Mythyc's Shaman Guide 101

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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Mythyc's Shaman Guide 101

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Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Original Author: Mythyc

September 2017: Images rehosted and missing images replaced with equivalents.
Mythyc wrote:Alright, I finally decided to write up a little guide for shamans because...well because it might simplify my job just a teeny weeny bit when all the information new players need can be found on a single thread.

Table of Contents

1. What are shamans?

2. How do I become a shaman?

3. Pros/cons

4. Stats

5. Skills

6. Builds

7. Hints & Tips

8. Lifequests

1. What are shamans?

Shamans are one of the 5 magical classes in this game, which include wizards, doctors, musicians, witch doctors and obviously shamans.

This class in particular is renowned throughout the mirror world for it's ability to single-handedly wipe out any opponent in it's path with its destructive one-on-one skills. Often referred to as the "boss killer", many of the top fame farmers in this game are shamans.

They are also considered to be the best soloers in this game, and with proper justificication. No other class comes near the shaman's damage output on a single target. Some may debate that wizards do more damage with their single target skills, but there is more to this class that meets the eye than simply "raw damage". This will be covered later in another section.

Shamans initially wear robes and are equipped with an almighty wand. As you progress in the game, robes will become obsolete and will be replaced with far more effective equipment. This is also to be covered in a later chapter.

2. How do I become a shaman?

Talk to Shannon the Shaman once you hit level 10 with your citizen (Co-ords 235,186). After you finished talking to her, go to these 4 co-ordinates and talk to each of the NPCs:

590,245 (Eversun North)
113,514 (Eversun North)
225,395 (Eversun South)
376,534 (Eversun South)

Once you've obtained all 4 books, return to Shannon the Shaman and voila!, you've become a shaman.

3. Pros & Cons of a Shaman

This part is slightly more personal. Although it is debatable as to what is an "advantage" and what is a "disadvantage" for a shaman, these are common points which I beleive distinguish a shaman from the rest of the classes (especially wizard):


High MP - Obviously, the more MP you have for a spellcaster, the better it is for everyone. It is important to note that this factor is influenced by your stat build, which will be covered in a later chapter.

Furthermore, shamans have passive skills which increase maximum MP and MP regen. Not that the latter has not been added in our version yet.

High Damage output - This is one of the debatable points. In conjunction with the other pros I will name, you will see why I beleive this statement is true. Shamans are just as capable of dealing damage as a wizard.

No scroll or voodoo bug usage - Possibly one of the greatest advantages of a shaman is the fact that it will never cost you a penny ! This advantage is significant for beginners to DoMO, who usually will not have much money to spare on various paraphenalia such as scrolls.

An average AoE spell for a wizard will cost you 15g for every cast (some even more !). All AoE's in the Shaman arsenal are completely free and do decent damage in comparison to the wizard's arsenal.

Fast Casting spells - Another significant advantage that shamans have over wizards is the fact that their spells, whether it be AoE's or single target spells, cast anywhere between 2x to 3x faster than wizard spells. This is especially true for cooldowns, where wizards will have difficulty chaining different AoE spells together consecutively when they have to continuously sit around and wait for their cooldowns to hit 0.

Perfect examples:

A seasonal AoE for a shaman will take 25 seconds (if you have no agility) to recast Shamans have 5 of these spells. Rolling Thunder takes a minimum of 40 seconds. Acid Rain Scroll takes 60 seconds. Charm of Shrieking Demons takes 50 seconds to recast. All of these spells are the most commonly used by wizards.

Thus, in the time it takes a wizard to cast 1 AoE spell, a shaman will be able to cast 2. Therefore, even if the shaman AoE's do less damage than wizard AoE's, they can be distributed upon enemies faster than wizard AoE's, which can make up for and even surpass the damage of a wizard.

Low MP usage - Few can contest the fact that shamans eat up very little MP for their spells. Whether it be single or AoE, virtually every spell in the shaman arsenal costs less MP than that of the wizard.

