Miao's Alchemy Services

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Miao's Alchemy Services

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Server: IC DoMO - Jade Emperor's Tower (昊天塔)
IGN: MiaoCuihua
Alchemy Level: 70 (see spreadsheet for the most current alchemy info)
HLA Alchemy Spec: Armor Alchemist
Recipe List: Recipe List and Material Requirements Spreadsheet

I offer free alchemy services to anybody that provides materials. At current I am able to alch all weapons, armor and shields 10-50, with what should be 100% success rate. If by some chance I do fail on one of these I will replace mats. I am also able to alch a variety of consumables, a few higher level weapons, and 55 shields, but success on these may not yet be guaranteed. I will not replace mats on a fail for these (even a capped alchemist may fail on consumables of any level).

Please check the Recipe List and Material Requirements Spreadsheet to see which recipes I have available and the materials required for each. I do not provide materials, so it is your duty to find them.
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