lunacrescent's Comprehensive Wizard Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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lunacrescent's Comprehensive Wizard Guide

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Original Author: lunacrescent
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.

September 2017: Rehosted Images.
lunacrescent wrote:1. What are Wizards?
A Wizard uses scrolls to cast spells. They are able to attack enemies at a distance, cause great damage over an area, and even enhance the defense of team members and alter the movement abilities of friends and foes.
A Wizard takes a long time to cast spells, and has weaker elemental properties to their spells. However, their spells cause the most damage out of all the jobs available. As it's expensive to use scrolls, it's not a job suitable for beginners.

Wizards' main skills are slow casting but extremely powerful that allow you to attack from long distances. However, they have relatively weak elemental properties. These types of skills can only be cast using a wand and scrolls.
Wizards also have skills that can alter your team mates' defense against elemental attributes. They also have offensive spells that are not elementally attributed and do not require scrolls or wands to cast.
Lastly, Wizards have the skill that allows you to equip Robes regardless of job.

A Wizard can use Wands and Robes. Wands are single-handed weapons with the weakest physical attack, but the best magical attack. Robes offer high magical defense but low physical defense. Adapting your job to use other types of armor is common.

2. Advantages of being a Wizard:
Incredible damage - Wizards do more damage than any other job in the game.
Long range attack - All of their spells are long range, which helps put you out of range of enemy attacks.
AoEs - Wizards are an AoE class, and obtain their AoE spells at very low levels.
MP efficiency - a Wizard spell does 3 times the damage for twice the amount of MP of Shaman spells
Not Skill Point reliant - Having lack of skill points never seems to be an issue with Wizards unless you get all of the Elemental Buff skills.

3. Disadvantages of being a Wizard:
Scrolls - Most Wizard spells require Scrolls in order to cast, and these can be costly.
Not beginner friendly - Since they are an expensive class to play, they're not a good class to start on when you're just starting out.
Pull Aggro - Because their skills do so much damage, Wizards tend to pull aggro off of their tanker quite often
MP Leeching - Alongside having to use scrolls, Wizard spells use a tremendous amount of MP to cast.
Poor Defense - Wizards have very poor physical defense, and when mixed with pulling aggro often, results in an easy death.

4. Good Builds for Wizard:
A Wizard relies mostly on Wisdom and Dexterity to gain magical attack power. Agility can also be a helpful stat to have, as it helps your ability to dodge enemy attacks when you pull aggro, and to reduce the casting time on spells.

2 Wis: 1 Dex - this is the most common build for Wizard. Since Wizards are an AoE type class, having Dex is very important so that your spells don't miss.
2 Wis: 1 Agi - another common build for Wizard. The agility is handy if you want to avoid enemy attacks when attracting aggro.
3 Wis (pure) - This build will give you the most magical attack power possible, however, your spells will not hit as often and you will receive damage from enemies more often as well.
1 Wis: 1 Dex: 1 Agi - This is a hybrid build, and not that common. The Wis and Dex are the main sources of magical attack power although it would not be as strong as the above builds, and the Agi gives you the ability to dodge enemy attacks.

5. AoE Build - What do I need?
You will need all of the skills in the Scrollcasting skill tree (these are all of the AoEs, and solo spells that evolve into AoEs at advanced levels). It's also handy to have Cataclysmic Converter or Spring Cleaning subbed from Shaman, as well as Shaman AoEs if you run out of scrolls.

6. Other Builds - What do I need?
To be honest, there isn't many other options for Wizards other than being an AoE build.

However, they come in quite handy against bosses because their solo skills do a tremendous amount of damage. Using the Elemental Buff skills are also quite handy against bosses (to weaken their attacks against you).
Unfortunately, Wizards aren't very suitable for PvP because they have such weak defense and not many PvP based skills. Chant of Liberation is the best skill Wizards have for PvP, as well as their solo spells from Spellcasting.