While a shaman AoE costs 24 MP to cast, Rolling Thunder (a wizard AoE) costs 84 MP. See the difference ? Though this is the most extreme case, we come to the same conclusion with almost all other wizard AoE's.

Excellent Puller !?! - Contrary to popular belief, shamans make excellent pullers, and I consider them the equivalent of hunters in the same respects. All it takes is the right armor and you can pull just as well as any other class in the game. Oh yea, and adding some agility makes you cast even faster...hence with a bunch of fast casting, low mp comsuming spells (you can set them to lvl 1), a shaman will pull even faster with agility in his build. :wink:


Not pvp-friendly - Although as you gain more and more knowledge of the game, casters slowly but surely become more lethal, they are initially too weak and defenseless to outgun any pvp class in this game such as Martial Artists or Blademasters.

As you gain more sub-classes and levels, they become a force to contend with. Beware, this takes alot of time and patience. I will cover pvp in more depth in a later chapter.

Frail - Yes, like any caster, shamans take damage very easily. This can be remedied easily by obtaining better armor, which will be covered in a later chapter. Note that casters have the lowest HP/HP regen threshold amongst all classes.

Not party-friendly - Although later on shamans are excellent damage dealers for AoE parties, they are initally useless for any form of AoE parties. Shamans obtain there first AoE at level 29.

Therefore, the dull part about shamans is that you must solo (which is dull and long when you have no one around to talk to, in comparison to a party) until minimum 29. Some people will be friendly enough to invite you into AoE parties...but don't count on that happening everyday.


There are 3 main stats which influence the effectiveness of a shaman. These include:



Perhaps the most important stat for shamans in this game. Wisdom gives many advantages to the ordinary shaman:

Higher MP
Higher MP Regen
Higher Magic Damage
Higher Physical Damage (not important)
Higher Magic Defense

MP and in particular MP regen are very important for a shaman. Golden Rule #1 for casters: A caster with no MP is a useless caster.

Some seem to undermine the importance of MP regen. Many seem to think that simply getting mega magic (or mega magic boost) will make your caster more MP resilient in battle, and that they can abandon wisdom entirely. Let me put it this way:

You have a full wisdom caster with 1500 MP who regens 25 MP every 5 seconds while standing.

You have a full dex or agi caster with 1500 MP thanks to mega magic or mega magic boost who regens 20 MP every 5 seconds while standing. Which one will last longer in battle ? The choice is obvious. Thus, we cannot undermine the importance of MP regeneration in conjunction with MP regen. Having alot of MP is good, but if your unable to recover it, it serves you no purpose.

Magic attack is the most important aspect of wisdom. This is important for any aspect of the game, whether it be in parties, soloing or pvping.

Physical attack can be ignored.

Magical Defense is also important, but especially in pvp's vs other casters. Later on, once you will have light armor, you will see that extra magic defense from wisdom grant you polymorphic powers.


Dexterity also has a few key benefits:

Increases physical accuracy (not important)
Increases magical accuracy
Increases critical hit rate (not important)
Increases magic attack (albeit barely)

2 key aspects of dexterity can be ignored right from the get-go - Physical accuracy and critical hit rate.

Magic accuracy is important, but only if:

-You do not have the appropriate wand
-You do not have muse accuracy buffs
-You do not have any magic accuracy onyxes

If you have at least 2 of the above, you can completely ignore dexterity.

By Appropriate wand, this means that:

-some wands are specialized in magic damage. Wizard's wand and bronze wand are good examples
-some wands are specialized in giving a substantial MP boost. Short Wand and Serpentine Wand are good examples
-some wands specialize in magic accuracy. Rime Rod and Fiery Cloud Wand are good examples
-Some are a bit of everything. Well-made Wand and wooden wand are good examples

Thus, you must choose a certain "family" of wands that specializes in a particular characteristic. If you choose the Rime Rod family or the Fiery Cloud Wand family tree, than you will have a substantial bonus in magic accuracy.

