exomega255's Pet Musician Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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exomega255's Pet Musician Guide

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Taken from here. Retrieved by Aaron. Seems to be missing the first part of the guide.
Archived full version
Author: exomega255

September 2017: Images Rehosted.
exomega255 wrote:------------------------------------------------------------

Zeph, so many decent sub skill sets to choose from, which ones do you recommend really?

I see potentials in all the subs I have listed, with different stat builds, each sub can work better or worse, and also dependent on play style.

Again, if you do "sit and watch", no subs are necessary really. You CAN have hp/mp regen if you want. For the other two play styles, the following is what I think a "must":

Sub 1: Doctor's Medical Treatment
Sub 2: -> your choice dependent on your build and preference

Doc's medical treatment sub is really heads above the rest, bringing you hp and mp regen, giving you a lot of staying power to grind. As long as you have hp and mp, your pet gets hp and mp and attack buff, and you can tank for it, thus you can level indefinitely.

The second choice is yours. I personally chose Thief to increase my MP intake. You like to be more physical and more agility based? go hunter or blade-master subs. You lean to wisdom? try Wizard subs. Frog buffs are always good if you managed to squeeze that many skill points out of doc.

Something of note, is that Hunter, Blade-master subs are much better when they are at least level 35. Subs like thief's close combat can be useful in even the lowest levels. Take that into consideration when deciding what subs to take with you.


Places to Level [JJJJJ]


Well, now that we have discussed about stat builds, skill builds, pets, and play style, the next natural thing is, where do you do all of these... killings? I will list a bunch of potential spots for Pet Muse, advantages and disadvantages, as well as personal comments. Finally, it will be topped with where I personally did each of those levels. Keep in mind to always stay at dungeon mobs when possible, as they give more drops and exp.


Relations between you and your Ruby: the levels

Note that for veteran pet sound solo-ers, it's great to have pets at various levels to help all your classes. But sometimes, as a new player, you may not be able to afford such luxury, in which case you would have to level the ruby on your own with your class, at the same time. If you alternate between 50% and 25% shared exp for your pet, it should be just about the right level.

For reference, it's best to level with a ruby that is 3-4 levels above your character, fighting mobs that are 2-3 levels above him. I personally have a ruby at level 26, level 36, level 41, level 46, level 51, level 56, and level 60. This saves me time to have to give experience to my pet and can directly go to my class.

In Summary, When you start off then, give the ruby 25-50% exp share. Make sure the ruby is at least the same level as you, if not a few levels above, but not more than 5 levels, as that is the max that it can give you exp.


Levels 10-15

At these levels, nothing can really go wrong. No matter where you level, it probably won't hurt, even without subs. A few recommendations:

1. Eversun Town hall basement: Zombies (level 12), Grape globs (level 13), and rats (level 14). They all give good exp, especially the grape globs. Consider well that grape globs, because it takes longer to kill, will in essence give you less drop for a training period. Note that you really don't need a pet for these levels, but if a friend has a Jade or Rock to spare, it's good too. Ruby is not too strong this level.

2. Eversun South: Wild Flying Pupu's (level 12) These give great drops, and there are many of them around, so if you like to see sunlight, this is a good alternative to 15.

3. Eversun North: Zombies (level 12) and Demonic Zombies (level 13) Another good alternative. Watch out for the revenge boss spawn though.


Levels 16-20

At these levels, I would still say a pet is NOT necessary, but it does help a lot. A ruby at level 18 is fine. Simply fight with casting Sonic Swipe to keep 3 buffs on. Buff only power ballad on Ruby should be enough as well. A few "choice" places:

1. Family Farrell Crypt: Spiders and Itsy Bitsy (level 18), Greedy Rats (level 16), Little Eye (level 17). Greedy Rats aggro, but they hit lightly. Little Eye is your first pure magic mob, and with dancer robe on you should take very little damage. Your Ruby will rip them apart as well. Spiders have very low aggro, hits very lightly, and are extra source of exp. The reason why I chose not to do inn basement is because of the overcrowded-ness of that place.

2. Inn Basement: Pupu President Corpse(level 17), Greedy Rats(level 16), Toxic Trunk(level 19). The only reason to go here is because it's "close to city". Its jam packed most of the time (at least when I was there), Trunks and Corpses aggro as well. Do not go cask master. They take too long and have low drops. They also aggro and have an annoying de-buff. Repeatable Quest for all three of the above monsters at NPC.

