A Collection of the Xuan Yuan Sword Game Series Music

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A Collection of the Xuan Yuan Sword Game Series Music

Post by Leirosa »

Original Poster: Armormew
Retrieved from Aeria by Leirosa.

I have posted this here for archival purposes, in the hopes that the author's efforts in putting this together are not lost.
Armormew wrote:Brief info
Note: The Sword of Xuan Yuan is the game series Dream of Mirror Online, the second online title after the well received but now defunct first online version, is based on.
Here they are!
It was quite an effort to put this together, but it is worth it, as these soundtracks deserve a listen (not to mention that the games deserve at least a try). Any suggestions, thoughts, comments, or requests are welcome. Enjoy!
Note: Swd is an abbreviation for sword and is not the official name for the series, but it's used by the game creators to label the game directories and such.

Image (Main menus for games 1 through Han Cloud)
Game soundtracks included (With brief personal comments, cover art):

Official Soundtrack The first three game (1,2, and Dance(s) of Maple (Leaves)s' in a Commemorative Golden Edition (Warning-Very old) -BTW the plot of DoMO is based on that of the first two games



Xuanyuan Sword 3: Beyond the Clouds and Mountains (Swd3) -The epic multicultural journey of discovery and fighting evil (Satan & Co)
Added 10/1: Original Soundtrack Part 1 Part 2

Xuanyuan Sword 3 Legend: The Scar of the Sky (Swd3e) -The classic touching tale that began with the quest of the young ex-Chen Prince to restore his country (To date my favorite game)
Added 10/1: Original Soundtrack

Added 9/29/2010SwdRSLG-Xuanyuan Fu Mo Lu (Or roughly "Xuan Yuan Demonbane Chronicles" -A hero's quest (One of the rare bad experimental games DOMO group has produced!-2.5D Xuan Yuan round-based board battles and exploration)
10/1:Updated Original Soundtrack with proper names

Xuanyuan Sword 4: Hei Long Wu xi Yun Fei Yang (Roughly The Black Dragon Dances and the Clouds Fly) (Swd4) -The struggles of the Mo clan against the Qin empire in a troubled time.
Added 10/1: Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks Original Soundtrack

Xuanyuan Sword (4) Legend: The Millennium Destiny (Roughly Billows of the Bleak) (Swdmd) -Duty vs. Relationship. The cycle of life and time travel/determining history.
Added 10/1: Original Soundtrack

Added 10/1:Swd OL 2: Flying Adventure/Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO) -Original Soundtrack -Squee!

Xuanyuan Sword 5: The Adventure in Shanhai World (Roughly A Sword Above the Clouds; Tales/Romance of ShanHai (Swd5) (Some 30 second empty tracks from extracted sound library) -What a world! What a world! There are one eyed people, long legged people,
feathered people, one armed people, tiny people, fish people, female people, scale people, hairy people, and so many more!
Added 10/1: Original Soundtrack
A really cool alternate cover art I can't find a larger image of:

Xuanyuan Sword (5) Legend: Clouds of the Han Dynasty (SwdHC-"Han Cloud")

(Some 30 second empty tracks) -Elite Han (Three Kingdoms era) agents!
Added 10/1: Original Soundtrack

Official Soundtrack Xuanyuan Sword (5) Legend: The Clouds Faraway-Elite Wei (Three Kingdoms era) Agents! (Fixed with information and complete tracks)-the counterpart to Clouds of the Han Dynasty
Added 12/5/2011 Lan Yin DLC MusicImage

Scar of the Sky OL (Xuan Yuan Jian Online (3))-Relive the legend and take a part in the story!

Xuan Yuan Sword Legend Online-A brand new MMORPG of the series.
April 6, 2012: Uploaded.

Fixed and re-uploaded 9/29/2010Rendition of musical pieces of the series sung with lyrics by fans
Leirosa wrote:In the end I did find what I was looking for specifically, and some real oddities like a bunch of low-bitrate vocal versions of 3/3e tracks.
I get what you mean now =P I prefer the purely instrumental music in most cases.
Game soundtracks not included:

-Xuan Yuan Jian Online 1 -A call for assistance in the world of the Pot of Spirit Fusion/Pandora's Box by the Lady of the Mo family/clan for the Genie of the Jar/Pot Master/ Ruler of the World of Clouds (No longer available)
Update 9/29/2010: Obtained music from the game. Uploading.

(UPDATE 9/27/2010: Track names obtained)
Swd1+2+Legend: Dance of Maple Leaves
Themes: Fighting evil, gaining companions, learning of oneself.
Personal Game Ratings:
1: 6.5/10 (Revolutionary but really primitive if examined nowadays, also cut short-really short because of production schedule)
2: 8.5/10 Great great innovations-Pot of Spiritual Fusion introduced
ML: 7.5/10 Introduction of many concepts that will be referenced in later games
Personal Music Rating: 8/10 Created several classic tracks that were remade later or reused
Track Listing:

1: Prologue
2: The Flowing of Gods and Demons
3: Mortal People
4: World of Chaos
5: The Land/Boundaries/Area/World/Realm of Shura/Ashura
6: Dreamlike Events of the Past
7: The Vastness of the Various Realms
8: Mohist Dash
9: Banner of Battle Flowing Dance of Maples
10: Sending the Shadows of the Hearts
11: Infinite/Endless/Everlasting History
12: Classic Edition Selection 1
13: Classic Edition Selection 2

