Toastngravy's Comic (Backup Copy)

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Toastngravy's Comic (Backup Copy)

Post by Leirosa »

Original Author: Toastngravy
Retrieved from Aeria by Angitia.
Angitia wrote:I thought people might enjoy this so I moved it~ It's a great work and I'd be really sad if it was deleted ;o;
Toastngravy wrote:It returns!...after just under a year...finally an update.


This is a DOMO themed comic, which will be using Screenshots (because I'm lazy!....and can't draw). The basic (and very Generic) theme of the comic will be a new player to DOMO. She (Yes she) will be going through the DOMO world, encountering common things, and basically playing the game. Of course i'm not going to give it away, because thats no fun.

Previous Editions:
Movie Poster Preview
Chapter 1:
Cover Page
Issue 1 Page 1
Issue 1 Page 2
Issue 1 Page 3
Issue 1 Page 4

Issue 2 Page 1
Issue 2 Page 2
Issue 2 Page 3
Issue 2 Page 4
Issue 2 Page 5
Issue 2 Page 6
Issue 2 Page 7
Issue 2 Page 8


Issue 3 Page 1
Issue 3 Page 2
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