Fayn's Guide to Witch Doctor differences on IC Domo

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Fayn's Guide to Witch Doctor differences on IC Domo

Post by Leirosa »

Original Author: Fayn
Fayn wrote:Witch Doctor can seem rather quirky and even buggy if you play it using the Aeria files. Just in case you're wondering what's going on or you're getting ready to play witch doctor and want to know about the differences, I'll list what I know here.

Default Equipment Changes
Aeria's version of witch doctor was customized to add equip wand and equip clothing by default. If you play using the Aeria language files, you will even still see the icons claiming this is still true. If you try to equip those items without the proper subs, however, you will find that it will not work.

Starting Attribute Changes
This one manifests in a much stranger way with the Aeria files. With the Aeria files, your starting WD stats will look something like:

Pow: 6
Phys: 8
Wis: 16
Agi: 12
Dex: 9
Dura: 7

If you add a point to Pow, however, it will apparently jump up to 14 while adding a point to Wis causes it to fall back to 14. In fact, adding points to any attribute other than Dura will show some strange behavior of jumping up, down, or not even changing. This only affect the first time you put a point in that attribute. The cause is a little interesting. If you look at WD using the full Chinese files, you'll notice the starting stats look different:

Pow: 13
Phys: 6
Wis: 13
Agi: 11
Dex: 8
Dura: 7

Looking at that the earlier observations make more sense. Putting +1 into pow yields 14 according to the actual starting stats, not 7 as we would have seen on Aeria's version. It seems that if you don't add anything to an attribute, then the client shows what it assumes is the starting stat rather than getting it from the server.

I hope this clears things up about witchdoctor. If anyone finds anything else strange about witchdoctor, feel free to share it here.

Update: I followed up with a tip from MiaoCuihua and it turns out that if you use the Chinese version of voc.dbf (in domo/main/data) instead of the Aeria one, both of these problems are resolved.
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