Swd3 -The EverSun music and the level up sound effect came from this game. +Septem/Seth (Main char-Frankish

knight with Asian blood) and Nicole (Demon agent with a pure spirit) are from this game
Themes: Learning, Hero's Journey/Quest, Identity, Love.
Personal Game Rating: 9.5/10 Revolutionary game system and style
Personal Music Rating: 9/10

Track Listing With My Translations

Battle_Arab01 阿拉伯战斗曲(墓气缠魂) Arabian Battle Music (Grave Energy Encircling the Soul)
Battle_China01 中国战斗曲(风鸣) Chinese Battle Music (Wuthering Winds)
Battle_Europa01 欧洲战斗曲I(乱剑贯膛) European Battle Music I (Omnipotent Wild Swords)
Battle_King01 战栗之血 Blood of Battle Fear
Battle_King02 欧洲战斗曲II(幻舞) European Battle Music II (Illusion Dance)
Battle_Last 最终之战(乱劫) Battle of Finality (Chaotic Calamity)
Map_Ar01 骑骆驼,过沙漠 (Ride Camel, Cross Desert) ~lol
Map_Ar02 伊斯兰世界 Islamic World
Map_Ar03 肯迪的家 Kindi's Home
Map_Ar04 塔德莫尔古墓 [附]死者的山丘 Tadmor Tomb [Attached] Hill of the Dead
Map_Ar05 灼热的沙漠 Scorching Desert
Map_Ar06 卡玛 Kama
Map_Ar07 巴格达 Baghdad
Map_Ar08 战争之影 [纪]战旗飒飒枫之舞 Shadows of War [(Inspired by older title of the series)] The Flowing Battle Banner Dance of Maples
Map_Ar09 怛罗斯 Talas
Map_Ar10 阿拉伯帝国 [附]伊斯兰帝国 Arabian Empire [Addition]Islamic Empire
Map_Ar11 石国牧歌 Chaj/Tash/Cac/Stone/Rock Kingdom Shepherd Ballad
Map_Ca00 壶中世界 World Inside the Pot
Map_Ca01 云和山的彼端 The Beyond of Cloud(s) and Mountain(s)
Map_Ca02 [纪]诸天浩瀚 [附]天山石窟 The Vastness of the Various Realms [Addition] Mount Sky/Tian Rock Cave
Map_Ca03 神州大地 [纪]墨者奔驰(无前奏) Land of the Divine State aka China [Inspired by a earlier game in the series from now on will be typed out as Old] Mohist Dash (No prelude)
Map_Ca04 大唐帝国 Great Tang Empire
Map_Ca05 花鼓隆咚洛阳城 [附]洛阳花鼓 HuaGu/Flower Drum Resonating in LuoYang [Add]LuoYang HuaGu
Map_Ca06 长安琴声 ChangAn Qin/Musical Instrument Sounds
Map_Ca07 长安一片月 ChangAn Moon Zone/Areas (Unit) better translation needed
Map_Ca08 少林寺 ShaoLin Temple
Map_Ca09 古刹 [纪]序章 Ancient Temple [Old] Prologue
Map_Ca10 大唐余晖 Great Tang Twilight
Map_Ca11 混沌之世 [纪]浑沌之世(无前奏) [附]洛阳塔 World of Disorder [Old]World of Chaos (No prelude)
Map_Ca12 [附]鸟鸣 [Add]Bird Chirp
Map_Ca13 怡春院 Yi Chun Yard aka a cat house (not the good kind)
Map_Ca14 安禄山迷宫 An Lushan Maze
Map_Ca15 黄雷的书房 [附]黄雷的工作室 HuangLei's Office/Book Room [Add] HuangLei's Workshop/Workroom
Map_Ca16 天可汗 Heavenly Khan
Map_Eu01 地中海畔 [附]北意大利 Mediterranean Sea River [Add] North Italy
Map_Eu02 水都威尼斯 Water Capital Venice
Map_Eu03 修道院 Monastery
Map_Eu04 麦尔斯I [附]法兰克护教骑士团 Miles I [Add] Frank(ish) Church Protection Knight Group xD Better translation needed-way too literal
Map_Eu05 海洞 Sea Cave
Map_Eu06 康那里士 [附]魔鬼的阴影 Cornelius [Add]Devil's Shadow
Map_Eu07 魔鬼的赞歌 Devil's Song of Praise
Map_Eu08 酒馆(无前奏) [附]威尼斯酒店 Bar (the kind with beer) (No prelude) [Add] Venice Beer/Alcoholic Beverage Bar lol
Map_Eu09 欧洲,西元七四九年 [附]黑暗中的悲伤 Europe, AD 749 [Add]Sadness in the Darkness
Map_Mz01 瀑布 Waterfall
Map_Mz02 黑暗时代 [附]黑暗 Dark Ages/Era [Add] Dark(ness)
Map_Mz03 黑衣大食进军 [附]进军 The Abbasid Empire Strikes :wink: [Add] March Forth
Map_Mz04 [附]血腥迷宫 [Add]Bloody Maze :lol:
Map_Mz05 逃离冰山岛 Escape Ice Mountain Island :wink:
Map_Se01 威尼斯海战 Venice Sea Battle
Map_Se02 移动岛 Moving Island
Map_Se03 [附]海涛 [Add]Gushing Sea Tides
Map_Se04 轩辕剑叁II [附]出海 Xuan Yuan Sword Three II [Add] Depart for Sea
Map_Se05 [附]赛特.音乐盒版 [Add]Septem/Seth. Music box version.
Map_Se06 冰山岛 Ice Mountain Island
Story_10 酒馆(前奏) [附]西元七四九年(文件仅见于CD版) Bar (Prelude) [Add] AD 749
Story_11 妮可,好奇的大眼睛 [附]妮可.旧版 Nicole, Large Curious Eyes [Add] Nicole.Old Version
Story_12 妮可 [附]妮可.新版 Nicole [Add] Nicole.New Version
Story_13 亘古之爱人 Lovers of (Belonging to) the Course of History
Story_14 月光下的薇达 Vidad Under the Moonlight
Story_15 死亡战场 Death Battlefield
Story_16 慧彦 Hui Yan
Story_17 [纪]青史无尽 [Old] Infinite/Endless/Everlasting History
Story_21 拔剑 Take Out/Unsheathe Sword
Story_22 对峙I [附]不安 Opposing Showdown I [Add] Uneasy/Restless
Story_23 伊斯兰宫的冲突 [附]冲突 Islamic Palace's Conflict [Add]Conflict
Story_24 对峙II [附]晴天霹雳 Opposing Showdown II [Add] Bolt From the Blue
Story_25 不气味 No Odor??? Better translation required but I doubt anyone knows the context around here
Story_26 [附]秘密机关 [Add] Secret Mechanism
Story_27 妮可诞生 Birth of Nicole
Story_28 麦尔斯II(文件仅见于CD版) Miles II
Story_31 赛特的主题 [附]赛特.弦乐版 Septem's Theme [Add]Septem.String Edition
Story_32 法兰克王国的回忆 [附]赛特.吉他版 Frankish Kingdom's Memories [Add]Septem.Guitar Edition
Story_33 骑士颁授 [附]赛特.策马奔驰 Granting Knighthood [Add]Septem.Dashing on Horse
Story_34 赛特的回忆 [附]赛特.吟唱版 Septem's Memories [Add]Septem.Vocal Edition
Story_35 重生 [附]赛特.长笛版 Rebirth [Add]Septem.Flute Edition
Story_36 悠扬之心 Heart of Melody
Story_37 赛特的旅程(文件仅见于DVD版) Septem's Journey
Main Theme and Variations



