Max Crit Confirmation

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Max Crit Confirmation

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Retrieved and Compiled By: Angitia

Confirmation done by Zathura, original thread from here. The original post was by vee4Phoenix:
vee4Phoenix wrote:So if aspd capped at 20, what point will 'capped crit' be? How much crit bonus u'll have from fighting chance?
Raybarker wrote:
exomega255 wrote:
mcbeards wrote:So... any confirmations on a critical cap? If so, how much dex do you need to hit it?
no one has bothered I believe, to try.
just tested this - had to change the in-game font to make it readable, which was annoying.

I can confirm that this is true, although my character is on a different server.... My hunter has a natural critical of 20, and with Weak Spotter lv10 (+20 critical rate) DOMO says 20+20=33.

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