3. Copperhorn Mountain: Little Lid Liz (level 15), Toxic Tiger Moths (level 18) They hit relatively light, especially the moths. The ruby won't do too well as the moths are dancer class, but you will hit them hard. Liz gives good drops as well. Watch out for the revenge boss that spawns in the middle of the road.

4. Placid Plains: Noddy Stones (level 21), Toxic Tiger Moths (level 18). The moths are the same as Copperhorn mountain. The stones are perfect for Ruby, as they have high physical defense, low hp and low magical defense. Your ruby and sonic swipe will do them well. There is also repeatable quest.


Levels 21-30

Now, I highly recommend that you have a level 25 ruby to work with, but if you have a lower level, that can be fine as well. Depending on the level of your ruby, and how comfortable you feel on the pet muse (which should start to pick up in power), you should level in different areas. Keep in mind, that the ruby gets huge power boost from level 25's flame skill.

Note: Do not try bow-wow Bonkers. They hit low damage and they are great for many classes, but not Pet muse + ruby, because there will be too many aggro from them to you and ruby.

1. Phoenix Tower: Female Bird of Paradise (fbop) (level 26). This is THE CHOICE mob. The dungeon's setting is perfect for "sit and watch" style, but can do the other two play style as well, as long as you have good dancer wear. Fbop are pure magic mobs, and as such, they fire nukes very slowly, and they scratch your ruby only. With buff it should take very little damage. The ruby can pretty much be fine tanking 3-4 of them provided that you have cheery tune on. They also drop very frequently. There is a hallway full of ONLY FBOP (this is past the hallway of mbop + fbop) where you can level safely by sitting next to portal and use the ruby to attack. The exp is "not bad" even up to level 30 if you want to be lazy and sit. you MUST have a level 25+ ruby to do well here. There is a repeatable quest as well, but it's tough to get back to the NPC during grind session.

2. Giantwood Forest: Foxes (level 26 metal). Now, if you don't have a ruby at level 25 yet, this is a good place to train it up (if ruby is around level 22-24) All play styles work here. The foxes may hit the ruby a little hard, so healing is definitely needed if you want to "sit and watch". But they are metal monsters, so your ruby will also tear them apart.

3. Grassgreen Square/Pandora's Box: Ivy Spirits (level 34) When you are near 30 and you want faster exp and can't stand Fbop anymore, if your ruby is also around 31 (you being level 28-30), you can give Ivy Spirit a try. They are doctor class, they hit semi-soft physically. The ones are Pandora have a repeatable quest that goes with it. But you also have to do the entrance quest or have a friend get you in, or a go-anywhere. Note that Ivy Spirits at Grassgreen will aggro at 50% hp for you and your pets, so keep the hp up.

4. Neptune's Temple: Crimson Glob. (level 29 WARNING water elemental). If you choose to do here, globs hit VERY light for a level 29, but you have to do the tanking, and you have to pull the mobs one by one to you via Sonic Swipe. This is because they will aggro and mob you and your ruby if you go into the fray. Ruby is also not as strong as spark and flame's damage are lessened. But there Is a good repeatable quest and the exp is good if you can kill fast. A rock would work better here. Do the pulling near the entrance. Turtles are a bad idea in that they hit hard, and the locations of their spawns is filled with agro, leaving you no room to pull one by one. Their exp ratio is also not very good.


Levels 31-40

There is a LOT of leveling methods here. If you, by chance, have a level 36 ruby, you can move straight to Pandora's grotto for awesome exp, but if you are just starting out and the ruby is not that high leveled, there are other places to level! Note that you would be wise to be in an agility build to tank, and have light armor would be great if you are not doing "sit and watch":

1. Pandora's Grotto: Bandit Bow-wows (level 39) This is the choice monster to grind on from 31-40 (you can try wolves (level 43) if you have a level 41 ruby when you reach level 38 or so) But it is ONLY possible when you have a level 36 ruby, to be effective. They hit decent, and they hit fast. When you first enter grotto, there is a 2 spawn place perfect for soloing. Down the stairs a little, there is another 2 spawn place to solo, and further more down the stairs a 2-3 spawn place to solo. Do not go solo in the middle of a large room. Those are the 3 optimal places: 2-3 spawns. If your ruby gets 2 of them aggro-ed to it, you may want to swipe one and run around to draw aggro until Ruby finishes one. If the places are all "full", you can swipe-pull from the first large room you see, with a mix of spiders and bandits. Do not fight the spiders, as these Martial Artist level 41 hits hard. There is also a repeatable quest if you want to farm for onyx.