Classic, memorable, or notable

Map_Ca05 (Used in Eversun)

Swd3e -The current battle music originates from this game
A TV series based on this game is in production
Themes: Love/Friendship, Fate
Personal Game Rating: 10/10 Most touching plot ever
Personal Music Rating: 9.5/10

Track Listing
Battle01 [场]一般战斗曲 [Scenery] Regular Battle Music
Battle02 [贰*]修罗界 Asura Realm
Boss_L [场]低级魔王战斗曲 Low Grade Boss Battle Music
Boss_M1 [场]中级魔王战斗曲I [叁*]欧洲战斗曲I [SCENE] Medium Grade Boss Battle Music I [THREE] Europe Battle Music I
Boss_M2 [场]中级魔王战斗曲II [SCENE] Medium Grade Boss Battle Music I
Boss_Z1 [贰*]兵革 [THREE] Army Campaign
Boss_Z2 [场]宇文拓战斗曲 [SCENE] Yuwen Tuo Battle Music
Scar01 上古神器 The Great Ancient Artifacts
Scar02 魔界中原 Chinese Central Plain Under the Demon Realm
Scar03 诗梦 Poetic Dream
Scar04 月河雪I Moon Lake Snow I
Scar05 诀别 Goodbye
Scar06 月河雪II Moon Lake Snow II
Scar07 月河河洞I Moon Lake Lake Cave I
Scar08 螫魂塔 [场]殇魂塔、螫魂塔 Soul Sting Tower [SCENE] Soul Trauma Tower, Soul Sting Tower
Scar09 月河河洞II Moon Lake Lake Cave II
Scar10 陈靖仇II Chen Jingchou II
Scar11 陈靖仇I Chen Jingchou I
Scar12 天之痕 Scar of the Sky
Scar13 逆袭I Counterassault I
Scar14 逆袭II Counterassault II
Scar15 大雁岭 Giant Wild Goose Mountain Ridge
Scar16 决死行 March to Certain Death
Scar17 如梦令 Dreamlike Verse
Scar18 如忆玉儿曲I In Memoriam of Yu'er
Scar19 如忆玉儿曲II In Memoriam of Yu'er II
Scar20 永远的三人时光 Everlasting Days the Three Were Together (really needs a more concise and accurate translation)
Scar21 三个人的时光I The Three's Times (see above) I
Scar22 三个人的时光II The Three's Times II
Scar23 三个人的时光III The Three's Times III
Scar24 阿仇的笛音 Sound of A'Chou's Flute
Scar25 女娲石II Nüwa Stone II
Scar26 女娲石I Nüwa Stone I
Scar27 天净沙I Clear Skys and Sands I
Scar28 天净沙II Clear Skys and Sands II
Scar29 异变I Shocking Change I
Scar30 异变II Shocking Change II
Scar31 隋郡 Sui County
Scar32 九州之土 [贰*]山中桃源 Land of the Nine Provinces [TWO] (Chinese) Utopia within the Mountains
Scar33 天外村 [壹*]村落 Village Beyond the Heavens [ONE] Village Area