Muse accuracy buffs are common in parties. Thus, if you party to level and you have the aformentioned wands above, you don't need dexterity.

Onyxes are a slight bonus. I have them, but it isn't necessary (and they're hard to get).

Note - There is a cap on the number of monsters you can hit per skill. Thus, it is impossible to hit all the mobs in an AoE party, no matter how much dexterity you have. It seems to be ~12 - 16 monsters max that can be hit (although unconfirmed).

Note that dexterity is important if you pvp will be unable to land most of you skills on other classes with agility if you have no dexterity to compensate.


Agility is probably the second best option next to wisdom:

Increases Physical Evasion
Increases Magical Evasion
Increases Physical Attack (albeit little, and not important)
Decreases Cooldown times
Decreases Casting Rate

Evasion. Evasion...Hmm...evasion. Some people consider it useful. Some don't. This point is debatable. If you have light armor, evasion isn't really important. It's all a matter of preference.

As for physical attack...well I think we can all guess why that's useless.

Decrease on casting rates is useful...but yea...that's about's nice to cast faster...but it won't really get you anywhere except in pvp (where the quickest player pawns his opponent). Note that casting rate reductions for agility caps at 58.

Now, cooldown reduction is what makes agility so appealing. Note, however, that the reduction per point of agility is exactly 0.295%. Therefore, it takes quite a few points of agility before the benefits start to add up. Also, cooldown reductions cap at 103 agility.

Now, here is a very useful site for calculating agi and the exact results on how agi affects cooldowns. ... alculator/

Scroll down, go to download, click on the link, install (Tried & Tested myself, no viruses/trojans/spyware found).

To use it, simply open it up, look at the bottom of the window and click on "cooldown" tablet. Simply fill in the appropriate cells with the values you want to test out.

You can look at this thread to check out my results on agility.


Here are a list of skills and some feedback I have given for each:

Seasonal Skills

First page of seasonal skills - These are comprised of all the single target attack spells. They all hit the same amount of damage, all use up the same amount of MP and all take the same amount to cast. The only variance between each is the fact that they are all effective vs a particular element.

MP consumption (lvl1): 4
Cooldown (lvl1): 10
Effect: (lvl1): Elemental damage

Increase per level - MP consumption: +2,+2,+3,+3,+4,+5,+6,+7 MP (more info needed)
Increase per level - Cooldown: +0.5 seconds
Increase per level - Effect: Greater elemental damage

Critical components to any shaman, they make up the pillar of your build. Needed for soloing, pulling, pvping, and even in parties to finish of those pesky remaining monsters :wink:

Second page of seasonal skills - These are comprised of all the AoE's of the shaman. Like their single-target counterparts above, they use up the same amount of MP, same cooldown and same damage. Only variance is the element itself.

MP consumption (lvl1): 24
Cooldown (lvl1): 25
Effect: (lvl1): AoE elemental damage

Increase per level - MP consumption: +6,+6,+6,+8,+10 MP (more info needed)
Increase per level - Cooldown: nil
Increase per level - Effect: Greater elemental damage

Essential for parties, and by consequence, effective leveling. Without these, you will have alot of trouble leveling past 40. Also useful for AoEing low level, low HP mobs for money.

Nature Skills

ImageSummer sun - Cost effective and basically essential for effective soloing. It is cost effective in basically every sense. Decrease magic defense of an opponent.

MP consumption (lvl1): 4 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 10 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 6 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): 15% m.def. reduction

Increase per level - MP consumption: +1 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: -0.5 seconds
Increase per level - Duration: +1 seconds
Increase per level - Effect: +1% m.def reduction

ImageHoar Frost - Useless in all respects, I do not recommend this skill for anything. However, it is used to decrease physical defense on an opponent.