2. Pandora's Box: Ivy Spirits (level 34) [read #3 of Levels 21-30] Also, Spirits are good to tie you until level 34 if you really can't take the other mobs.

3. Blak: Mystery Mices (level 38) They are a good mob for you and the ruby to fight, as an alternative from bandit bow-wows. Do not fight the bandits at Blak, as they give less exp and have a huge aggro radius. The mystery mices are good to tie you until your ruby turns 36, and then I would still recommend grotto for fast grinding.

4. East Sea Plains: Metal Guardian (level 40 metal) If you like the outdoors a lot, and like East Sea's music, this is the monster for you. Once a ruby is level 36 and up, Metal Guardians is a nice relaxing alternative. They do hit hard, but your ruby hits harder. The experience won't be as fast as Grotto because it's not a dungeon and the metal guardians are rather spread out. Do not go face wisewood, as they hit REALLY hard.

5. Neptune's Temple: Ice Zombies (level 33) These pure magical mobs, although water type, does very little damage to Ruby, and the Ruby does very well here. However, getting to them safely is the problem, as the king globs dancers are right before them, and if your muse is low leveled, It would hurt. There is also not really any safe spots to run to. They also aggro as well, so "sit and watch" is out of the picture. I find it to be a hard place to level, but a place none-the-less if you can find a spot with 2-3 spawns.


Levels 40-45

At this point, you have full arsenal of weapons, you got pet snacks, your songs are nicely leveled, your ruby is reaching good killing rate via 4 nukes. There are a few places that can help you level. Some harder than others, depending on your build/funding.

1. East Sea Plains: Metal Guardians (level 40 metal) Read #4 of level 31-40. If you liked them you can stay killing them until 41-42. They just get slaughtered at the might of a 4x ruby.

2. Foggy Forest: Iron Hedgehogs (level 46) These hedgehogs hit hard, so don't try them unless your ruby is still 2-3 levels above you and you have good doctor subs and can tank via LA. They have 24k hp and give 28k exp, and have the a very good exp/hp ratio. You need to use sonic swipe/pet snack song to pull mobs one by one to you, as it will take a while to kill one. There is a repeatable quest for it as well. If you keep moving into Foggy, the third map is pure hedgehogs, and there are afk spots (unless people purposely lure to you, as it's a hole NOT near the portal, so if you get killed you know it's by purposeful lure) The hedgehogs aggro so be sure to lure one by one or you will be in trouble with ruby. Also of note is that the Iron Cast Hedgehog (level 48 merc) spawns every few minutes, have a huge aggro range, but have low hp and exp. You do have to kill it because it's annoying.

3. Town-God's Temple (TGT) Tawny Tims (level 48 metal) About the 3rd map into TGT, you will find yourself in a room filled with heinous heads (red colored skulls, dancer mob) which don't aggro, and tawny tims, blue colored skulls shaman type metal mobs that aggro. The great thing about it here is that The Tawny tims are pure magical, so they will only attack with magic, making your ruby last very long. They are also metal class, so they take tremendous amounts of damage from Ruby's Flame and Spark. Their Exp to hp ratio is a little less than the Hedgehogs, but it certainly is easier for you and your ruby, especially if you are still on dancer wear. There is a quest for these skulls as well that is repeatable, but the NPC is very far away.


Levels 46-55+

At this point, Dragon's Den is also a great place to level in additional to others. A lot of what you can do at this point depends on what subs you have and how well your equipments are. These factors make a big difference. If you have low level subs, I highly recommend you go back and level other classes.

1. TGT Tawny Tims (level 48 Metal): these are still great monsters to fight until level 50, then which you must move on. (read #3 of levels 40-45)

2. Foggy Forest: Hedgehogs (level 46): these will only be good until 48-49, then you must leave the nest and choose another place of your liking. (read #2 of levels 40-45)

3. Dragon's Den: Noisy Snakes (level 54): I apologize in advance, because I am "new to Dragon's Den". The only mob I have trained on are the Noisy Snakes. These require a level 46+ ruby to be somewhat effective. level 5x ruby for the best results. They are magical mobs, so either dancer wear/robes for you. If you feel that you cannot kill these at a fast pace, there are lesser level snakes to fight. (which I personally have no experience on, if anyone can contribute, that's great) When you reached higher level 5x, it is possible to grind on the Flying Noisy Snakes. Be aware of the Giant Flying Noisy Snake, especially when you first explore the place, as they hurt, a lot, and they are level 60.