Scar34 魔王砦 Demon King Stronghold
Scar35 大唐曙光 [叁*]云和山的彼端 Great Tang's Dawn [THREE] Beyond the Clouds and Mountains
Scar36 桃源仙境 Divine Dimension of (Chinese) Utopia
Scar37 忘尘 Forgetting the World of Mortals (Fame & Fortune, etc)
Scar38 氐人之国 Kingdom of the Di People
Scar39 大梁城I DaLiang (Bigbeam) City
Scar40 大隋帝国 Great Sui Empire
Scar41 变局I Turning the Tables I
Scar42 变局II Turning the Tables II
Scar43 危机 Crisis
Scar44 宇文之影I Shadow of Yuwen I
Scar45 宇文之影II Shadow of Yuwen II
Scar46 宇文之影III Shadow of Yuwen II
Scar47 宇文之影IV Shadow of Yuwen IV
Scar48 不祥时刻I Inauspicious Moment I
Scar49 不祥时刻II Inauspicious Moment II
Scar50 不祥时刻III Inauspicious Moment III
Scar51 昔影I [贰*]片头动画 Past's Shadow [TWO] Opening Animation
Scar52 黑暗之心I Heart of Darkness I
Scar53 宁珂郡主 Ningke Countess
Scar54 然翁御剑I [贰*]片头动画 Old Man Ran's Sword Flight I [TWO] Opening Animation
Scar55 昔影II [贰*]片头动画 Past's Shadow II [TWO] Opening Animation
Scar56 黑暗之心II Heart of Darkness II
Scar57 三个人的时光IV The Three's Times IV
Scar58 三个人的时光V The Three's Times V
Scar59 然翁御剑II [贰*]片头动画 Old Man Ran's Sword Flight II [TWO] Opening Animation
Scar60 大梁城II DaLiang (Bigbeam) City II
Zeng01 隋军 Sui Army
Zeng02 密道 Secret Passageway
Zeng03 攻坚 Attacking Fortifications
Zeng04 反袭 Counterassault

Cloud01 [叁*]不安 [THREE] Uneasy (feeling)
Cloud02 [叁]晴天霹雳 [THREE] A Bolt from the Blue
Cloud03 [叁]花鼓隆咚洛阳城 [THREE] Loud and Booming Flowery Drums LuoYang City
Cloud04 [叁]大唐余晖 [THREE] Great Tang's Twilight
Cloud05 [叁]长安琴声 [THREE] ChangAn Zither Sounds
Cloud06 [叁]壶中世界 [THREE] World Inside the Pot
Cloud07 [叁]长安一片月 [THREE] ChangAn's Vast Expanse of Moon
Cloud08 [叁]安禄山迷宫 [THREE] An Lushan Maze
Cloud09 [叁]少林寺 [THREE] Shaolin Temple
Cloud10 [叁]黄雷的书房 [THREE] Huang Lei's Office/Book Room
Cloud11 [叁]灼热的沙漠 [THREE] Scorching Desert
Cloud12 [叁]天可汗 [THREE] Khan of Heaven (Honorary title for the Emperor Taizong of Tang)
Cloud13 [叁]慧彦 [THREE] (Master) Huiyan
Cloud14 [叁]大唐帝国 [THREE] Great Tang Empire
Cloud15 [叁]塔德莫尔古墓 [THREE] Tadmor Tomb
Domo00 [场]多魔工作室 [阿]电影院 [SCENE] DOMO Office [Tun Town] Movie Theater
Domo01 [阿]对峙 [Tun Town] Showdown
Domo02 [阿]金字塔 [Tun Town] Pyramid
Domo03 [阿]地下水道 [Tun Town] Underground Water Passage
Domo04 [叁]怡春院 [THREE] Bordello
Domo05 [纪]浑沌之世(前奏) [COMMEMORATIVE] World of Chaos (Prelude)
Gold01 [纪]黎民 [COMMEMORATIVE] Mortal People
Gold02 [纪]墨者奔驰(无前奏) [COMMEMORATIVE] Mohist Dash (No prelude)
Gold03 [纪]青史无尽 [COMMEMORATIVE] Infinite/Endless/Everlasting History
Gold04 [纪]心影交叠 [COMMEMORATIVE] Intertwining Hearts' Shadows
Gold05 [纪]序章 [COMMEMORATIVE] Prologue
Gold06 [纪]浑沌之世(无前奏) [COMMEMORATIVE] World of Chaos (No prelude)
Gold07 [纪]诸天浩瀚 [COMMEMORATIVE] The Vastness of the Various Realms
Gold08 [纪]战旗飒飒枫之舞 [COMMEMORATIVE] The Flowing Battle Banner Dance of Maples

Main Theme and Variations
Scar 27/28
Scar 36/37!
Scar 54/55/59
Classic, memorable, or notable
Battle02 (Definitely used in DoMO)
Domo00 (DOMO Group office theme song)
scar 40
scar 34

