on repairing/buying new armor since your armor durability runs out so fast in a huge mob. So as a doctor, you won't be spending much on repairing or buying new armor. Thank the lord.


6. Training Areas

Gosh, training areas. There's a couple ways to do this, but I'll give you the path I took. Remember, there are many different ways for different players.

For me, I did as many quest as I could until I reached level 10. Doesn't take long, trust me.

Once I hit level 10, i used the "job coupon" that i got from the DOJO, and got a free lvl 10 equip set for my job.

I did the quest to get in the well, and trained on Globby Globs until level 13. These are great to train on as a doctor. Why?

High HP monsters (lots of EXP), low damage hitters and they don't mob as much. You'll be leveling every 20-30minutes off these until level 13.

From 13, find a friend/party, and complete the quest to get into the INN Basment or have a friend who can and have him take you and the party down there. Level 16 rats are great to train on, but they can be crowded.

I remember when i was 16, i went to cask master. They are deeper in the INN basement, and I went from lvl 16 to 22 with a awesome party down there. Cask masters are wonderful exp, and you definitely want a musician and a tank.

I did some training with my lover until 24, and then i made another party for Neptune Temple. The mobs here are lvl 29, and they give good exp. They hit much harder, so it was hard trying to support a party with just myself, but after awhile, it gets easier.

I only reached lvl 26 before CB ended, so I can't really give any more tips.


The fastest way to level is to find a AoE party with dancers (i'm not sure if dancers will be implement. If not, find some AoE mercs/thiefs/martial artist) and go mob up some monsters.


This guide will be updated when open beta comes. What to look forward to:

More training areas
More money tips
More skill tips
and much more.

Thanks for reading the guide!!!! Look for me ingame when OB comes, i'll be a Sprite doctor :D

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