4. Dragon's Den: Flying Noisy Snakes (level 55): These mobs are great as long as you have a good magic defense and decent regen/heal. They are almost always taken either by AoE or solo-ers. Their drops suck because you kill so few, but it's a decent way and can even get you up to level 60.


Life Quests [KKKKK]

This is taken from Luna's guide
lunacrescent wrote:
9. Life quests:
Level 20:
Talk to Wolfgang stationed in Eversun South (628, 351). He'll then direct you to Mr. Clothear in Eversun City (145, 79). He'll ask you to talk to the Pasturizer in Eversun North for help. Talk to the Pasturizer (102, 531), and you will have to collect 3 Cypress Wood and 3 Liquid Rubber for him, which you can get from the Tree Hole Kuku and Oak Hole Kuku near the Farrel Family Crypt. Take the items back to him along with Mr. Clothears letter. Take the Glue Trap he gives you back to Mr. Clothear in Eversun City. Once you talk to him you will have to fight a boss (level 25 Musician). The fight is fairly easy.


After you have won the fight, take the Grey Fur back to Wolfgang in Eversun South to finish the quest.

Level 30:
When you're level 30 or higher, go talk to Mr. Clothear again in Eversun City to start the quest. He'll ask you to go find Wolfgang in Grassgreen Square, but before you do so buy a grade 1 Fishing Rod, Forestry Axe, and Herding Fodder from the NPC in front of Jobseekers.
Now, talk to the Shaded Spot in Grassgreen Square at (468, 498) to continue the quest.


You'll have to fight a group of bosses this time around, but it's very easy, don't let their numbers intimidate you (6 level 30 Musicians).


Lulu the rat will ask you to collect some items from various maps; this is where you will need the collection tools you bought earlier. They are at the following locations:

ImageGrassgreen Square (192, 117)
ImageGiantwood Forest (294, 77)
ImagePlacid Plain (480, 363)

Now, go to Pandora's Grotto and look for Lulu. From the entrance of the Grotto, go straight until you're forced to turn left, and go left. From there go straight then make another left turn. After turning left, you'll find yourself in a large open area. Take the corridor on the far left side. Go up the stairs and you'll find Lulu next to the portal. Talk to Lulu, and engage yourself into a fight with a gang of Demonslayer NPCs. Don't worry, it's very easy. You'll have Lulu's sidekicks helping you.


Once you've won, return to Grassgreen Square where you encountered Lulu before to finish the quest.

Level 40:
When you are level 40 or higher, go talk to Busker Biff in Placid Plains (293, 240) to get the invitation to start the quest. Go talk to O'Shea in Collington (482, 460) to trigger the movie. After this you have to fight the elemental Rat Bosses (it's the same for all level 40 life quests) in the following order:

Giant Metal Rat - Copperhorn Mountain (270, 362)
Giant Wood Rat - Placid Plain (361, 398)
Giant Water Rat - Swan Lake Basin (318, 297)
Giant Fire Rat - Blakatoa (348, 572)
Giant Earth Rat - Grassgreen Square (232, 420)

Try taking a team with other people that also have to kill these rats - they're tougher than they look. After killing all the rats in the proper order, go back to O'Shea to finish the quest.


WOW Zeph, that's a lot of info, thanks, anything else? [LLLLL]

Yes, Crescendolls decided to help me and wrote a 'what's a good sub' questionnaire for you! So here it is:

Crescendolls' Guide to Picking a Musical Sub

01] What is your main style of play?
1) Hit and Run
2) Sit and Watch
3) Stand and Fight

02] What level do you want to train this sub to?
1) Under 20
2) Under 30
3) Under 40
4) 40 or Higher

03] Do you want to get Equip Weapon (Level 30)? (Say no to stay on content related to this guide)
1) No
2) Yes

Doctor (Medical Treatment) // 111 / 112 / 121 / 122 / 131 / 132 / 141 / 142 / 211 / 212 / 221 / 222 / 231 / 232 / 241 / 242 / 311 / 312 / 321 / 322 / 331 / 332 / 341 / 342
+ First Aid, Regeneration
+ Born Again Level 16, Health Heist Level 1, Heavy Health Heist Level 24 (Weapon needed)
+ Inner Magic Level 33 (Recovers MP)