Swd-R.SLG An experimental board battle rpg game that is known as the unusual failure for DoMO. -Original Soundtrack
Themes: Loyalty, Duty, Companionship, Saving the World.
Personal Game Rating: 5.5/10 General fan consensus: Bad game My opinion: Sort of nice, but not polished enough story and interface-wise.
Personal Music Rating: 8/10 Decent new music

Swd4 -Some area music (Collington?) in DoMO came from this game
Themes: Duty, Ideals, Universal Love
Personal Game Rating: 8.5/10 Now in 3D (albeit pretty crude)!
Personal Music Rating: 8.5/10 Most of the pieces are created based on extensive research to match music people at the time would be listening to, and might not appeal to the modern audience.
Note: JiGuan=An ancient super advanced technology involving animation of metallic structures for use as weapons

Track Listing

Battle01 [场]一般战斗曲 [未]墨者剑舞
Boss_F [舞]黑龙舞兮泗水涛
Boss_Z1 [天]兵革
Boss_Z2 [场]魔王战斗曲
Boss_Z3 [贰*]修罗界
Four01 [纪*]神魔流转I
Four02 [纪*]神魔流转II [场]主选单
Four03 [场]墨家大寨
Four04 [千]我心梦桃源 [天*]天净沙 [场]天书世界
Four05 墨门余晖 [纪*]青史无尽
Four06 战国终焉
Four07 博浪沙 [枫*]韩国
Four08 韩国古墓
Four09 乱世
Four10 [千]伤逝
Four11 [场]砍头三人组
Four12 苦战
Four13 [场]齐人之福
Four14 水镜突围
Four15 我心如风 [场]下邳
Four16 [场]幻影迷宫 [未]幻影
Four17 穆穆圣王 [场]镐京遗址
Four18 阴暗的行动
Four19 封神台
Four20 遗迹 [场]机关山
Four21 [未]追击
Four22 周都洛阳
Four23 齐都临淄
Four24 机关术的传人
Four25 被遗弃的天才
Four26 [未]踏弩
Four27 骆园
Four28 彩虹桥 [场]云之渊
Four29 鹦鹉之国 [场]多毛国
Four30 紫云之塔 [场]云彩之塔
Four31 黑茧
Four32 [场]泗水 [枫*]追忆佳人
Four33 秦都咸阳 [官]皇都咸阳
Four34 [场]和平庆典
Four35 [舞]天悠悠兮梦桃源
Four36 湖畔 [场]邳泽
Four37 何罗之国 [官]无厘头时间 [场]水鱼国
Four38 [场]何舅
Four39 千年悠悠
Four40 [天]反袭
Four41 [天]隋军
Four42 [天]密道 [场]潜元洞
Four43 [天]攻坚
Four44 [未]撒旦I [场]神农峡
Four45 [未]撒旦II
Four46 [未]柒 [场]秦岭
Four47 [场]玄冥宫
Four48 [场]鲁班遗迹
Four49 [场]云中界
Four50 大秦帝国
Potsong [场]壶中仙之歌
Cloud01 [叁*]不安
Cloud02 [叁]晴天霹雳
Cloud05 [叁]长安琴声
Cloud06 [叁]壶中世界
Cloud11 [叁]灼热的沙漠
Domo00 [天]多魔工作室
Domo04 [叁]怡春院
Domo05 [纪]浑沌之世(前奏)
Gold05 [纪]浑沌之世
Gold08 [纪]诸天浩瀚
Gold09 [纪]墨者奔驰(无前奏)
Gold11 [纪]心影交叠
Gold12 [纪]青史无尽
Scar01 [天]上古神器
Scar05 [天]诀别
Scar26 [天]女娲石I
Scar29 [天]异变I
Scar30 [天]异变II
Scar32 [天]九州之土
Scar36 [天]桃源仙境
Scar37 [天]忘尘
Scar52 [天]黑暗之心I
Scar56 [天]黑暗之心II
Main Theme and Variations
Four04,06,10,24/25,27,28(DoMO usage?),29,37
Gold08+09 Again just because they are so awesome
Scar 36+37 again
Classic, memorable, or notable
Boss_Z3 (Redone)
And just for fun! Listen to Genie of the Jar sing in potsong

Themes: Destiny, Duty, Identity, Understanding, Forgiveness
Personal Game Rating: 9.5/10 Such an awesome story
Personal Music Rating: 9/10
Note: MuJia (literally wood armor)-A technique for creating power autonomous machinery comparable to JiGuan, but is powered by magnetic force instead of beasts or black fire in the central core, and is more delicate, agile and lifelike compared to the rough and tough creations of the later JiGuan technology created by the Mo clan.