MP consumption (lvl1): 4 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 10 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 6 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): 15% p.def. reduction

Increase per level - MP consumption: +1 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: -0.5 seconds
Increase per level - Duration: +1 seconds
Increase per level - Effect: +1% p.def reduction

ImageSpring Cleaning - Essential skill for any caster, especially if this is your starting class. Increases MP regeneration.

I suggest Spring Cleaning with Cataclysmic Converter (wizard MP regen) for starters. Almost as effective as Inner Magic + Theif subs, and it doesn't use up sub slots needlessly.

MP consumption (lvl1): 0
Cooldown (lvl1): 360 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 240 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): +2 MP/5 seconds

Increase per level - MP consumption: nil
Increase per level - Cooldown: nil
Increase per level - Duration: nil
Increase per level - Effect: L1-L6: +1 MP/5 secs L7-L9: +2 MP/5 secs L10: +3 MP/5 secs

ImageHeavy Frost - Another essential skill for soloers and pvpers. Freezes opponent in place. Instant cast.

MP consumption (lvl1): 4 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 10.5 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 5.5 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): Freeze opponent

Increase per level - MP consumption: +1 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: +0.5 seconds
Increase per level - Duration: +0.5 seconds
Increase per level - Effect: nil

ImageHeatstroke - Causes continuous DoT damage on an opponent. Note that the XP for this skill will not register until you kill the targetted mob afterwards. Useful for subbing on other classes.

MP consumption (lvl1): 10 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 30 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 20 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): -240 HP/5 seconds

Increase per level - MP consumption: +5 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: nil
Increase per level - Duration: nil
Increase per level - Effect: -120 HP/5 secs

ImageDeep Heat - Counterpart to Summer Sun. Long cooldown, significant mp usage, and very little benefits over summer sun's magical defense reduction. Does some damage upon impact. Suggested that you level summer sun to level 10 instead of getting this skill.

MP consumption (lvl1): 36 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 30 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 30 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): 25% m.def. reduction

Increase per level - MP consumption: +9 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: nil
Increase per level - Duration: +5 seconds
Increase per level - Effect: nil

ImageFrost Bite - Counterpart to Hoar Frost. Long cooldown, significant mp usage, and very little benefits over hoar frost's physical defense reduction. Does some damage upon impact. This skill is useless, just like hoar frost.

MP consumption (lvl1): 36 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 30 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 30 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): 25% p.def. reduction

Increase per level - MP consumption: +9 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: nil
Increase per level - Duration: +5 seconds
Increase per level - Effect: nil

ImageMalicious Mirror - Deflects skills of enemies. Useful in pvps. Best reflection skill in the game.

MP consumption (lvl1): 12 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 600 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 300 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): 12% reflection rate

Increase per level - MP consumption: +3,+4,+4,+4,+6,+6 (more info needed)
Increase per level - Cooldown: nil
Increase per level - Duration: nil
Increase per level - Effect: +3% reflection rate

ImageChoking Climber - AoE freeze spell. Useful in parties for stopping large groups of mobs from moving. Not necessary, however.

MP consumption (lvl1): 30 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 55 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 25 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): freeze opponents within an area

Increase per level - MP consumption: +5 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: +5 seconds
Increase per level - Duration: +5 seconds
Increase per level - Effect: nil

Tankers enjoy this skill because they can stand next to the mob instead of in the mob and thus use up less durability on their armor.

ImageSwarm - DoT skill on a single opponent. Can stack with heatstroke. Does less damage per second, but lasts much longer, and does initial damage upon contact.

MP consumption (lvl1): 36 MP
Cooldown (lvl1): 30 seconds
Duration (lvl1): 60 seconds
Effect: (lvl1): -200 HP/5 seconds

Increase per level - MP consumption: +9 MP
Increase per level - Cooldown: nil
Increase per level - Duration: nil
Increase per level - Effect: -50 HP/5 seconds

Passive Skills

ImageEquip Wand - Used to equip wands on other classes. Requires level 30, as well as 15 skill points.