7. Skills of Wizards:

ImageScrollcasting: (require a wand and scrolls to cast)
ImageScorching Scroll - Burns a scroll to release a flame towards the enemy - Single target
ImageExplosive Runes - Burns a scroll to cause an explosion that inflicts fire damage to surrounding enemies, and extra damage to those in the center - Multiple target
ImageLightning Runes - Releases a bolt of energy upon the enemy, causing metal damage, with a chance of a second bolt causing fire damage - Single target
ImageToppling Tremor - An earthquake that knocks surrounding enemies off their feet for a short period of time (lower success rate against players) - Multiple target
ImageAcid Rain Scroll - Makes poisonous rain fall on the heads of enemies, causing multiple hit area damage - Multiple target
ImageSecret Charm of Searing Flame - Burns the enemy with fire summoned from the heavens - Single target
ImageSecret Charm of Shrieking Demons - Calls on demonic powers to release a deadly poisonous attack targeted on an area around the enemy - Multiple target
ImageSecret Charm of Rolling Thunder - Guides a lightning strike to hit the target, damaging nearby enemies as well - Multiple target
ImageSecret Charm of Thorns - Summons vines around the user that attack nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed for a short period of time - Multiple target
ImageSpeeding Ticket - Attaches a scroll that calls forth the power of heavenly soldiers to strengthen your legs, increasing movement speed for a period of time - Single target

ImageSpellcasting: (Do not require wand or scrolls to cast)
ImageChant of Impure Thoughts - Non-elemental magical attack against an enemy - Single target
ImageWarning Warble - Non-elemental magical attack against multiple enemies - Multiple target
ImageStalling Chant - A chant that reduces the movement speed of monsters within the area for a short period of time - Multiple target
ImageCataclysmic Converter - Convert HP into MP, immediately recovering a small amount of MP for HP, then periodically afterwards for a period of time - Self target
ImageChant of Liberation - A chant that liberates the souls of all beings, cancelling movement, attack, and magic-binding status effects - Single target
ImageSecrets of the Metal Spirit - Summons the protection of the spirit of metal, strengthening metal attribute - Single target
ImageSecrets of the Wood Spirit - Summons the protection of the spirit of wood, strengthening wood attribute - Single target
ImageSecrets of the Earth Spirit - Summons the protection of the spirit of earth, strengthening earth attribute - Single target
ImageSecrets of the Water Spirit - Summons the protection of the spirit of water, strengthening water attribute - Single target
ImageSecrets of the Fire Spirit - Summons the protection of the spirit of fire, strengthening fire attribute - Single target

ImageMagical Skills:
ImageEquip Robe - Allows you to equip robes on any job.

8. How Do I become a Wizard?
When you are level 10 or higher in any job, go talk to Wallie the Wizard in Eversun City (246, 336).
Go to Eversun South and find Aunt Lara (226, 403) and talk to her.
Go north a little bit afterwards and find the Gold Dealer (250, 365) and you will be engaged into a battle with a level 10 Wizard.
Return the Gold Bar to Wallie the Wizard to finish the quest.

9. Life Quests:
Level 20:
When you are level 20 or higher, find Barry O'Neil in Darkdale (235, 342), and after talking to her she'll request you bring her back 6 Burial Bands (best collected from Little Eyes in Farrel Family Crypt).
Take the rings back to Burt O'Neil (235, 341) and you'll engage into a battle with 3 level 22 and 3 level 24 Wizards (two groups).


Win the battle and you'll complete the quest.

Level 30:
When you are level 30 or higher, talk to Ol'Jay in Darkdale (284, 135).
After the cut scene, go to Giantwood Forest and find Shan Shan (296, 402). After talking to her you will be engaged into a battle with a level 25 Wizard, who creates multiple copies of himself. When they are defeated you will have to fight a level 35 Wizard boss.


After defeating the boss, go back to Ol'Jay in Darkdale and give him the item you receive for winning to finish the quest.

Level 40:
When you are level 40 or higher, talk to Wallie the Wizard in Eversun City to receive the invitation to start the quest. Head over to Collington, and talk to the NPC O'Shea (482, 458).
After this you have to fight the elemental Rat Bosses (it's the same for all level 40 life quests) in the following order:

Giant Metal Rat - Copperhorn Mountain (270, 362)
Giant Wood Rat - Placid Plain (361, 398)
Giant Water Rat - Swan Lake Basin (318, 297)
Giant Fire Rat - Blakatoa (348, 572)
Giant Earth Rat - Grassgreen Square (232, 420)

Try taking a team with other people that also have to kill these rats - they're tougher than they look. After killing all the rats in the proper order, go back to O'Shea to finish the quest.

If there is anything else you would like to add to this, please do so! Please read everything before asking questions.
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