Track Listing
Fate010 木甲少女的春秋之旅
Fate011 竹林涛声
Fate012 车芸的回忆I
Fate014 遥远的呼唤
Fate015 危城
Fate016 若知此身在梦中
Fate017 [场]青龙结界、朱雀结界 [未]五岳结界
Fate018 [未]兵戎相见
Fate020 [场]令狐国地道 [未]国殇
Fate021 嬴诗
Fate022 黑暗中之星辰
Fate023 晋文公
Fate024a [未]生如梦兮淡若云
Fate031 太行八陉
Fate040 五岳阵
Fate045 夏后六祭器
Fate047 片刻的宁静
Fate050 桓远之
Fate051 楚王之宫
Fate052 苍之涛.主旋律II
Fate055 穹宇苍苍,云霭沉沉
Fate060 千年孤寂
Fate061 兄与妹
Fate063a 风萧萧兮崤山冷I [肆*]战国终焉
Fate064a 风萧萧兮崤山冷II [肆*]战国终焉
Fate093 宿命的三人
Fate100 苍之涛.主旋律I
Fate106 车芸的回忆II
Fate107 车芸的回忆III
Fate108 旅程之始
Fate109 千年轮回
Fate120 [场]片尾组曲(宿命的三人+嬴诗)
Fate124a 独白
Fate154 威胁
Fight00 车芸的奋战
Fight01 木甲对机关
Fight02 逆战
Fight03 死斗
Fight04 太辰宫之影
Fight05 暗黑意志
Fight06 [天]兵革
Fight07 [肆]魔王战斗曲
Fight08 [肆]修罗界
Sound11 白衣祭司

Domo000 [天]DOMO工作室
Domo001 [场]小游戏预备
Domo002 [场]小游戏
Domo003 [叁]长安琴声
Four002 [肆]神魔流转II
Four004 [肆]我心梦桃源
Four005 [肆]墨门余晖
Four006 [肆]战国终焉
Four010 [肆]伤逝
Four011 [肆]砍头三人组
Four015 [肆]我心如风
Four016 [肆]幻影迷宫
Four017 [肆]穆穆圣王
Four018 [肆]阴暗的行动
Four019 [肆]封神台
Four020 [肆]遗迹
Four023 [肆]齐都临淄
Four024 [肆]机关术的传人
Four025 [肆]被遗弃的天才
Four028 [肆]彩虹桥
Four030 [肆]紫云之塔
Four032 [肆]泗水
Four033 [肆]秦都咸阳
Four034 [肆]和平庆典
Four035 [肆]天悠悠兮梦桃源
Four039 [肆]千年悠悠
Four042 [天]密道
Four044 [肆]撒旦I
Four048 [肆]鲁班遗迹
Four049 [肆]云中界
Four050 [肆]大秦帝国
Gold005 [纟己]浑沌之世
Gold009 [纟己]墨者奔驰(无前奏)
Gold010 [纟己]战旗飒飒枫之舞
Gold012 [纟己]青史无尽
Scar001 [天]上古神器
Scar026 [天]女娲石I
Scar052 [天]黑暗之心I
Scar056 [天]黑暗之心II
Main Theme and Variations
Fate 120
Four028 (Again...)
Classic, memorable, or notable
Another DOMO Group Sea World Theme! Domo002

Swd5 +Meru/Moye-young envoy of the Blue/Green Dragon Nation (Main Support Cast) was from this game
Themes: Identity, Friendship, Duty, Love, World in conflict
Personal Game Rating: 8.5/10 A change to RenderWare-Frustrating to control! The plot is engaging, though.
Personal Music Rating: 9/10

Track Listing
End01 [场]人员字幕组曲(大荒骋驰+钟之声+青龙国) [Cinematic]Credits music(Dashing in the Desert+Sound of Bell+Green Dragon Nation)
End02 [场]天女结局组曲(亘古的思念+梦痕+祈祷) [Cinematic] Celestial Princess ending music (Ancient Longing+Dream Scar+Prayer)
Five0101 神话的彼方 Distant (Lands) of Myth
Five0102 大荒骋驰 Desert Dashing
Five0103 悠游山海界 Traversing the Shanhai World
Five0104 重新出发 Setting Out Again
Five0105 陆承轩的抉择 Lu Chengxuan's Decision
Five0107 陆承轩II(无前奏) Lu Chengxuan II (No prelude)
Five0108 陆承轩I Lu Chengxuan I
Five0109 陆承轩III Lu Chengxuan III
Five0110 少年的迎战II Youth's Confronting Battle
Five0201 亘古的思念 Ancient Longing
Five0202 钟之声 Sound of Bell
Five0203 祈祷 Prayer
Five0205 [场]拜火堂 [Cinematic] Fire Worship Hall
Five0301 青龙国 Green Dragon Nation
Five0302 玄武国 Black Tortoise Nation
Five0303 白虎国 White Tiger Nation
Five0304 朱雀国 Vermilion Bird Nation
Five0305 毛民国 Hairy People Nation :lol:
Five0306 婆娑之海 Whirling Ocean
Five0307 女子国 Female Nation
Five0308 周侥国 Zhou Yao Nation (short farmer people)
Five0309 一目国 One-eyed Nation
Five0310 白民国 White People Nation :roll:
Five0311 厌火国 Yan Huo Nation (Fire-breathing, rock-eating, monkey-like people...sort of like Gorons I guess)
Five0312 奇肱国 Qi Gong Nation (Engineering race that is known for creating a primitive type of airplane)
Five0313 海涛 Billowing Ocean
Five0314 白虎共主 White Tiger Co-Leader
Five0401 燠热之森 Forest of Hotness :lol:
Five0402 氐人国 [天*]氐人之国 Di People Nation [Scar of the Sky] Nation of Di People
Five0403 奔驰 Dashing
Five0404 深红色的山脉 Deep Red Mountains
Five0405 [场]暗黑混沌阵 [Cinematic]Dark Chaotic Formation
Five0406 神丁奇巧 Ingenious Engineer's Cleverness
Five0407 二十八曜 Twenty Eight Sunflare/Shine
Five0408 [场]幻火炎阵 [Cinematic]Fiery Illusion Formation
Five0409 [场]钟山 [Cinematic]Zhong Mountain
Five0410 炎之壁I Wall of Fire I (...firewall? :lol: )
Five0411 梦痕 Dream Scar
Five0412 巨山之巅 Apex of Huge Mountain
Five0413 [飞]建木 [Dream of Mirror Online] Giantwood/Jian Mu
Five0414 [未]心悬一线I [Unincluded] Suspenseful Heart I
Five0501 滑稽 Humorous
Five0502 迷惘的少年Perplexed Youth
Five0503 仰视 Looking Up
Five0504 冲突 Conflict
Five0505 反击 Counterstrike :lol:
Five0506 一触即发 [苍*]兵戎相见 On the Verge [Billows of the Bleak/Cang Zhi Tao/SwdMD] Armies at War
Five0507 炎之壁II Wall of Fire II
Five0508 暗夜中的袭击 Attack in the Dark Night
Five0509 一剑凌云 A Sword Above the Clouds
Five0511 虚无 Nihility
Five0512 [天*]不祥时刻 [Scar of the Sky]Inauspicious Moment
Five0513 [未]心悬一线II [Unincluded] Suspenseful Heart II
Five0901 少年的迎战I Youth's Confronting Battle I
Five0903 [场]魔王战斗曲I [Cinematic]Boss Battle Music I
Five0904 [场]魔王战斗曲II [肆*]魔王战斗曲 [Cinematic]Boss Battle Music II [Four]Boss Battle Music
Five0907 上古之战 [肆*]魔王战斗曲 War of Ancient Times [Four]Boss Battle Music