Some people use it to level up other support classes, like musicians or doctors. It's up to you. However, note that AoEing with a doctor is not the brightest idea, and soloing any class is slower than being in a party. Thus, the importance of this skill is greatly reduced. Not suggested.

ImageMega Magic - Increases Maximum MP by 5% increments for every level, for a total of 50% at level 10.

Remember that increasing maximum MP through Mega Magic does not increase MP regeneration proportionally. This is very important...if you have 3 000 MP, but unable to ever recover it completely because your MP regen lacks some umph, than it serves you absolutely no purpose.

Also note that leveling this skill requires 3 skill points, not 2, per level.


Now that we have seen stats and skills, what type of shaman do you want ?

Well, there are 3 main builds which I will talk about.

Solo Build

This should be the build you're using when in your initial stages of leveling. You can continue with this build after 30, but the leveling will get tougher and tougher without a party.

This build does not need accuracy. Single target spells rarely ever miss on monsters, no matter how much magic accuracy you have. The only exception would be high evasion monsters such as dancers, and some theif and fencer mobs.

Thus, I strongly recommend you not fight (or even grind off of) any of these types of monsters. Even if you went full dexterity, those monsters will still find a way to make you miss most of your attacks. I have tried hitting dancer mobs 10 levels lower then me with 100 dexterity, and still fail ~1 in 4 spells easily.

Note that theif and fencer mobs aren't as bad as dancer mobs. But dancers are a definite no-no.

Thus, you can scratch dexterity off of your "to do" list. All your left with is agility and wisdom. Either can work well, however, note that the wisdom path will be more effective in the long run in comparison to agility.

Now that you have wisdom as your main stat, here are the most important skills you should get:

All seasonal skills on the first page - Yes, this is obvious. More skills = more damage. Make sure you top them for your level.

Heavy Frost - Essential to any soloer, because most of us don't like to click wildly like wildmen with our mouses. Use this in conjunction with summer sun first before launching your spells at your opponent.

Summer Sun - More damage, cost effective, fast recast. What more could you ask for ? Max this skill and use it as much as possible !

Spring Cleaning - Whether soloing or partying, MP is an important part of a balanced lifestyle. Use this in conjunction with Cataclysmic Converter, and your ready to rumble !


Heatstroke - Although not necessary, it can be a nice addition to the already massive damage your going to deal on a target.

Frog buffs and heals from doctor - Although not part of the shaman job, doctor subs, in particular the buffs, make you all the more lethal. Getting Frog Soup will also help recover HP after using cataclysmic converter.

Getting Prolong life, Yin Frog, and Frog Forcefield and maybe even Mega Magic boost will definitely help you become a better soloer. Note that the 2 (yin/forcefield) aformentioned require Equip Syringe.

Wizard subs - Another nice alternative. Extra skills and Speeding Ticket will help you too. Cataclysmic Converter would also be nice, but that's another skill slot to use up.

Muse subs - Get a ruby, get pet sounds, make it fight with you. So far, this tactic seems to work very well.

Note that you may want to get 58 agility (max effects for agility end at this number) to cast at maximum speed. Timed well, a shaman with this much agility can shoot it's single target spells as fast as a machine gun ^.-

Party Build

1st page of seasonal magic all up to at least level 4 - Yes, it's a requirement you need to fill in order to get the AoEs. You could also max the single target skills if you want to make a hybrid build.

2nd page of seasonal magic maxed - Yes, AoE's are your best friend in a party. Get them all and max them.

Spring Cleaning - Again, as I mentioned above, in conjuntion with cataclysmic converter, you have continous MP regen. Essential in parties because a caster without MP is a useless caster.


Choking Climber - Makes your tanker extra happy. Get it if you have spare points. The other skills are up to you.

