Mythyc's Agility Guide

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Mythyc's Agility Guide

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Feb 16/2016 Note: Missing images recovered and rehosted on this server.

Original Author: Mythyc
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
Mythyc wrote:Doing some more tests on agility, I wanted to get some facts straight.

First, cooldown reduction for agility does cap itself.

Secondly, casting rate reduction for skills also do cap.

The following results will show you at approximately what point exactly they cap (I started at 40 agi, knowing that before that the effects for both CD and casting reduction were very visible):

Casting Rates




Let's start off with casting rates.

If you observe the results closely, you will notice that after the 60 agility mark, casting rates no longer go down. I now have 147 agility, and I can confirm that the casting rates are identical to what they were at 60.

Next, cooldowns.

If you observe the results very closely, you will also notice that the cooldown reduction halts after 100 agility. Again, with my 147 agility, I have noticed that my cooldowns have not gone down an inch since. To be even more accurate (since I had a suspicious feeling that it capped at 100) I used spring cleaning at 100 agility to see it's CD, which was 254.

At 147 agility, my spring cleaning is still capped at 254 seconds.

Therefore, with all of this said, I can now tell you all that going beyond 103 agility is completely futile, unless you intend to get more evasion (which, common guys, you all know is pretty useless).

Also, I will rectify my shaman wiki soon. DPS for a shaman with 103 agility (which means maximum benefits from agility) + rest wis does much more DPS than full wisdom.

I hope this de-mystifies the mystery behind agility for you all.

Oh, and this discovery can apply to all classes. Going over 103 agility is useless.

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