Cloud01 [叁]灼热的沙漠 [Three]Scorching Desert
Four01 [肆]齐人之福 [Four]"Fortune of Having Multiple Wives (Main wife and second wife)"
Scar01 [天]上古神器 [Scar of the Sky]Ancient Artifacts
Scar02 [天]黑暗之心II [Scar of the Sky]Heart of Darkness II
Xuan001 [肆]一般战斗曲 [Four]Normal Battle Music
Xuan002 [肆]修罗界 [Four]Ashura Realm
Xuan003 [天]兵革 [Scar of the Sky]Army Campaign
Main Theme and Variations
End 1
Five0908(Awesomely redone)
Classic, memorable, or notable

Swd OL 2: Flying Adventure/Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO)
Themes: Alternate Reality, Fighting for Justice, Friendship
Personal Game Rating: 9/10 A well-made game with an unique style
Personal Music Rating: 8.5/10 Many original pieces

SwdHC Heng Ai-avatar of a musical instrument (sheng) of heaven (Main Character), Tu Wei- Heng-Ai's creation of straw and illusionary magic designed to look like her first crush-Zhu GeLiang (thus not a real person), and Ma Ci-abandoned child of the Ma family with superhuman strength
(Optional Bonus Support Character) were from this game
Note: Heng Ai and Tu Wei are titles, not names
Themes: Duty, Loyalty, Politics, Warfare, Morality
Personal Game Rating: 9/10 A definite step-up from Swd5 and an interesting new direction
Personal Music Rating: 9/10

Track Listing
011轩五外 世事如云烟I
012轩五外 征途与使命
013轩五外 悲织
014轩五外 [场]观星台 [未]前路
015轩五外 [未]朝起
016轩五外 [未]月影苍颜
017轩五外 世事如云烟II
018轩五外 [未]冲霄
019轩五外 滚滚长江东逝水
020轩五外 [未]美人翩然舞洛水I
021轩五外 月下吹笙的少女
022轩五外 [未]美人翩然舞洛水II
023轩五外 曾经,我们在那时代I
024轩五外 曾经,我们在那时代II
025轩五外 我的故乡在海之涯,山之巅
031轩五外 洛水之畔
032轩五外 洛阳
035轩五外 [纪*]青史无尽
040轩五外 剑之旅I
041轩五外 蜀汉的光辉
042轩五外 东吴的繁荣
043轩五外 龙栖之谷 [飞]龙栖山
044轩五外 世外桃源
046轩五外 [场]丹道村 [未]丹道世隐
047轩五外 世外悠悠隔人间,不忍凄凄乱世烟
051轩五外 雪国 [飞]昆仑山
053轩五外 战士们的休息
055轩五外 [场]DOMO工作室
056轩五外 [场]木工老穆宅 [未]暗云
059轩五外 大汉之旗
060轩五外 大魏之帜
061轩五外 夜袭
062轩五外 [场]北原
063轩五外 大汉的尖兵
065轩五外 气吞山河
067轩五外 曹魏的兴盛
068轩五外 七十二疑冢
071轩五外 [未]裂痕
073轩五外 剑之殇 [伍*]一剑凌云
078轩五外 云雨巫山
079轩五外 [飞]浮屠山
081轩五外战斗 朝云出击
082轩五外战斗 飞羽的战斗
083轩五外战斗 神与魔 [贰*]兵革
084轩五外战斗 剑之旅II
086轩五外战斗 磬儿之怒

