lunacrescent's Blademaster Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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lunacrescent's Blademaster Guide

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Original Author: lunacrescent
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.

September 2017: Rehosted Images.
lunacrescent wrote:1. What is a Blademaster?
A Blademaster fights with pure brute force. They have skills that can weaken enemies or strengthen themselves whilst attacking. They can also sacrifice defense or HP for even more brutal attacks. Blademasters most often have the highest physical attack power out of all other classes, however, their physical defense is not as good which leaves them much more vulnerable to attack.
Blademasters have the ability to use skills that are capable of weakening enemies or strengthening yourself. Damage caused by these attacks depends on physical attack power. Improving magical accuracy will increase the probability of weakening enemies. Blademasters also have the ability to sacrifice HP or defense for greater attack power. When these skills are used, you are much more vulnerable to attack, which makes these skills more suitable for teams. Lastly, they also have the skills that allow you to equip Sabers and Light Armor on other jobs.
A Blademaster uses Light Armor and Sabers. A Saber is a one handed weapon the highest physical attack power but decreases attack speed and dodge rate. Light armor offers fairly good physical defense.

2. Advantages of being a Blademaster:
Weapon Suitability - Along with being adept with Sabers, Blademasters are also good with Swords, Spears, Daggers, and Boxing Gloves, which makes using Fencer, Mercenary, Thief, or Martial Artist subs very suitable.
Physical Attack - Blademasters have the highest physical attack power out of all the classes in the game.
Excellent Pullers - Contrary to popular belief, Blademasters make very good pullers or AoE teams.

3. Disadvantages of being a Blademaster:
Beserker - All of a Blademasters strength goes into its power, which makes it lack in HP and defense, and many of its skills cripple you even more.
Aggro - Because their attacks do so much damage Blademasters tend to pull aggro often when they don't want to.
Soloers - Blademasters aren't very party friendly, because they only have one AoE and are mostly only good for pulling.

4. Good Builds for Blademaster:
A Blademaster gains all of its attack power from Power, no other stats will increase the physical attack power.

3 Pow (pure) - Best physical attack you could ever have, but lacks in any supporting stats.
2 Pow 1 Agi - Good physical attack, with an increased dodge rate and decreased skill cooldowns.
2 Pow 1 Dura - Good physical attack, with an increased physical defense and block rate.
2 Pow 1 Phys - Good physical attack, with increased HP and some physical defense.
2 Pow 1 Dex - Good physical attack, with an increased magical and physical accuracy, which is good for PvP and AoEing.
3 Dura (pure) - a lot of people sub Mercenary on Blademaster, and this would be the best build to use if you did because it gives the best defense.
2 Dura 1 Pow - Good physical defense but lower physical attack.

5. Solo/Pvp Blademaster - What Do I need?
All Bestial Attacks if you wish to PvP, as they do damage and weaken your enemies as well. If you want to be daring and think you have strong enough defense, also use the Martyr Attacks.
Using a sub such as Thief with Sneak Attacks work very well.
You may also want to equip Heavy Armor so that your defense is increased.

6. Aoe/Team Blademaster - What Do I need?
Beginners Bow/Hunter subs - you can use this to pull more easily for your team.
Aoe Subs - such as Fencer, Martial Artist, or Thief.

7. Skills of Blademasters:
ImageBestial Attacks: (require Saber to use)
ImageGrowling Tiger - Reduces a targets movement speed, accuracy, and evasion for a short period of time (1/2 against other players) - Single target
ImageFierce Bark - A saber technique that that reduces attack speed for a short period of time (1/2 against other players) - Single target
ImageMenacing Moo - Has a chance of making the target lose HP periodically for a period of time - (1/2 against other players) - Single target
ImageHair Raising Hiss - Has a chance of reducing the targets defense for a short period of time (1/2 against other players) - Single target
ImageEagle Shriek - Has a chance of reducing the targets attack for a short period of time (1/2 against other players) - Single target
ImageRoaring Lion - An attack that can knock the target unconscious for a short period of time (1/3 against other players) - Single target
ImageHowling Wolf - Increases movement speed and reduces attack speed after hitting a target - Single target
ImageGrizzling Bear - A rushing attack that inflicts heavy damage to the enemy - Single target
ImageDragon's Call - After hitting the target, accuracy and attack is increased - Single target
ImagePhoenix Song - After hitting the target, defense and recovery rate is increased - Single target

ImageMartyr Attacks: (some require a weapon to be equipped)
ImageManiac Attack - A frenzied attack that decreases the durability of the weapon, giving it a chance of breaking - Single target
ImageBeserker Blow - An attack which uses HP to increase damage - Single target
ImageBurning Rage - Slowly lose HP to increase attack power of a short period of time - Self target
ImageFocus - Sacrifice defense to increase accuracy - Self target
ImageLash Out - Sacrifice defense and movement speed to increase attack speed - Self target
ImageDouble-Edged Sword - Hack wildly away at surrounding enemies, also causing damage to self and reducing the weapons durability - Multiple target
ImageMindless Slaughter - An attack that expends a lot of HP to increase physical damage - Single target
ImageAll-Out Assault - Sacrifice HP to greatly increase attack. Using magic cancels the effect. - Self target
ImageConcentration - Increases magical accuracy for a short period of time - Self target
ImageSneak Attack - Increases movement speed for a short period of time - Self target

ImageBlademaster Skills:
ImageEquip Saber - The ability to equip Sabers on other jobs without penalties
ImageEquip Light Armor - The ability to equip Light Armor on other jobs
ImageSaber Mastery - Allows Sabers to be used regardless of job at x% of their full strength

8. How Do I become a Blademaster?
When you are level 10 or higher in any job, talk to the Blademaster Careers Advisor in the Dojo of Eversun City (162, 177). Defeat her in battle (level 15 Blademaster) to complete the quest. She's easy enough to beat even on a low level class such as Commoner.

9. Life Quests:
Level 20:
When you are level 20 or higher, find Luke in Eversun South (638, 476). Accept his proposition and you'll engage into a battle with him (a level level 25 blademaster).


After beating him, go to Copperhorn mountain to look for Master Raven at (253, 250). Accept his test and kill the Pupu in one hit to complete the quest.

Level 30:
When you are level 30 or higher, go to Copperhorn Mountain and find Master Raven again. Accept his mission and you will have to fight him (a level 35 Blademaster).


After defeating him, go to Giantwood Forest (263, 312) and talk to the NPCs there, engaging yourself into a fight with them (2 level 30's, and 1 level 35 Blademaster).


Pick up the sword they drop when you defeat them and after the cutscene take it back to Master Raven to complete the quest.

Level 40:
When you're level 40 or higher, go back to Eversun South and talk to Luke to get the invitation to start the quest. Go talk to O'Shea in Collington (482, 460) to trigger the movie. After this you have to fight the elemental Rat Bosses (it's the same for all level 40 life quests) in the following order:

Giant Metal Rat - Copperhorn Mountain (270, 362)
Giant Wood Rat - Placid Plain (361, 398)
Giant Water Rat - Swan Lake Basin (318, 297)
Giant Fire Rat - Blakatoa (348, 572)
Giant Earth Rat - Grassgreen Square (232, 420)

Try taking a team with other people that also have to kill these rats - they're tougher than they look. After killing all the rats in the proper order, go back to O'Shea to finish the quest.

If there is anything else you would like to add or elaborate, please do so! ^_^

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