First Aid - If you intend to pull, you need first aid. It will make your doctor extra happy knowing that the shaman can pull and sustain himself without the intervention of the healer :wink:

Wizard Subs - Essential if you intend to become one of the good AoErs in this game. Max all the AoE's (with the exception of Shrieking Demons and explosive runes, if you may) in the scrollcasting section of spells, and sub them on your shaman. Also get speeding ticket. It's useful for pulling :wink:

PVP Build

Shaman as a main for pvp is not a good idea. For a good pvp caster, you need to use either doctor or wizard as a main class. Sadly, the seasonal spells lack raw power to make them lethal in pvp.

However, this does not mean you shouldn't level shaman for pvp purposes. The nature magic skillslot offers a variety of interesting spells for pvp that can be subbed easily, since none of them require wands or weapons !

Note that I won't be giving away too much info on pvp...because I don't want everyone using my build and because pvp is all a matter of preference, in reality. Choose what is best for your build.

List of useful spells:

Malicious Mirror - Although not effective as we'd want it to be in pvps, it can still make a difference. Reflecting a Far Flung Fist always makes me proud :wink:

Heavy Frost - Max it. 5 seconds of immobilization is better than no seconds. Don't get Choking Climber, it's success rate is virtually nul when in pvps. It is also the only insta-cast stun for casters. Use it judiciously.

Summer Sun - If your up against an opponent with alot of HP (like Martial Artists) than your better of using summer sun before attacking too. It can make all the difference between life and death. It is also very effective against opponents with robes.

Heatstroke - Awesome pvp skill. Insta-cast, poison effect, guarentees to remove a good chunk (2.6k) HP off your opponent at level 10. Note that detox (doctor skill) negates the effects.

Swarm - Another awesome pvp skill. Deals a decent amount of magic damage, and then does the same thing as heatstroke (causes poison effect damage). Note that it stacks with heatstroke. Also note that, just like heatstroke, it is negated with detox.

Deep Heat and Frost Bite - Also deal good damage, and have debuffing effects. Note that these aren't all that nice...but if all your other skills are on cooldown, and you wand a quick fix for an opponent, these will make an awesome source of extra firepower in pvp.

Basically, almost all shaman nature magic skills are useful in pvp (with the exception of hoar frost). If ever you want to use shaman for pvp, invest all your points into the nature magic slot and sub it on a wiz/doctor. It will go a long way...

I could also go into other classes, but that would take far too much time. There are simply to many other skills you could use to make a good shaman pvper. Just look around and i'm sure you'll find interesting combinations.

Here are some classes that fit well with shaman for pvp's, though:

-frog buffs
-frog heals
-ultimate healing
-other heals for support
-soup of self preservation
-chant of liberation
-rolling thunder/searing flame/lightning runes/scorching scroll
-elemental defense buffs (vs other casters, very useful)
-musical magic to play a support role
-pet buffs if you want to pvp with a high lvl pet by your side

Do some research and find out which skills would fit you best for a pvp build :wink:

NOTE - Success in pvp relies on the quantity of rooting/immobilizing/cancelling spells you have. The less your opponent hits you, the more chances you have of surviving and the more time you will have to cast your array of weapons on your opponent.

Hints & Tips

Note that I might add more stuff as I get feedback/ideas.

A- Get Equip Light Armor (from blademaster, level 30) and Equip Shield (Mercany, level 30).

Together, they make your shaman extra durable and virtually unkillable in parties. Ever since I have gotten this combo, I have died only twice, and of those two times, both were neglections of my part. lol.

B- Level shaman first, wizard second, doctor third. Get wizard and shaman MP regens. Then, when you want to start a doctor, you won't need to get Inner Magic ! Yes, that's right, more spare skill points for you, and they make a better MP regen than Inner Magic alone.