026泛用 [伍]梦痕
027泛用 [伍]祈祷
033泛用 [肆]墨门余晖
034泛用 [纪]青史无尽
036泛用 [伍]一触即发
037泛用 [伍]一剑凌云
038泛用 [伍]心悬一线II
045泛用 [纪]黎民
048泛用 [苍]片刻的宁静
049泛用 [叁]长安琴声
052轩五 [伍]钟山
054泛用 [纪]诸天浩瀚
057泛用 [肆*]伤逝
058泛用 [伍]虚无
064泛用 [伍]深红色的山脉
066泛用 [苍]风萧萧兮崤山冷I
069泛用 [伍]炎之壁I
070泛用 [飞]建木
072泛用 [伍]暗黑混沌阵
074泛用 [肆]封神台
075泛用 [肆]遗迹
076泛用 [肆]鲁班遗迹
077泛用 [苍]千年孤寂
080泛用 [肆]穆穆圣王
085轩五战斗 [伍]上古之战
087泛用战斗 [肆]修罗界
088泛用战斗 [天]兵革
Main Theme and Variations
Classic, memorable, or notable

Themes: Similar to that of HC
Personal Game Rating: N/A/10 I don't know-I haven't played it!
Personal Music Rating: 9.5/10
Notable: First soundtrack to include singing with lyrics
Main Singer: 陳思涵
Track listing since I was able to find one and some rough translations:
01. 淚狂奔(軒轅劍外傳雲之遙主題曲) - 陳思涵
The Dash of Tears/Tearful Rush (Main theme) My rough translation of the lyrics here (With a modified line to be family friendly)
02. 美人肩 - 陳思涵
Shoulder of a Beauty
03. 兵馬亂 - 陳思涵
The Chaos of Troops
04. 我不怕痛(軒轅劍外傳雲之遙片尾曲) - 陳思涵
I Do Not Fear Pain (Ending theme)
05. 追昔(軒轅劍外傳雲之遙結局動畫插曲)
Reminiscence (Ending animation interlude music)
06. 洛陽少年志氣昂(開頭動畫音樂)
The High Morale of the LuoYang (City) Youth (Aka MuYun) (Opening animation music)
07. 暮雲出擊!(戰鬥曲)
The Attack of MuYun(Main Character) (Battle music)
08. 雲之遙(主選單音樂)
The Distant (Nature/Property) of Clouds (Main menu music)
09. 烽煙漫(戰鬥曲)
The Spread of the Smoke of Warfare (Battle music)
10. 美人肩(演奏曲)
The Shoulder of a/the Beauty (Instrumental)
11. 淚狂奔(戰鬥曲)
The Dash of Tears (Battle music)
12. 淚狂奔(演奏曲)
The Dash of Tears (Instrumental)
13. 大魏帝國(古箏版)
The Great Wei Empire (GuZheng zither edition)
14. 兵馬亂(演奏曲)
The Chaos of Troops (Instrumental)
15. 劍龍決(五丈原篇。最終戰鬥曲)
The Finale of the Sword Dragon(s) (Expansion patch/DLC's Final Battle music)
16. 洛陽少年時 1
Times of Youth in LuoYang
17. 洛陽少年時 2
Times of Youth in LuoYang 2
18. 劍之殤(雲之遙版)
The Sadness (of Death) of Sword (CF edition)
19. 夜襲
Night Assault
20. 生死一線
Life and Death (situation)
21. 白霧
White Fog
22. 暮雲的危機
MuYun's Crisis
23. 千鈞之勢
"A Tense Situation" -better translation required
24. 大漢的尖兵(雲之遙版)
The Elite Soldiers of the Great Han (CF edition)
25. 飛羽之影
The Shadows of FeiYu (Secret elite operatives established in honor of the legendary Zhang Fei and Guan Yu)
26. 魔氣變(暮雲篇。最終戰鬥曲)
The Transformation of the Demonic Force (MuYun Expansion Chapter Final Battle music)
27. 追昔(演奏版)
Chasing the Past/Reminiscence (Instrumental)
28. 追昔(哼唱版) - 陳思涵
Chasing the Past/Reminiscence (Humming/Singing)

SwdCF DLC 3: Chapter of Lan Yin
The final chapter update of the generation 5 saga released after the previous updates of Wuzhang Plains Chapter of Muyun and Wuzhang Plains CHapter of Zhaoyun, this DLC includes some new music.

Scar of the Sky OL An online version of the fan-favourite game spin-off of the three (status: Open Beta in China's Mainland and Taiwan)
Newly added 12/5/2011 and 12/6/2011 : Music video for one of the theme songs
The main theme song of Scar of the Sky Online.

Pros: Improved user interface, graphics, event possibilities, and overall functions, relatively low system requirements, nostalgia
Neutral: Side-scroller-ish maps
Cons: Bugs, poor customer support by Ferry Games, some flaws in design. The new Taiwanese publisher seems promising, since it apparently gets more love in terms of content and events.
Themes: Transcendence, Cycle/Saṃsāra, Schism, Time/Dimension travel+see Swd3e
Personal Game Rating: 8.5/10 Scratch that-I give it a 6/10 now. Not the epic game it could have been from what we've seen so far, but still a welcome addition to the series
Personal Music Rating: 9/10 Remixes, original pieces, and reused tracks. Oh my! :o

And yes I know I edit too much.
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