exomega255's Solo Dancer AoE Guide

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exomega255's Solo Dancer AoE Guide

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Taken from here. Retrieved by Angitia.
Author: exomega255
exomega255 wrote:Note: this is my personal experience. Comments are welcomed. don't comment on PvP or AoE party, I can care less about them, and I don't analyze the class for those purpose. This is ONLY FOR SOLOING.

Dancer: Dance like you've never danced before! (bonus points for guessing my reference)

Finishing Merc on Monday morning I started dancer yesterday. After LQ, I took my LA + shield and went to Neptune for 30-31 as usual. One word: FAST. unbelivably fast, and I was chating too, and I leveled in like 30 min. 28 dex and pure agi, the globs can't hit me, and if they do it doesn't hurt; I had Thief + doc sub; At level 30 with lvl 10 regen + fan, I was basically regening 80-90 hp per tick, with 150-160 def after buff. I solo AoE killed faster than the AoE party next to me. I actually have to wait for them to kill the mobs so more and spawn back. It sucked, thats the cap of my leveling speed: the aoe party next to me can't kill fast enough. It takes 3 hits to kill after double fan buff/debuff on the mobs:

At level 30 against globs:
1 tier 2 fandango = 2800 damage
1 Fandango = 1500 damage
1 Sandstorm = 700 damage
1 more fandango for the stray-ers.

Done, and next? the mp problem is completely solved now that I have 4x inner magic AND 4x RoL and CB to regen everything, not to mention I have phantom fang dango to steal mp from mobs.

Next I moved to Grotto once again. And Dancer is, imo, a simply BROKEN class. Remember that I am all agi, so no wisdom. But I was able to fully buff my pet AND use all my skills after every cooldown starting at level 31, without ever depleting my mp! I am never even below the half way point either. its like infinite MP.

Another thing of note, is that just as the merc is able to tank the mobs at lvl 31, I was able to tank the mob as a dancer at lvl 31 as well! How can that be? I have high dodge, and my def was already at 150-160 with buff, at level 31, so even if they hit me when they do, it doesn't do much. Moreover, I have fang fandango to drain HP, I still have around 90 hp regen due to buff, and a good attack speed to boot.

The only complaint is that being an agi build the damage of my skills are a little subpar, but that might be because I am level 31. But it doesn't matter, because my kill rate is the same as all my other classes; there are only 2 spawns, I still kill the spawns as quickly as it spawns, aka, my exp rate limit is the spawns, not my class.

Now I am level 35; With the fan buffs, this is what I have: around 340 attack power, 180-190 def, 100 hp regen per tick (regen stacks with fan buff), 3 attack speed, 75 evasion, and 1600 hp (WOW, more than merchant lvl 40 hp already? you don't say!) The fan buffs can be kept on indefinitely. I still never run out of mana. I plan to Solo AoE soon after I reach 37-38. I will tell you skill analysis when I am finished til 40.


Part 2 of Dancer: ok, I have been finished at 40 for a while now, time to write, and dancer just gets better and better. my MP is still infinite even when I solo AoEed at grotto. My Hp sometimes dips, but thats remedied when I cast Fang Fandango, which gives me a healthy 350 hp heal at least.

I solely believe that a pure agi (until 103 agi then str) gives much better attack power than hybrids and allows you to survive very well at solo aoeing. Onto my skill analysis:

Note that I only analyze the skills I use;

F.Fandango: The bread and butter AoE; If you solo AoE this is the spam skill. At maxed agility you spam it every 6 seconds, and the best is, its got a nice cast time, unlike Warble. True that as a pure agi you cannot make use of the "magic defense debuff" that it gives, but its a strong enough AoE at its own right anyways. Best of all you can kinda cast it "on the move". Must take for solo AoEing.

Flying Swallow Fandango: Being a true solo-er and pure physical I took ALL physical cept for extractor fan. I can solo and solo AoE well. This skill is a solo 1v1 skill, very helpful, VERY damaging, esp if debuffs are on before cast. At level 40 it is still the highest damaging skill, hitting upwards near 4k (mind you, agi doesn't even add that much attack)

Fatiguing Fan: the first of the essiental casting buff, be it solo or aoe. This one HAS to be casted first at the mob before fleeing. it adds a substantial amount of attack power, no need to say, a must get;

Fleeing Fan: Also a must get buff for AoE or solo; the regen of this buff STACKS with regen, so at lvl 40 I am regening 108 HP per tick all the time, and I also have the defense of my Axe merc (before he uses better blocker :P) quite a feat. Must Get.

Extractor Fan: the damage is subpar, I only got it to level 5 for the physical AoE (VERY necessary and can save you hp, mp, and get you kill faster with less danager)

FF Fandango: Superior attack AoE. This one almost does 4500 at lvl 40 when I cast fleeing. The CD is longer so its more of a "one shot" type AoE when you mob, because you will be spamming F. fandango the rest of the way.

Eagle Fandango: An upcoming skill, the damage is still subpar to Flying, but then again its also lvl 4 compared to lvl 8 or 9 of flying. A good solo 1v1 skill. Can do without if you only solo AoE, or AoE, but great for soloing.

Fang Fandango: A highly underestimated skill; the hp leech is quite nice, the damage SUCKS but, you get a free heal that comes along with it; cooldown is not bad, and heals more than heists. helpful in both AoE and 1v1 solo.

Phantom Fang: Also a recommended skill, at level 3 it steals 74 (iirc) mp, the CD is not bad either, the damage rating is the exact same as fang on the same level, so it sucks, but extra mp is great, it keeps me "infinite" on MP.

Sandstorm Salsa: another underestimated skill that is frowned upon at AoE parties but goes great with solo AoE. After you cast FF Fandango and F. Fan a few times, cast Sandstorm to get rid of Aggro and take a while to regen (like 3 seconds) and for the CD to be ready, and then spam again. awesome skill, "ok" damage, lowest of all 3 AoE, but still not bad.

Solo at globs, what do I do?

1. Gather a bunch of mobs
2. cast fati. and then Fleeing fan
3. Cast FF.Fan, then F. Fan, then Sandstorm = most globs dead
4. cast F. Fan again if there are more, and then pull again.

Solo at grotto, what to do?

1. gather bunch of mobs
2. cast fati and then fleeing
3. Cast FF. Fan, F.FAn, Sandstorm, F.fan again
4. move around a little, cast F. Fan again
5. cast Fang and phantom fang for hp and mp needs if need be
6. Cast F.fan again, Sandstorm again if anyone is left.
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