C- Best pet for casters is ruby, without a doubt. Espeically once your ruby gets his full arsenal of skills, you will find him a nice addition to your already massive damage. And no, don't worry - Pets don't draw aggro away from a shaman. I can guarentee you that :wink:

D- If ever you pull with your shaman, be proactive. If you want save up as much MP as you can for the main "fiesta", thus create a skilltab with just your 1v1 skills at level 1. They cost virtually no MP and they get the job done. Summer sun also makes a nice mob-attractor.

E- If you want a rough estimate of where you should level, look here.

F- Adapt yourself ! Although light armor is generally the preferred choice for leveling (very few monsters use magic based attacks), there are those rare exceptions where robes can actually be better than light armor. A perfect example would be fighting Female birds of paradise in Phoenix Tower, or Tawny Tims in TGT.

G- Nukes are powerful. Use them judiciously. If ever your getting the impression that your taking too much damage, and that there is more incoming, then stop your AoEing for a few secs until the mercenary can take control of the crowd again.

More to come if ever something interesting pops up.


Level 20 lifequest

Talk to Anson Charleston in eversun city. Co-ords 140,305

Head over to Blaketoa. To do so, take the path Eversun city :arrow: Eversun South :arrow: Blaketoa. Blaketoa is found on the right side of the Eversun South Map.

Once you've arrived at Blaketoa, head North. Just keep walking north until you hit a little village. This is called "Charleston Manor". Once you've arrived, talk to Nanny Charleston, near the well in the very middle of the city (she is very well hidden) at the co-ords 202,439.

After you have talked to her, head west to the meditation merchant, co-ords 193,399. Buy a sandalwood incent (the 300g one, not the 1500g one).

Talk to Nanny again. Fight the boss. Afterwards you will recieve a shaman spring, a whispy wand recipe and 200 fame.

Level 30 Lifequest

Talk to Darcy Churm. Hey will give you a key. Go inside the inn basement. Head to the co-ords 421,325. Enter.

The first part of the Lifequest is straightforward. You have 8 (or ten, forgot) portals.

You need to make them disappear by clicking on one portal, and afterwards, clicking on the other portal which is related to it.

To do this just select any portal, and go to the exact opposite side of the circle of portals, and click on the other portal (They form a circular shape). Therefore, if you select the Portal at the top of the circle, go the to one at the complete bottom and select it. If you select the SE portal, go to the exact opposite side and select the NW portal, etc.

The second part is slightly harder.


Use this to help you.

Basically, when they ask you which element beats which, just use the normal and basic equation:

Fire < Water < Earth < Wood < Metal < Fire

When they ask you things about complementary elements, use the chart above. It isn't implemented into the game (complementary elements are supposed to give a 25% bonus in attack). It basically goes along the lines of:

Fire < Earth < Metal < Water < Wood < Fire

Hope that helps. Remember that every time you get an answer right, it's -10%. If you get it wrong, it's +5% hp.

Don't try killing the things...they have like 10 million HP.

The reward is a shaman spring and 300 fame. You will also recieve the title "shaman"

Level 40 Lifequest

Talk to Shannon The Shaman again (235,186). She will give you an invitiation. Head over to collington, and talk to the NPC near (not in) Emporor Gang's Dungeon, co-ords 482,458.

After the cinematic, head over to each of these co-ordinates to kill the giant rats. Don't worry, they are very easy to kill (just long). Follow these in order:

Copperhorn Mountain - Co-ords 271,364 (Metal Rat)
Placid Plains - Co-ords 360,400 (Wood Rat)
Swan Lake basin - Co-ords 317,298 (Water Rat)
Blaketoa - Co-ords 349,570 (Fire Rat)
Grassgreen Square - Co-ords 232,420 (Earth Rat)

After defeating all of them (in this order), head back to the NPC at collington (co-ords 482,458).

You will recieve a shaman spring, a Fiery Cloud Wand Recipe, 300 fame and 6 Dreamstones. Note that you recieve 20 fame for each rat you kill. You will also recieve the title "Medium".

That's it. Feel free to add comments/corrections where needed. I'm sure I made tons of Typos anyway :P
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