Doctor (Frog Skills) // 111 / 121 / 132 / 142 / 311 / 321 / 332 / 342
+ Frog Leg Soup
+ Prolong Life Level <20
+ Frog Forcefield, Frog Force (Weapon needed)
+ Yin/Yang Frog (Weapon needed)

Thief (Close Combat) // 111 / 121 / 131 / 141 / 211 / 221 / 221 / 231 / 241 / 311 / 321 / 331 / 341
+ Control Breathing Level <13
+ Premonition Level <15
+ Fighting Foresight Level <30, Rhythm of Life Level 28

Hunter (Hunter Instincts) // 111 / 121 / 131 / 141 / 311 / 321 / 331 / 341
Note: Most effective after you obtain Ready for Action and other tier 2 buffs. Agility builds and normal attack based builds most effective.
+ Weak Spotter
+ Ready for Action
+ Aim
+ Go for the Throat
+ Unerring Aim

Blademaster (Martyr Arts) // 111 / 121 / 131 / 141 / 311 / 321 / 331 / 341
Note: Most effective on normal attack based Pet Musicians.
+ Focus Mind
+ Lash Out
+ Burning Rage
+ All out Assault
+ Maniac Attack
+ Berserker Blow
+ Double Edge Sword

Shaman (Nature Magic) // 111 / 121 / 131 / 141 / 221 / 221 / 231 / 241 / 311 / 321 / 331 / 341
Note: Spring Cleaning more effective with an Agility build. Wisdom build recommended if focusing on debuffs.
+ Spring Cleaning
+ Hoar Frost
+ Choking Chamber
+ Summer Sun

Wizard (Spellcasting) // 111 / 121 / 131 / 141 / 221 / 231 / 241 / 311 / 321 / 331 / 341
Note: Wisdom build most effective for all skills besides Cataclysmic Converter.
+ Chant of Impure Thoughts
+ Warning Warble
+ Cataclysmic Converter
+ Protection of Spirits
+ Stalling Chant
+ Chant of Liberation

Merchant (Trade Secrets) // 111 / 121 / 131 / 141 / 211 / 221 / 231 / 241 / 311 / 321 / 331 / 341
Note: Not an effective sub. Items can be crafted and stored in your inventory for later use to avoid subbing this job.
+ HP/MP medicine boost
+ Defensive Pet snacks
+ Life Insurance


Final Summary of my build:

I was told to give a final summary of how I build my Pet muse, so in brief:

Level 50 Pet muse at the moment
All pet buffs maxed,
Cheery Tune level 5,
Song of Serenity level 6,
planning to reskill away pet res, as I have no need for it.
Also I am maxed in Springs

1:2 Wis Agi build

Equipment on me: plat Banjo double gold, Robes for Dragon's Den

It's HARD to follow my level speed on Solo. I have Maid Sara with me for level 40-50 stretch. Level 30-40 I did it with Ruby + badge. Level 30 and below I did it without badge and just ruby.

For level 30-40 with level 36/41 ruby + badge: 30-50 minutes per level, dependent on mob.

For level 40-50 with level 41/46/51 ruby + Maid Sara + Badge: 40-60 minutes per level, dependent on mob

I honestly don't recall below 30, as it really doesn't matter, but it was still roughly an hour due to no badge.

Remember: I have same-level subs all the time (40-50 stretch means I have 4x subs, 30-40 stretch means I have 3x subs), I have maid Sara on me, and I have rubies at fixed level for those leveling speed.

You WILL be slower [unless you have what I have], but you will be ABLE to solo at a good speed with just ruby and badge. (And at those high levels you ought to be able to afford a high level ruby [leveled by someone else or yourself, which takes time] and a badge. Lower levels don't really matter too much)


Comments and suggestions?

Sure! If there are any corrections that needs to be made, or you have a revelation of some sort, please forum PM me titling the email "Pet muse guide".


Credits: [MMMMM]
(If you are suppose to be on here or you think someone's name is missing please notify me)

for testing each pet's experience rate
-GS Xel:
for the pet compilation Guide
for finding out about level 33 and level 53's instrument special ability
for editing and making this guide read-able and pretty
For reading and give me suggestions and comments as well as provide a How to choose subs questionnaire
For reading and giving me suggestions and clarifications I need to make
For reading and giving me comments
-GS Luna:
For writing about the details of the Life quests which I referenced
For qualification test of musician
For the musician mechanics guide (because I was too lazy to type my own xD)
For the instrument recipe and materials guide

Note: No pets were harmed in making this guide. Only my fingers, my brain, and the motivation from a lack of forum activities were used.
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